This is a fun question I came up with out of the blue last year, since it's both a great icebreaker and quite a thinker at the same time. If you could create a rock band (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and a utility slot) with your favorite musicians, who would they be and why? The only stipulation to this question is that each member cannot be, or have been, in the same band. So no McCartneys with your Lennons, no Mercurys with your Taylors, and no Hexums with your P-Nuts (yes that exists). I find this leads to some great insight into peoples' tastes in music, which I also find shapes the identities of many people in general.

I'll kick things off to show you what I mean:

VOCALS: David Draiman (Disturbed). Everybody needs a frontman, and there's not many better in my eyes than Draiman. Most of you know this guy for growling almost every lyric, but he has some serious range when it comes to clean vocals, as evidenced from his "Sound of Silence" cover. What won Draiman over for me is his incredible control over his voice quality, growling or otherwise, which is pivotal for me.

GUITAR: Sam Griffin (Super Guitar Bros.). No, I don't care that he plays acoustic. No, I don't care that he's not in a marquee band. And no, I don't care that he plays without a pick. In fact, playing traditional flamenco-style guitar is the reason I picked him! The key is control, a theme that's trending in my choices it seems; that kind of control is why I believe Griffin can play any genre of music. In fact, I kinda want to hear what Griffin would sound like with an electric guitar, so all the more reason to include him here. Oh and I did meet and chat with him and his other half Steve Toussaint for like an hour at Colossalcon 2018, which was really fun.

BASS: Geddy Lee (RUSH). Okay, back to the big names! I could go on another dissertation as to how influential RUSH was to me growing up and how it still affects me today, so it was self-fulfilling that one of these three icons would be in my lineup. The big question was who, and I had to pick Ged just for his command over the bass guitar without it being the focal point. The way Ged is technical enough to be interesting yet still finds a way to compliment the guitar so well, and I feel having a strong bass presence to counterpoint with Griffin's light tone in his guitar is very important in establishing a balanced sound.

DRUMS: Stewart Copeland (The Police). As a drummer I also drew a lot of inspiration from the 80s, a blend of acoustic feel and electronic sound. When it comes to the sounds of the early 80s for drums, Copeland provides that stadium punch while being an absolute monster in technical prowess and chops. I always adored Copeland's approach to the kit, bringing a reggae-inspired nuance to what ended up being a pretty bland landscape in rock drumming at the time (though not so much in the prog rock scene, but that's a topic for another time). If I had to pick a drummer based on that 80s feel I may make an argument for Phil Collins here, but when it comes to technique and brute force, Copeland takes the cake.

UTILITY: Keith Emerson (Emerson Lake & Palmer). This slot keeps changing for me. I've juggled so many musicians here based on my mood: Ray Manzarek from The Doors, Billy Joel, Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, Anthony Vincent (for some reason ), but seeing as how this band is trending in a prog rock direction, I need
some form of a keyboardist. Here's the reason I feel Emerson might stick:

Now I know where Nobou Uematsu gets his inspiration from!

So yeah, those are my choices for my band! I'm curious as what all of you think about this and what your choices will be!