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  1. What film have you just watched?
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. Reviews - Read First
  4. The Wilhelm Scream!
  6. When will the zombie/vampire genre end?
  7. ''I do say,sir,quiet the joke indeed.'' ( Favorite Comedy Movies! )
  8. Do you prefer movies subtitled or dubbed?
  9. JDrama / KDrama / CDrama
  10. Nostalgiabait?
  11. Favorite Star Trek Series
  12. Anyone ever watch Law and Order?
  13. Dexter
  14. Watching Anything Good on the Web?
  15. Star Fox: The Animated Series
  16. Do you watch more films than tv shows?
  17. Last Movie You Saw in Theaters Where You Felt You Got Your Money's Worth?
  18. Movies that Have a Good Sequel(s)
  19. Film Adaptations of Books
  20. The Truth is Out There...
  21. Top 5 favorite movies
  22. The Simpsons
  23. Do you think Friends was overrated?
  24. Falling Skies
  25. US Ghost in the Shell Movie
  26. Do you watch specific channels?
  27. Aliens or Zombies?
  28. What's your favorite streaming service?
  29. Amazon Prime - Anything worth watching?
  30. Any reboots you want to see done?
  31. Favorite Psychological Thriller Film?
  32. Remember : War of the Son
  33. The Alien franchise
  34. Best Streaming Website
  35. Asian Horror Movies
  36. Beauty and the Beast
  37. Upcoming Remakes
  38. Interstellar
  39. Do you read movie reviews (and reviews of TV shows)?
  40. Limitless (Series)
  41. Best Classical Films
  42. Downfall
  43. The Others
  44. TV Show, or Anime that you think it would make a great RPG game
  45. Do You Watch Shows About Food?
  46. Wonder Woman
  47. Movie about your life?
  48. SING
  49. Game of Thrones Discussion
  50. Best Movie Theory Ever?
  51. Rick and Morty anyone?
  52. Going In Style
  53. Why do film scores suck now?
  54. Disconnect
  55. Do you have a hard time finding things you enjoy?
  56. What do you watch shows/movies on most?
  57. Anyone enjoy animal documentaries or shows?
  58. Fall line up
  59. Were shows better in the 90's?
  60. Mom
  61. Baby Driver
  62. So, um, the Justice League.
  63. What is your favourite movie?
  64. Old Christmas Shows and Movies
  65. Favorite Commercials
  66. Thoughts on documentaries?
  67. Do you enjoy Christmas specials on TV shows?
  68. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  69. Best Disney Movie?
  70. 24
  71. Venom
  72. Shows you feel are overrated?
  73. Comic book movies
  74. Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  75. Fave Space Sci-fi Movies
  76. Last Man on Earth
  77. What is a movie that is so bad, it is good?
  78. Avengers; Infinity War
  79. Favorite sitcoms?
  80. Do you enjoy TV/Movies in other countries?
  81. Late Night TV
  82. The Predator
  83. Do you prefer any specific networks?
  84. Disney planning on competing with Netflix?
  85. Little known cartoons
  86. Anyone who does YouTube?
  87. What TV series are you currently watching?
  88. Celebrity crush!
  89. How many hours a week do you spent watching TV or movies?
  90. Will reality TV ever be phased out?
  91. What will come of Guardians of the Galaxy?
  92. Bumblebee
  93. Best War Movies
  94. Sexiest Female in Game of Thrones
  95. What are some popular TV series you just don't get?
  96. Are less people watching TV these days?
  97. Aquaman
  98. The Office
  99. Anyone notice they keep bringing back old shows?
  100. Is The Walking Dead going to tank now?
  101. Do you limit your TV time?
  102. Remakes Remakes REMAKES!
  103. Requiem for action cinema
  104. Do you own a 4k tv?
  105. What monitors are best for watching stuff online?
  106. Good Animal Documentaries?
  107. Mr. Robot
  108. Battle Angel
  109. Perfect Blue Review
  110. Tokusatsu
  111. Longest movies?
  113. The Passage
  114. Captain Marvel Backlash
  115. Aladdin "remake?"
  116. Pushing diversity in relationships or what?
  117. Sonic Movie... YIKES!
  118. Terrible Awful Movies on YouTube Thread
  119. It Chapter 2
  120. John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum
  121. Going to see Detective Pikachu tomorrow
  122. Godzilla: King of the Monsters
  123. Childhood Shows
  124. Black Mirror any good?
  125. Good new sitcoms?
  126. The Rocketeer Sneak Peek Reveals A Gender-Swapped Take On The Iconic Hero
  127. Cats (the movie?)
  128. How well do you think Disney's streaming service will do?
  129. Oh no, Spidey!
  130. How do you feel about the next James Bond film?
  131. Rambo: Last Blood
  132. Did anyone see Joker yet?
  133. Have you ever watched a TV series more than once?
  134. A look back at the 2002 Resident Evil movie
  135. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
  136. Disney may stop putting movies in theaters in the near future
  137. Anyone watch Fargo?
  138. Disney+ To Censor A Number Of Films
  139. What is your favorite television series?
  140. Mr Pickles (wth is this?)
  141. Rick & Morty Season 4
  142. Netflix’s First Temptation Of Christ Turns Jesus Gay
  143. What Christmas films do you enjoy?
  144. Superman: Red Son Trailer Actually Looks Like A Really Good DC Movie
  145. Whst Christmas films do you HATE?
  146. Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker
  147. Terry Gilliam on Marvel Movies, Black Panther and Less So Trump
  148. Will Sony ever fully sell the rights to Spiderman?
  149. Shameless
  150. What genres interest you the most be it a movie, book, video game etc?
  151. Ghost in the Shell
  152. Fast And Furious 9 Trailer Features A Villainous John Cena And Return Of Han
  153. What YouTubers do you watch on a regular basis?
  154. Do you watch TV/Movies/Series mostly in the evenings?
  155. Streaming services are slowly becoming cable
  156. Lockdown Recommendations?
  157. Better Call Saul
  158. Shows Getting Delayed (Or Pushed Back)
  159. Westworld (TV Series)
  160. How do you watch your videos?
  161. Peaky Blinders
  162. Solar Opposites
  163. Favorite movie shoot outs
  164. Any older series from the 90's worth going back and watching?
  165. Ozark
  166. YouTube chefs you enjoy?
  167. Last Video You Watched (On YouTube)
  168. Archer
  169. Fargo Season 4 Premiere Date
  170. Do you think the violence in movies and TV desensitized us?
  171. What are your thoughts on holiday episodes in TV shows?
  172. Harley Quinn (TV Series)