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  1. Favorite character?
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  16. Who is your Outlaw Star crush?
  17. What 2 characters would have a good scrap?
  18. If there were a sequel, what would suck? What would win? (Potential spoilers)
  19. Just a Thought (E25 Spoilers!)
  20. If Outlaw Star were "real", what would you ask the characters? (possible spoilers)
  21. Outlaw Star vs Firefly
  22. Least Favorite Character?
  23. Profound Prologues
  24. Which Outlaw would make the best roommate?
  25. If you could join the crew of Outlaw Star, would you?
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  29. If you could change Outlaw Star's ending, how would you? ( Possible spoilers. )
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  37. How powerful is the Tempa Emperor?
  38. How Does Someone Pilot A Grappler Ship? O.O''
  39. Why Do The C'tarl C'tarl Wear Goggles?