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  1. What's Your View on Life?
  2. Happiness
  3. A ripping good argument (ABORTION!)
  4. Euthanasia, your opinion.
  5. Celebrity rights to privacy
  6. Drug Legalisation
  7. Chavs
  8. What are your perspectives regarding religions and traditions !
  9. Karma? What do you think of it?
  10. Marriage - Is It Necessary?
  11. Is violence really avoidable?
  12. Greeting cards...
  13. Could Humans Have Evolved From Aquatic Mammals? What's your opinion?
  14. Corruption in Law Enforcement
  15. Eye for an eye
  16. Being childfree makes people freak out!
  17. Disabilities: What Do You Count?
  18. Morality in Outlaw Star
  19. What are your fears?
  20. How will you be remembered?
  21. Let's talk a bit about friendships
  22. How to Measure "Strength"
  23. Adulthood: What's So Great About It?
  24. Finding strength to deal with difficulties in life
  25. Justice in modern society
  26. 'Murica
  27. Social Justice Warriors
  28. At what point don't people change?
  29. Conspiracy theories
  30. Alcohol IS a drug
  31. Are people too "PC" or "hyper-sensitive" these days?
  32. Has humanity strayed too far from nature?
  33. Are people getting less intelligent?
  34. Space programmes and the money spent on it
  35. Your thoughts on the United Airlines scandal?
  36. Nuclear Warfare
  37. Make-up... For it or against it?
  38. Narcissism
  39. Celebrity worship
  40. When is it hate and when is it joking around?
  41. Do you feel the church and state should be separate?
  42. Is WW3 coming?
  43. School teaches "Different" = BAD
  44. Reincarnation
  45. How should "cyber-bullying" be handled?
  46. Tipping: For and Against
  47. The war against gender
  48. Manchester Terrorist Attack
  49. Does the "news" make things worse?
  50. Hоw will thе lаtеst tеrrоr аttасk in Mаnсhеstеr аffесt thе еlесtiоn in Britаin?
  51. Gambling
  52. Money Can't Buy Happiness; Do You Agree?
  53. Should parents to be be tested?
  54. The Race to be different
  55. If God Knows Everything Ahead of Time, then Why Did He Created Lucifer?
  56. History and Origins of Man
  57. Mysteries and the Paranormal
  58. Personal Accountabililty
  59. Why is everything racist?
  60. Owning Exotic Animals
  61. Is true beauty defined by physical traits or personality traits?
  62. Not dating trans means you are discriminating
  63. Net Neutrality
  64. Soy - Is it a problem?
  65. McKamey Manor
  66. National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) is it still relevant?
  67. Why are white people being apologetic?
  68. Fear of the police in my country
  69. Trump bashing
  70. "Hate Speech" is a crime now?
  71. Is it worth buying a house?
  72. Death is so cruel
  73. Animals are not "people too"
  74. Oral Sex with Animals Is Legal... In Canada
  75. Do you think Christmas is overemphasized?
  76. Death of a pet ; How painful
  77. Cheating vs Being irresponsible ; What pushes more for divorce?
  78. Photos of the dead?
  79. Working 2 or more jobs ; Does it affect your family life
  80. What is worse - Lying or Ignoring?
  81. Human life on Mars - Good or Bad?
  82. Would you take the life of a stranger to save someone you love?
  83. What's Your Take on Religion Lately?
  84. Do you think horoscopes affect who we love?
  85. Do you think a time will come when The Animal Kingdom will rise up against Humans?
  86. Anyone have a bucketlist?
  87. What is your take on leadership?
  88. What should be taught in Sex Ed?
  89. Is weather getting worse?
  90. What a man can do, a woman can do better?
  91. Rurouni Kenshin Creator Nobuhiro Watsuki Charged With Child Pornography Possession
  92. Do you believe in lucky objects?
  93. Do you think the world would be a better place without drugs or alcohol?
  94. What moment in your life could you change?
  95. The Whistler
  96. Living in a corporately owned city
  97. Do you love your country?
  98. Do You Ever Feel Alone?
  99. Innocent Man Killed from "Swatting"
  100. What do you consider the biggest issue with young adults today?
  101. Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Video
  102. Thoughts on "Big Pharma"
  103. Do you belive in love?
  104. Will Technology Outsmart Us?
  105. YouTuber Fans
  106. Florida School Shooting
  107. Why do people idolize celebrities?
  108. How do you view plastic surgery?
  109. Red or Blue?
  110. Where does the line of "child abuse" get drawn?
  111. Do single women find married men more attractive?
  112. Targeting Differences
  113. Should the working age be updated?
  114. Can people really blame video games for violence?
  115. What Are Your Vices?
  116. How much would you sacrifice for a stranger?
  117. What Contests Have You Joined Before?
  118. Butterfly Effect
  119. Is lying and being a liar a learned trait/behavior?
  120. What do you think is behind so many marriages failing today?
  121. Are vampires real?
  122. Military veterans turning to crime
  123. Legal age?
  124. Should gambling be more regulated?
  125. Fear of Racism (Label)
  126. Is this PC mentality creating unstable people?
  127. Will people get sick of social media?
  128. Was anyone excited by the Black Panther movie?
  129. Are major sporting events fixed?
  130. What is your take on guns?
  131. How should famous people be held accountable for what they say on social media?
  132. What amount of income = good living?
  133. Steam Makes a Bold Stance on Freedom
  134. How can we save free speech?
  135. Anyone had a terrifying toy they remember from years gone by?
  136. Intersectionality
  137. Scammers
  138. Know any jokes?
  139. When bad people make "good" lives
  140. Zombie apocalypse or aftermath of a nuclear fallout?
  141. Thoughts on the Protests happening in UK?
  142. On "Critics" and Pretention
  143. How do you handle death of a close pet?
  144. Weird dreams!
  145. Biased Media - Who do you believe?
  146. What is something that would make the world better if we didn't have it?
  147. Is mainstream medicine built on keeping us sick?
  148. Hypersensitivity And Immediate Gratification
  149. Are cults still an issue?
  150. Should farming/horticulture bet taught in school?
  151. Sexuality in Music Videos
  152. Should "Sex Ed" be taught by parents?
  153. Should Black Friday Be Changed?
  154. Is Twitter Politically Biased?
  155. People having many kids vs people choosing to have few or none
  156. Are we tricked into overspending?
  157. Is news media getting worse?
  158. Will Social Media be replaced by forums?
  159. Class Not Race
  160. Buzzfeed, Vice, and the like are failing - What now?
  161. Christchurch Shootings
  162. The Russian Scandal Was A Lie - Surprised?
  163. Feminists Against Trans Women
  164. Notre Dame Cathedral Fire
  165. Fox News Taking Over
  166. Who is going to bite the dust in the coming years?
  167. New Zealand Charges 18-Year-Old For Sharing Meme Of Christchurch Shooting Video
  168. The Media Blaming Innocent People
  169. What is really going on at Universities in America?
  170. ProJared, James Charles, & YouTube Abuse
  171. Vice Reporters Allegedly Broke Into 8chan Owner’s House In Philippines With Film Crew
  172. Celebrity Activism Is A Lie
  173. Gillette Keeps The Woke Train Running With New Ad, But Seem Too Afraid To Put It On Y
  174. The Russian Collusion...
  175. Vox Adpocalypse
  176. Patreon Has Banned Hypnosis Porn For Being “Coerced Consent”
  177. Social Media Crack Down?
  178. US Government Attempting A Crackdown On Social Media
  179. Is Brexit the answer?
  180. YouTuber Etika Commits Suicide At 29
  181. Do you think our choices in voting are rigged?
  182. Will social media censorship be their own end?
  183. How would you regulate the internet?
  184. Primary Decision Makers: Choose Your Own Adventure
  185. Is there a push for Socialism in the US?
  186. How does a 21 yea old hop online and just by an AK-47!?
  187. Tattoos: Yay or nay?
  188. How much does your family know you?
  189. Is digital piracy morally wrong?
  190. YouTube's Latest Announcements
  191. Thoughts on mandatory vaccination?
  192. Should children be taught healthy nutrition?
  193. Harry Dunn killed by US diplomat's wife
  194. Christian Weston Chandler
  195. The focus on straws being a problem baffles me
  196. Slacktivism vs Real Activivism
  197. Should more people be concerned with they privacy online?
  198. Craft beer
  199. Should religions that practice violence against others still be acceptable today?
  200. Is Die Hard a Christmas film?
  201. Thoughts on having Christmas in January?
  202. Is Disney trying to own everything or am I just imaging things?
  203. Patreon To Deplatform Lewd Logistics
  204. World War III
  205. How bad do you think politics will get this year?
  206. Mental health backed by science is needed today
  207. Hallmark Cuts 400 Jobs After Going Woke
  208. Chick-Fil-A Issues Non-Apology and Expresses Regret Over Consequences
  209. Do you think Trump will get impeached?
  210. Should we stop all flights incoming from China?
  211. Barnes And Noble Fifth Avenue Race-Swaps Classic Novel Covers To Promote “Diversity”
  212. Diversity makes things worse - True or False?
  213. Why does sexual orientation matter so much?
  214. Opinion: University is a waste of time/money for most students
  215. Insomnia is a growing problem - why?
  216. Is it good or bad the way people are acting over the coronavirus?
  217. Coronavirus: How should we be responding?
  218. Cronavirus causing a shift in the attitude of a generation?
  219. How long will this lockdown last?
  220. Supporting Local Businesses
  221. Marvel's New Warriors
  222. What happens after this lockdown ends?
  223. Some New YouTube Drama...
  224. Unpopular Opinions
  225. Illuminati - Fact or Fiction?
  226. Elon Musk - Internet Darling or Hated Villain?
  227. The Twitch Safety Council
  228. Do you think crystals actually help "heal" the human body?
  229. Reaction Culture
  230. Is 2020 really as bad as everyone is making it out to be?
  231. What will be the new "normal" going forward?
  232. I think it would do some good if social media got shut down once in awhile...
  233. One Year Anniversary of KyoAni Fire
  234. YouTube, Reddit, & Twitch PURGE
  235. What are your thoughts on what happened with Hong Kong recently?
  236. India's Ban Hammer on Mobile Apps
  237. Kayne West Running For US President
  238. Mr Jones
  239. Shooting
  240. Scammers in India seem to be a problem
  241. Do you think people like Jeff Bezos have too much power?
  242. Pornhub and Sex Trafficking
  243. Random Stuff Posted in California
  244. Disney Mulan is set to stream
  245. Tiktok is... Just the worst
  246. Do you think the inability to have conversations is a major problem?
  247. Illegal anime sites being BANNED
  248. Burger King's Sneaky Twitch Ads
  249. Netflix in hot water again?
  250. Even more riots...