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  1. Student Fee Protests
  2. Capital Punishment
  3. Protests in Egypt
  4. "Star" Preference
  5. Natural Disasters in Japan
  6. Genetically Modifying Children
  7. Should the picture of Osama bin Laden's corpse be public?
  8. Apocalypse Now. Uh, right?
  9. England riots
  10. What ever happend to Japan?
  11. What are your perspectives regarding death and life?
  12. Wikipedia Blackout.
  13. Do you believe in Qi?
  14. Could the world function if everyone had a super-power?
  15. Do you belive in nazi ufo ?
  16. Entertainment Biz Salaries
  17. Customs Charges
  18. Naruto and Inuyasha-Why were they so appealing?