Outlaw Star Nexus

The Outlaw Star Nexus forum has closed. Sorry to those who enjoyed their time on the forum. This was not an easy decision and it was made due to a variety of factors. The community, however, has not closed. It will live on through a new Discord server. It may not be the same but times change. So do interests. Many would prefer an Outlaw Star Discord to a forum and this is a very good year for Outlaw Star. There's already been releases but soon we will begin a release cycle for the English manga scanlation and everyone at the scanlation team hopes you will enjoy it with us over the coming months.

After Outlaw Star our reach will extend farther into the Toward Stars universe while we'll work with You're Welcome Scans on a continuation of the Future-Retro Hero Story (Outlaw Star prequel) scanlation. As the Outlaw Star manga starts releasing to the public, links will be added to this page.

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