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5th August 2011, 02:26 AM
Ok! Thinking about geting into better shape, im already average. a little light though, whats a good fast way to do it? I NEED TO GET BUFF! (ARM FLEXS!) because at school I have to beat my freind tyler(strong),jd(stronger),brandon(strongest) in arm wrestling and I cant even beat tyler yet!!!! and at dairy queen we dont stop at good enough, so how can I stay like that ( I dont want to be like some huge monster guy but still stronger than I am now ) On a secound note whats a good computer that can run games preety good and under $700 dollars?

8/4/11 Today I wrote a chapter of a Outlaw Star fanfic that has me in it lol its the first one ive wrote, Its kinda slow at the begining I know but i wanted to make it feel awkward like if you was talking to a stranger. *ACHIEVEMENT!* CLEANED AR-15 BY MY SELF! :D I just got this gun yesterday and grampa helped me with it because I dont have much experince with tactical weapons but I really like them, like a modern knights sword, infact the firing pin looks like a minuture lance. I named it Black Betty, but if she doesnt get the job done her sister will,Big Burtha( remington tactical 870 in atacs camo) Ive had the shotgun for half a year and i really like it, its rugged but still has that badass look to it, its nice and heavey feeling and easy to aim. I need some help I dont know what to do : try for Seal Team 6 or (if its even possible in my life time) travel space and explore it. but the thing about seal team6 is (NO OFFENCE TO ANY MILITARY, THEY ARE TO BE RESPECTED AND HONORED.) I serouisly dont want to work for this goverment and loose my personality. but I still want to go to new places and shoot things (basically all im good for lol)

8/5/11 Basically a boring day. not much went on here, and im out of bullets :'( I need more lead!!!!!! I wrote like half of a chapter of the fan fic, I may take it off and redo it though to get some more pratice so its actualy good lol. I started drawing again today I DREW SOLID SNAKE! :D (encounter theme)

8/7/11 Started BUFFING UP! >=] (random flexs) RAWR!.

5th August 2011, 02:47 AM
Good to see you started a journal, and good luck with your gaining journey. I need to lose a bit of weight myself and gain muscle in the process, so I guess my situation is a bit different to yours. That said, read some good books like The Slight Edge (it's very motivational) or ones more geared towards muscle gain. I have this one: http://www.amazon.com/Build-Muscle-Lose-Look-Great/dp/9963916309/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1312511813&sr=8-8

I'll admit I haven't read a lot of it yet but it seems like a great book and I'll be sure to invest more time into it when I have some kind of schedule sorted out. It has very good reviews, so I'd consider getting something like that. Otherwise, hit the gym or get exercise through other means. Since you want to gain muscle though, the gym's really your best bet. Don't just train your biceps though. I was told by a trainer that's a mistake many make, and you should focus on all muscle groups. Remember to rest. (You needn't go to the gym more than three times a week if it's intense weight training.) Basic advice, but that's the best I can give really.

As for computers, well, $700 isn't a huge budget. You'll need to define what you mean by "games". If you're looking to play very modern games, that's not really a suitable budget. Semi-modern games, I'm sure you could get something good for that. Or you could get a console like an Xbox 360 or PS3. You need to ask yourself what you really want to do and which is the best option for your money. The name of the gun reminded me of this... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os2ZkyyQ1Iw#t=551s)

I'm pretty jealous whenever I hear Americans talking about guns. I mean, I don't complete agree with the gun laws over there, but I'd sure love to fire one. I haven't checked out the fanfic yet admittedly, but I'll definitely take a look.

5th August 2011, 03:04 AM
Thanks alot,MANtis, il defintley check it out! I need to get a little stronger though. the thing is my genetics arnt very good I dont gain wieght very fast and I dont gain muscle fast, but im preety stout for my size, wrestling my friend brandon( a preety big dude dude compared to me, He wieghs like 230lb of muscle, he works on a farm, and i run around in the woods.) and I get him to tap out a couple of times, but its not like serouis fighting. AND GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FITNESS THING TO!! as games i mean like Dragon quest,mabigobi,maple story things like that

The Gun laws thing, I agree with you. some laws are needed like that massacre where the politcal person got shot, I think that guy had a 30round mag on his pistol, there is no need for that for a civilian, law inforcement mabye, Military i would want all i could get. ITS ALOT OF FUN TO SHOOT GUNS.

5th August 2011, 03:44 AM
Thanks, I'll do what I can. Be sure to post your progress updates. Ah, genetics. One of the many (much hated) wonders of life. Those games should be pretty easy to play. My PC is a Dell machine which I got for a little over 500 ($815). However, that was a year and a half ago so I reckon something with my machine's specs would go for under $700 now. Not to mention things are generally cheaper in America. My PC has an Intel i7 CPU, a half-decent graphics card and 3GB of RAM. Look for something like that which should easily meet your requirements.

Yeah, absolutely. Well, it looks fun to shoot guns. I was thinking of going to a shooting range somewhere in Europe. It's less expensive to travel of course.

5th August 2011, 04:15 AM
lol youl like it for sure!! I edited the fanfic a little the first ending of the chapter sucked so i changed it, Its not wrote in paragraphs and may be a lil hard to read. I have bad luck with computers im using my moms and we had a pc but i managed to break it..IT KEEP PISSING ME OFF BECAUSE THE DISK TRAY KEEPT GOING IN AND OUT FREEZING THE COMPUTER!! >< so i got rid of that lil annoyence hehehe..(psycho-grin)