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  1. Your Computer
  2. Are you obsessed with apps?
  3. What phone are you currently using?
  4. Wearable technology.
  5. The Voices That Guide You [Help Programs, GPS, Etc]
  6. Do you always update to the newest technology?
  7. The Post Your Background Thread
  8. Virtual Reality
  9. Word Processors: Which Do You Like?
  10. Custom PC?
  11. Ubuntu Vs. Windows
  12. IRC
  13. How long could you go without Internet?
  14. Anyone know about unlocked phones?
  15. Android or iOS?
  16. Best Free Anti-Virus
  17. Windows 10 Lite
  18. Bitcoins/Altcoins
  19. What would you say is a solid graphics card?
  20. Best Web Browser
  21. Apps
  22. Your early years on the Internet/Computor
  23. Should we take breaks from technology?
  24. What aspect of technology means the most to you?
  25. How soon do you think driverless cars will be viable?
  26. Do you use a password manager?
  27. Charging docks
  28. How do you cope without network coverage in some areas?
  29. Phone battery capacity vs RAM(Random Access Memory)
  30. Android phone Keypad vs Laptop Keypad ; Which one makes you faster in Typing?
  31. Flaws in Facebook Lite
  32. LG Party Speaker
  33. Thoughts on the iPhone X?
  34. Phone Buying Habits
  35. Keyboards keep "chipping"?
  36. Favourite Browser Extensions
  37. The Old Days of the Internet
  38. Do you still print off pictures?
  39. How much did you spend on your PC/Laptop?
  40. Google, Technology, Bias, and Censorship
  41. Justifying Costs?
  42. Charging dock ideas?
  43. Can someone ever compete with YouTube?
  44. How much do you pay for your internet connection?
  45. Apps for Investing?
  46. What do you use the most?
  47. What do you think the worst thing is about the amount of technology we have now?
  48. When will we make it to Mars?
  49. Discord?
  50. Will iOS ever be taken over?
  51. Smart Homes
  52. Hackers & Cameras
  53. Budget Mechanical Keyboard?
  54. Remember to save the internet!
  55. How much have you spent on technology, roughly?
  56. If technology makes most people less active, what are ways to correct this?
  57. Are Blu-rays going away?
  58. What is the deal with the LG smart fridge?
  59. Foldable Phones
  60. What are some items you wish they'd have a "smart" version of?
  61. Discord’s New Code Of Conduct Prohibits Using “Retard” And “Nigga” In Partnered Serve
  62. Scanners
  63. RaspberryPi
  64. Are computer LEDs worth it?
  65. Smerff Electrical Owner Reportedly Jailed For Nine Months For Not Censoring Websites
  66. UK TV Ad Banned
  67. Some older tech is better, at least to me it is!
  68. Tablet/e-reader....?
  69. What do you use to stay private?
  70. Bad tech experiences
  71. Pushing iPhone sales, really?
  72. Your Keyboard
  73. Anyone know a fair amount about smartphones?
  74. Looking to get a new mouse
  75. Where do you see technology going over the next 10 years?