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    Achievements Guide

    If you're a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC (via Steam) player, I'm sure you'll have come across the concept of achievements. Well, you probably have regardless. By completing certain tasks, you'll be given achievements. By increasing your achievement count, you'll usually gain an increase in rank. The system doesn't really have any functional point in particular. Like the items in the Item Shop, it's just for fun—and hey, who doesn't love fun?

    Though achievements can be viewed via the Achievements List page, below is a list of the standard achievements in ascending order (except Special Achievements that are alphabetical), which is probably easier to follow than the list that's in descending order. In addition, due to the achievement character limit, some of the Special Achievements are better explained in this guide. All achievements except Special Achievements are automatically tracked. (Though you might need to wait a short while before they track.)

    Post Count Achievements

    Cherry... Popped! (1 Post)
    "Wanna be a spacer? Hold it in."

    Fresh Meat (10 Posts)
    You may be a newbie around here but your ten posts are appreciated. Just watch your back around Aisha, okay? She has quite the appetite.

    No Second-Place Prizes (50 Posts)
    Having written fifty posts, you are no longer a citizen and are now a bounty hunter! Congratulations.

    Noteworthy (100 Posts)
    You're making yourself known and have written one hundred posts.

    Regular (250 Posts)
    You're officially a forum regular, with two hundred and fifty posts.

    Contributor (500 Posts)
    You've written five hundred posts—awesome!

    Supporter (1000 Posts)
    You've done a great deal of good for the community, and have made a big difference with one thousand posts. Hey, thanks!

    Advocate (1750 Posts)
    Showing a huge amount of support for the site, you've written one thousand, seven hundred and fifty posts!

    Legendary (2500 Posts)
    You've now been promoted to the highest user title a standard member can attain. You've written two thousand and five hundred posts, and can now change your user title if you wish.

    Celebrity Outlaw (5000 Posts)
    Your name is known throughout most of the Toward Stars universe, and your contributions will be rewarded. You've written five thousand posts.

    It's Over 9000! (9001 Posts)
    OH SHI—

    Thread Count Achievements

    Threaded (10 Threads)
    You're making conversation and have created ten threads.

    Thready (50 Threads)
    Look who's social. Fifty threads have earned you this!

    Threadier (100 Threads)
    You must be pretty good at conversation, because you've now made one hundred threads.

    Threadworm (200 Threads)
    Eww! You've gone thread crazy and it's highly infectious! You made two hundred threads and caught this nasty bug. Someone find the antidote!

    Activity Achievements

    24 (24 Hours)
    Giving this place twenty-four hours of your time has earned you this.

    Three Fine Days and a Thunderstorm (3 Days)
    You've spent three days becoming a known outlaw. With persistence, you'll get there.

    24-7 (1 Week)
    This achievement doesn't mean you spend forever on the forum, although Mantis would appreciate such contribution! Just don't die at your keyboard. Twenty-four hours times seven equals a week! Er, wow!

    Two-Timer (2 Weeks)
    You've resided here for two weeks. No, this has nothing to do with your nights at Club Temptation.

    28, 29, 30, 31, Whatever! (1 Month)
    Thirty days hath September,
    April, June, and November;
    All the rest have thirty-one,
    Save February, with twenty-eight days clear,
    And twenty-nine each leap year.

    Seasons Apart (3 Months)
    Since you joined the forum, a season has passed. Heck, probably many more unless you literally stayed online the whole time.

    Veteran (6 Months)
    Six months logged on has earned you the highest activity achievement, and no doubt some recognition.

    Wong Achievements

    Note: Currently, only wong you carry (not in the bank) is tracked for these achievements. However, I'm working on finding a way to fix that so wong collectively on hand and in the bank will earn you these achievements. Check out the Wong Guide for information on earning wong.

    Chump Change (100 Wong)
    You’ve gotta start with a penny, right? You earned one hundred wong.

    Pocket Money (500 Wong)
    Great—enough to afford a basic weapon! You earned five hundred wong.

    Pittance (1000 Wong)
    Way far back from making it big, but it's something. You earned one thousand wong.

    Spending Money (3000 Wong)
    You're not quite on a steady income yet, but you're getting there. You earned three thousand wong.

    Not Very Big (10,000 Wong)
    Okay, so you're not rich yet, but you can buy some pretty cool things. Don't squander your wong though, or you might find yourself at Fred's place. You earned ten thousand wong.

    Get Higher (50,000 Wong)
    It seems you've been investing your earnings, since you have earned fifty thousand wong!

    Perhaps Enough (100,000 Wong)
    Not bad, certainly enough to sustain a good quality of living. But that ain't good enough, is it? Come on, you can do it. You earned one hundred thousand wong.

    Jack of All Trades (250,000 Wong)
    Fixing everything from tractors to relationships can pay off pretty well, apparently! You earned two hundred and fifty thousand wong.

    Entrepreneur (500,000 Wong)
    You're starting to make some serious money. Stick to Space Takeout Cheeseburgers and Spaca-Cola, and maybe you'll earn much more. You earned five hundred thousand wong.

    Millionaire (1,000,000 Wong)
    What a milestone. Way to go, outlaw.

    Locked and LOADED (5,000,000 Wong)
    Heifong VII's treasure was of little value, but you've now earned the equivalent of what was supposedly there. You're more than rich; you've earned five million wong.

    Made it Big (10,000,000 Wong)
    Ten million wong. You're set for life.

    Special Achievements

    Note: Some Special Achievements will grant you wong awards, but not all. Please read the bottom of this thread and check out the Luo Corporation for information on how to claim your Special Achievements.

    Message Fred Luo when you have this many posts (it must be this exact number when he reads the message too), and receive a special item. [777W + Item Reward]

    Arcade: Golden Turd Award
    This is awarded to those who beat the time of fifteen minutes playing Super Sonic Smash, a terrible game in the Arcade that will undoubtedly make you rage. Get a score below 900 for this. (Scores are recorded in seconds.) [666W Reward]

    Arcade: Rookie Survivor
    Survive for three or more days playing The Last Stand. [20W Reward]

    You purchased a handgun. [50W Reward]

    HangGene: Fred Luo Loves You
    Win a series. [400W Reward]

    HangGene: Noose Cutter
    Cut Gene free; win a round! [100W Reward]

    HangGene: Oops
    You made a mistake, and Gene is closer to his untimely death. [1W Reward]

    HangGene: Suzuka Would Be Proud
    As stealthy as a mouse... on bear adrenaline; you got Gene out and away from his captors in a flash: a single turn. [500W Reward]

    HangGene: Teamwork
    You've helped out with Gene's rescue effort and made a successful guess. [20W Reward]

    Hit the Town!
    You rented a room at Club Temptation. You scumbag. (Information on how to gain access to Club Temptation will be made available in the future. Keep in mind this is unrelated to the Club Temptation theme.)

    Outlaw Hero
    You're all geared up to take on the Kei Pirates—you've bought every weapon in the shop! (Achievement is inactive until further notice, since the shop is missing quite a lot of weapons!)

    Outlaw Pimp
    You bought an extortionately-priced lifetime VIP pass at Club Temptation, and have announced to your friends that you have no intention of leaving Sentinel III. (Information on how to gain access to Club Temptation will be made available in the future. Keep in mind this is unrelated to the Club Temptation theme.)

    Quite the Crew
    To earn this achievement, you and four others must have collaboratively (so long as you all own at least one of these) purchased the following items: Blaster, Caster Gun, Jim's Handgun, Laptop Computer, Melfina's High Heels, Bokken, Ctarl-Ctarl Stew, and Low-Density Dragonite. All five of those who work on getting the achievement must message Fred Luo when all items are purchased, and anybody who earns the achievement cannot help anybody else earn it afterwards. (This achievement can't be earned yet as some of the items haven't been created.)

    Ranks List

    To view the various ranks and which achievements are required, you may click the Achievements link at the top of any page when signed in and then view the Ranks List. Alternatively, click here.

    This list of achievements is subject to change as more are created. If you haven't been credited with and paid for a Special Achievement, create a thread at the Luo Corporation stating which achievements. Because they must be added manually, it's very difficult for the forum's staff to track your Special Achievements by themselves. You may reply to your thread whenever you meet the requirements for more achievements. Please read the sticky threads at the Luo Corporation.

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    @Mantis, I was reading through this just now because I was curious about how some achievements work and I have a question as well as something to point out. First of all, what are the post requirements for the little title we get below our username (Notable Outlaw, Overseer, Gunman)? I've always been a fan of those and I want to know what I'm aiming for.

    Secondly, a bunch of the links in this post have expired since they go to the old forums, now they just re-direct to the forum index. How much of the content in these links still applies?
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    User title list...

    Cherry: 0 Posts
    Citizen: 1 Post
    Gunman: 15 Posts
    Bounty Hunter: 50 Posts
    Outlaw: 100 Posts
    Notable Outlaw: 200 Posts
    Distinguished Outlaw: 500 Posts
    Renowned Outlaw: 1000 Posts
    Legendary Outlaw: 2000 Posts

    Also, the final one isn't just a normal title. At this level members are granted the ability to change their user title if they wish. It's a bit steep and I was thinking of lowering the Legendary requirement, but I'm pretty sure either AsherTheWilliams or Kokirininja (both high posters though not around lately) said they'd prefer it keeping as it is since they're not far off the target. So I held off on that.

    As for your second question, there are a lot of broken links floating about and I need to update a few guides. I do believe most of it is still relevant though. I moved from MyBB to vBulletin when Nexus was introduced in 2015. The new achievement system is obviously different code, but all the achievements should be the same except Special Achievements. These weren't automatic on OSUK. I had to grant these achievements manually but not enough people showed interest to warrant maintaining the sub-forum made for this called the Luo Corporation, so I closed that down.

    I wish a lot of those could be automated like the weapons achievements. That would be nice and provide more of an incentive to spend wong. (On that topic, I do want to bring HangGene back as that game was fun as hell.)

    Hope this answers your questions, but let me know if you have any others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantis View Post
    Hope this answers your questions, but let me know if you have any others.
    Yep, that pretty much sums it all up for me. Thanks for taking the time.
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