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  1. What are you listening to right now?
  2. Going to any Concerts/festivals?
  3. Who is your favorite singer and or musician?
  4. Eminem Question !
  5. The "old timer" effect
  6. Global Music
  7. Those Funny Songs You Use For Games
  8. Should more games have licensed music?
  9. How long can you go without music?
  10. What's everyone's opinion on Kanye West?
  11. Rate the Song Above You
  12. Rate the Song Above!
  13. Music you can't stand!
  14. Mainstream music?
  15. Is music addictive?
  16. Any Bone Fans here?
  17. Do you think Lady Gaga is overrated?
  18. Lenny Kravitz
  19. 90s Gangsta Rap
  20. LSS
  21. What kind of music do you not like?
  22. Unplugged
  23. Video Game Remixes?
  24. GameChops
  25. Music and Sleep
  26. Halloween Music
  27. Death of Tom Petty : Great loss to Rock music industry
  28. Music is the man's best creation
  29. What music puts you to sleep?
  30. What do you think of Justin Bieber?
  31. Can someone give me a good playlist?
  32. Overrated Songs of 2017
  33. Does rap music influence violence?
  34. Do frequencies influence emotions?
  35. Trap Music
  36. Top 100 is unrecognizable
  37. What Is Your Current Favorite Song?
  38. Parody Songs
  39. Does music change fashion or does fashion change music?
  40. Lesser-Known Indie Music
  41. Horror Music
  42. Best video game soundtrack?
  43. What's your favorite funny song or music video?
  44. Stereotyping through music
  45. A rise in Christians/God loving artists?
  46. Your favourite musicians in other languages.
  47. Best earbuds for music?
  48. Theme song to your life?
  49. Loud Music
  50. Your Headphones
  51. Metal
  52. Online music makers?
  53. Anyone a fan of Gorillaz?
  54. What happened to Hip Hop?
  55. Favorite covers?
  56. Force a listen....
  57. The 5-Piece Rock Band of Your Dreams
  58. Do you still buy CDs?
  59. How do you tend to discover new music?
  60. Are you a fan of Vaporwave?