• Adulthood: What's So Great About It?
  • Adulthood: What's So Great About It?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Space Cowboy View Post
    Why would anyone want to return to childhood? Anyhow, childhood had its special memories, but normal adults have no desire to go back to childhood. In fact, besides the fact many work at boring jobs, adult life is just as interesting as a child's life. In fact, it might be more interesting. Well, for one thing, adults are smarter so they enjoy stuff more than a kid who cannot figure out stuff due to immaturity. Also, adults are capable of having a deep mind, and as long as it doesn't go overboard - as with SJWs, lol, then that can be beautiful thing.
    I'd consider myself a normal adult. It sounds like you're generalising people based on your own perspective. As for the whys, well it depends on the conditions. If we're to think of returning to childhood being like time travel, there are things I'd like to do differently. My folks weren't great parents either, but I think if I'd tried to talk to them more as a kid we'd have probably grown closer. It would be nice to see my grandmother again. They're just a couple of reasons I'd consider returning. Generally speaking, some people enjoyed their childhoods far more than I did and aren't enjoying life now. I can't see why that isn't a good reason. Now, if we're to think of it like playing back a video, I'm sure many of us would want to do that, but I guess it's best to think of the question as like time travel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamesha View Post
    I'm still trying to figure out the answer to this question. Trust me, I've been adulting for a long time now, and I still don't know the answer.

    More work, more responsibility, aging, less time for fun. Ugh. I better stop before I make myself depressed.

    Kidding (somehwat), but yeah, I always told my kids not to be in such a hurry to grow up. "You have the rest of your life to be an adult. Just have fun being kids."

    I'm learning that to be a proper grown up, I need to manage my time better. By that I mean, remembering to also make time for myself, and to make some time for fun.
    Haha, yup. I've only been "adulting" for almost a decade now, but I'm starting to figure out that's the trick. One of my favorite lines I ever heard was from an exacerbated elder of mine, blurting out after too many pestering questions, "We're adults...we dunno' what we're doing."

    But yeah, being a kid and being an adult, pros and cons and all that...taxes n' work, the day-to-day grind, the daily minutiae, they can wear on ya...but, at the same time, I can drive, smoke, drink beer, watch "R" rated movies, and do other "fun" adult stuff giggity...oh, and eat ice cream whenever I want, hahahahaaaaa.
    No one's gonna' give you a map. You've gotta' walk your own path.
    - Hilda

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    Well, I see adulthood as a phase of commitment in one's life, the independent stage in one's life is the point one grows from a kid/teenage age to adulthood. Some of my friends actually regard adulthood as a set up because of the responsibilities that comes with it. Looking at the situation of things in my state, when one graduate from university, it's very difficult to secure a good job that would help put the person in the driving seat to pilot the affairs of his life independently from his/her parents.

    With these being said, still to me one wouldn't have to keep depending on his or her parents to always be there for his upkeep. There should be a time when you have to face your responsibilities head on as an adult. It only requires determination and strong will, in which in no long distant time things would fall into place.

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    Well, I would say that everything is great. I mean, sure you have your responsibilities and cannot depend on anybody else like you used to when you were a kid, but in the flipside you also have all the freedom and can decide on everything yourself. I wouldn't want to go back to my childhood for many reasons, and even with all the problems I am currently dealing with I'm still ultimately way more happier with my adult like than my childhood.

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