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  1. What game(s) are you currently playing?
  2. Best video game death scenes ever!
  3. Least Favourite Game Genre
  4. Old war games
  5. Which video games had you been addicted to?
  6. Do You Prefer Games With A Final Boss?
  8. Android games
  9. Any Hearthstone players here?
  10. What are your favorite video game quotes?
  11. League of Legends
  12. Emotional games
  13. GoodOldGames (gog.com) Summer Sale
  14. Do you listen to music while gaming?
  15. Outlaw Star Nexus Steam Group
  16. Consoles You Own
  17. I can't stop playing Clash of Kings!
  18. What games are you looking forward to?
  19. GOG Galaxy
  20. Favourite Boss Music
  21. Video games with excellent stories?
  22. Speculations regarding the next Pokemon game.
  23. Anyone here ever own an 8-bit computer?
  24. It's 100% Orange Juice! Of course it's hyped on sugar!
  25. SteamOS
  26. What are your thoughts about microtransactions in Metal Gear Solid V?
  27. Five Nights at Freddy's
  28. The Elder Scrolls?
  29. Anyone else excited for Pokemon Sun & Moon?
  30. Worst Video Game Music... Ever!
  31. Pokemon GO...somewhere
  32. Abzu is a beautiful game.
  33. Cheers, love! The Calvary's Here!
  34. What games are you playing right now?
  35. How Long to Beat YOUR Library?
  36. No Man's Sky
  37. The Random Number God
  38. A new Red Dead game?!
  39. The Screenshot Thread
  40. Final Fantasy
  41. favorite hero or villain
  42. Games you like that everyone else hates
  43. Is DOOM worth playing?
  44. PC or console?
  45. Video game series that need to make a comeback
  46. Legend of Zelda, anyone?
  47. Has Nintendo really needed third-party support?
  48. Arcade memories
  49. Bait and Switch?
  50. Rocket League!
  51. games you're looking forward to
  52. CoD alternative?
  53. Anyone on here buy the Switch yet?
  54. Any new games you plan on getting soon?
  55. Ragnarok Relaunch
  56. Any good MMORPGs to recommend?
  57. Call of Duty : WWII
  58. Tales Games
  59. Club Penguin
  60. Bully 2?
  61. Open World
  62. Do you play any classics?
  63. Rainbow Six Siege
  64. League of Legends
  65. Do you enjoy any anime related/based video games?
  66. In Development but sounds like a cool Game
  67. Do you guys play Minecraft?
  68. Leading a guild/clan or other group
  69. Gaming and Motion Sickness
  70. For Honor
  71. Epic Fails in Gaming
  72. Spending Money On Online Games
  73. Serious Sam
  74. So E3 happened... I guess...
  75. Fanboys and Console Wars
  76. Favorite character death
  77. Anyone play MMORPGs?
  78. Anyone play Xbox?
  79. Best console generation
  80. Party games?
  81. What kind of game appeals to you most?
  82. Do you enjoy taking beers while playing games
  83. The Witcher and Skyrim Tabletop !
  84. Best Detective Game
  85. Best amusement park game?
  86. The games are art thing
  87. Do you think prices will drop for XBOX ONE?
  88. Crash N Sane Trilogy
  89. Horror games
  90. Youtube vs Twicth - Which is better for gamers?
  91. Cuphead
  92. Anyone play Stardew Valley
  93. "Doki Doki Literature Club". Recently learned what this is.
  94. What are your favorite games for Play Station 4?
  95. Yakuza 0
  96. Fun free games??
  97. Okami Accomplishment
  98. Steam Winter Sale
  99. Should DLC be toned back for 2018?
  100. I got Sims 4 last night...
  101. Hidden gems
  102. Will there be a drop in the Switch price anytime soon?
  103. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  104. Anyone get anything new on Steam lately?
  105. Nintendo Fanboys
  106. Best video game shotgun
  107. Smash Bros announced
  108. Recently got back into Warframe, anyone play that here?
  109. Devil May Cry
  110. Far Cry 5
  111. Red Dead Redemption 2
  112. Should wired controllers be phased out?
  113. EasySMX PC Controllers?
  114. Anyone going to follow E3?
  115. Competitive games?
  116. What do you think will get GOTY?
  117. Women in the Game Industry
  118. Why are some feminist so against female figures in video games?
  119. Has your taste in gaming changed?
  120. Quake Champions
  121. More women buy consoles than men
  122. Fall Favorites
  123. Streets of Rage 4
  124. Do you guys think the Jacksonville Madden shooting will change anything for gaming?
  125. Xbox Scarlett or PS5?
  126. Anyone try that new CoD gamemode?
  127. Which is more expensive overall - PC gaming or Console gaming?
  128. The Diablo series
  129. Riot Games Sued
  130. The Movie in The Darkness game!
  131. Just going to post a thread here for active forum.
  132. Fortnite and their legal woes
  133. Game related youtube channels
  134. Are you into VR gaming?
  135. Do you prefer to play with speakers or headsets?
  136. Any predictions for Game of the Year 2019?
  137. Dragon Ball Xenoverse?
  138. Why does feminism view video games as "bad" but not porn?
  139. Will we see a new Pokemon game this year?
  140. Am I the only one who doesn't get app games?
  141. Do PC Games Exist?
  142. Ona-Ken! International, Adults Only Visual Novel Banned From Steam
  143. Brave Fencer Musashi
  144. Final Fantasy VIII
  145. Is there such a thing as stock shares in video games?
  146. Yakuza Creator Says Women Probably Like The Series Because Guys Today Are Total Pusho
  147. Your favorite fighting games
  148. YouTubers, Gamers Locked In Debate Over Mortal Kombat 11’s De-Sexualized Females
  149. Pokémon Sword and Shield just Announced! (Spoilers)
  150. Under Night Re-Birth
  151. Any good racing type games on PC?
  152. BioWare Won’t Be Shutting Down… For Now, Says Anthem’s Lead Producer
  153. Crackdown 3 Comparison Video Shows Crackdown 1 Has Better Physics, AI, Gameplay, Anim
  154. Great moments in gamer rage history
  155. #GamerGate Blamed For ChristChurch Shooting; Dissenter Access Blocked; YouTube Filter
  156. Yoshi Games
  157. Evo Japan Stream Shut Down Due to T&A
  158. Pedos in the Pokemon YouTuber/Twitch community
  159. Resident Evil 2 Remake Mod Restores Blood And Gore For Japanese Version
  160. You Can Challenge People To Sing Like A Cat In Just-Launched Twitch Sings
  161. Hard games and the "need" for easy mode
  162. SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Sold Over 300,000 Copies
  163. Anyone ever play Phantasy Star Online?
  164. John Romero Explains Doom: Sigil Delay, Update On Shipment To Come Soon
  165. Mortal Kombat 11
  166. Which Games Are on Your Radar?
  167. Minecraft: Story Mode Won’t Be Available To Download After June 25, Even For Owners
  168. Black Desert Online Adds The Shai Class For The Loli Lovers
  169. E3 2019 General Thread
  170. Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel
  171. Steam Summer Sale
  172. Citizens Of Space Cheats Sport God Mode, Infinite Money
  173. RuneScape Players/ex-players
  174. China Suggest New Restrictions On Gaming Content
  175. Apex Legends Season 2
  176. Are video games "too easy" today?
  177. Lunar: Silver Star Story
  178. Warframe: The New War Expansion Goes Live This Christmas
  179. Creative Games
  180. Ion Maiden Gets Renamed To Ion Fury And Will Release August 15th On PC
  181. Conception Plus Will Be Uncensored On Steam For PC; Still Censored On PS4
  182. Sci-fi Action-RPG ‘Everreach: Project Eden’ Releases This September
  183. Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima Return To Score Streets Of Rage 4 Soundtrack
  184. Physical vs Digital—Why Physical Video Games Are Better
  185. ”Star Citizen’ Still in Alpha, Version 3.6 Now Available to Backers
  186. Will VR gaming ever take off?
  187. WRC 8 Career Mode Includes New Team Management, Progress Overhaul
  188. ‘Wolfenstein: Youngblood’ Gets an Official Launch Trailer
  189. Death Stranding Trailer Features Drive Director Nicolas Winding Refn As Heartman
  190. Step Up Your Game: Tips For Upgrading Your Game Room
  191. PlayStation Announces August 2019 PS+ Free Titles
  192. London Detective Mysteria Available For Download On PC For The First Time
  193. ESA Accidentally Leaks Information of 2,000 YouTubers, Journalists, Analysts and More
  194. Ooblets Dev Calls Potential Customers “Toxic”, “Baby Gamers”
  195. In the Mood for PS2
  196. Greedfall Trailer Previews Customization, Combat, And Romance Options
  197. ‘Death Stranding’ Has Mysteriously Vanished from Sony’s List of PlayStation Exclusive
  198. Rivals of Aether Gaining Steam Workshop Support
  199. Beautifully Animated ARPG Coming This October
  200. Capcom, FGC Organizers Ban Gllty, Chris Bahn From E-Sports Events For Sexual Miscondu
  201. Sigma and Role Lock Hit Live Servers for ‘Overwatch’
  202. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Cheats Feature Infinite Money, Invincible Hull
  203. ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Looks Damn Near Like Real Life
  204. Dlala Studios Turned The Freaking Battletoads Un-Metal In New Gameplay Video
  205. ‘Oddworld: Soulstorm’ Will Be an Epic Exclusive
  206. Managing Expectations: Beware The Hype
  207. LEGO City Undercover Cheats Harbor God Mode, Infinite Bricks
  208. Control Cheats Give You Access To God Mode, Easy Kills, No Reload
  209. New ‘NBA 2K20’ Trailer Shows Off MyTeam’s Casino-Style Systems
  210. Pokemon Backlash?
  211. Fire Emblem and Beyond: The Intelligent Systems Deep Dive
  212. Anyone looking forward to the FFVIII Remaster tomorrow ?
  213. Anyone remember RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 and 2?
  214. Anybody ever play Ragnarok Online?
  215. Destiny- The game that scratches my sci fi/fantasy itch!
  216. Sony Shuts Down ‘Uncharted 2,’ ‘Uncharted 3,’ and ‘The Last of Us’ PS3 Servers
  217. River City Girls
  218. Fallout Wasteland Warfare: How to Get the Most Out of the Game
  219. The Timesplitters series-Time to split!
  220. Action Vs Taimanin Trailer Trades H-Scenes For Hack-And-Slash Action
  221. Disney Looks Set to Sell off FoxNext, Abandoning In-House Game Development
  222. The Top 3 Grand Strategy Games Of All Time – Horse Chancellors Everywhere!
  223. Anyone ever try doing speed runs?
  224. United Nations CRC Proposal Continues To Encourage Ban Of Lolis In Anime, Manga, Game
  225. ‘Cuphead’ Hits #1 on the Jazz Billboard Charts
  226. Super Robot Wars V Launches Oct 3rd On Steam But It’s Region Locked
  227. 13 September Indie Games Worth Checking Out
  228. Unboxing The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening’s Limited Edition
  229. Chinese Players Review Bomb Warframe
  230. 6 MORE Video Game Franchises that Devolved Over Time
  231. What are three of your favorite games of all time?
  232. Pay to Win Games
  233. Mixer Co-Founder James Boehm Announces Departure From Microsoft To Help With Gamer Ha
  234. 10 MORE Relaxing Tracks In Video Games
  235. Vigilance, Indie Cyberpunk Bounty Hunter Game Is Inspired By Prey 2 Prototype
  236. ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Comes to PC Next Month
  237. The Top 5 Classic Mega Man Games
  238. Sony Interactive Entertainment Reportedly Lays-off Staff While Working On PS5
  239. ‘Cat Quest II’ Coming to Consoles October 24th
  240. Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 Out on October 15th
  241. Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Delayed
  242. Feeling the Heat, Strolling the Streets, with Spirit Like a Dragon: What Makes Yakuza
  243. Naughty Dog: Deserving of Praise or Overhyped?
  244. New Video Covers PS5 Dev Kit Buttons, USB Ports And Design
  245. Let's play some Diablo 2!
  246. Do you know anyone personally who is into VR?
  247. ‘Narcos: Rise of the Cartel’ Release Dates Announced
  248. Console Mods
  249. When Does Realism Count?
  250. Kotaku Reels As G/O Media Forces Politics Out Of Deadspin And Staff Resigns