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Heresiarch Grimm
1st September 2011, 09:51 AM
This is a diary, you know what a Diary is, right? Hopefully you do.

I'll list any interesting stuff that may occur in whatever day of whatever week in whatever month.

As for today:

I've finally finished my Starship Troopers Terran Ascendancy processing and almost done uploading (at time of writing, 10:48 AM GMT) and am looking forward to clearing 232gb of footage off of my HDD.

Later on I've gotta go do some Campaign thing involving Warhammer 40K and my Deathwing (Guys who are described as "Walking tanks" because of their sheer resiliance to damage and their ability to deal it)

What I'm listening to right now: Amon Amarth: Slaves of Fear 8-Bit (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYARAGvTyI0&feature=related)

I may have a recount of the campaign fight later should any interest in that specific area arise.

Good day.

Dr. Killjoy
1st September 2011, 08:09 PM
This topic needed some love. Looking forward to seeing how the campaign fight turns out.

1st September 2011, 08:21 PM
CamPaIgNinG AS usual I see? Well, I don't know what this Starship Troopers is, but I love the first film and the anime, although the game is on the crappy side. And don't get me started on the film sequels. Good luck with it, sir.

Heresiarch Grimm
1st September 2011, 08:48 PM
Warhammer 40K Bat.Rep:

550 Pts of Dark Angels Deathwing V 700 Points of Space Marines.

The mission was something involving capturing three objectives or holding more than the other person.

I got to deploy two, he deployed on. I stuck it next to a large building that blocked him from seeing it from 1/2 of his guys, the other had the same thing.

He naturally stuck his in with his guys.

Now, the thing about Deathwing is we're normally walking tanks. We wade through most enemy fire like it doesn't mean a thing. The Space Marine had brought anti-tank weaponry and Plasma cannons. Capable of killing 2 or more of my guys at once.

I have 11.

Turn 1: He gets first turn and my other Deathwing squad (5 guys) is going to teleport in when it's my turn. He tries to snipe my other Deathwing Squad and Belial (Commander of Deathwing). He screws all of his shooting up and it doesn't affect me. My guys appear and do nothing to him appart from wound his commander.

Turn 2: He batters the hell out of the newly arrived guys and reduces them to one man (They fear nothing, thus the survivor doesn't care) and does nothing to my other group.

I then respond by taking out two of his heavy weapons and a normal guy with a Missile Launcher that fires twice (Cyclone Missile Launcher).

Turn 3: He again tries to kill my lone guy but fails miserably on his Plasma Cannons. They all malfunction and kill two of his own people. He fails to hurt my guy as he then bombards the plasma cannons remaining alive and kills one.

Turn 4: Finally my lone Deathwing drops dead. We both still have one objective and if I tie the game then he doesn't gain any ground or bonuses.

Turn 5: He moves to take the objective I'm sat on and haven't moved off of the entire game. I promptly respond by using a chaingun and shredding three redshirts. The two remaining run away.

Final Turn: His Redshirts try and retake the objective but find themselves fist fighting my Commander who guts them alive. His heavy weapon guy finally snipes off a Deathwing terminator meaning I have 4 left. An Anti-tank rocket kills the next one. A gun that fires a beam that's as hot as the sun kills the next. I have two guys remaining.

But I still have the objective, the game ends a tie.

Leaving the Warhammer 40k Bat. Rep. I find myself trying to upload the last two parts of my SSTTA Let's Play. Once that's done I believe a reward is in order for myself.

If you could be anything in Starship Troopers (Could be a machine or ship. Doesn't have to be alive) what would you be and why?[hr]

CamPaIgNinG AS usual I see? Well, I don't know what this Starship Troopers is, but I love the first film and the anime, although the game is on the crappy side. And don't get me started on the film sequels. Good luck with it, sir.

What I'm listening to right now: Quest of the Manwhore (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zmZfoMkVt8)

Which game? The First Person Shooter or the Strategy game?

Dr. Killjoy
2nd September 2011, 01:04 AM
A tie's pretty impressive, considering the guy had 150 points on you. I just wish I could've seen his reaction when the plasma cannons blew up.

If I could be anything from Starship Troopers? Probably a military scientist. Blowing up bugs in relative safety for demonstration purposes, and developing new weapons that let me blow them up better? Oh yes.

Heresiarch Grimm
2nd September 2011, 08:11 AM
So I guess I'll do this in a Morning and Afternoon section kinda thing.

Well, I woke up to find the housemate's Praying Mantis (Stereotypical green one, no I don't know it's correct / latin name) ontop of my keyboard. Removing that without getting myself injured was fun.

(I'm currently working on a special thing to end the Starship Troopers Terran Ascendancy let's play, an idea that Dr. Killjoy gave me (Thanks) and I'm hoping it turns out ok.) This is incorrect. It's been finished.

Also, the best toasted sandwich in my opinion is where you get three slices of toast. On one side of two slices you put chocolate. Then on the last slice you put peanut butter on both sides and squish it together.

What I'm listening to right now: The neighbours swearing like mad at the chavs on the road / Good day to die (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIsv1YOFNys)

2nd September 2011, 02:14 PM
If you could be anything in Starship Troopers (Could be a machine or ship. Doesn't have to be alive) what would you be and why?

Probably a soldier in the power armour that was in the actual original book and the anime.


Which game? The First Person Shooter or the Strategy game?

FPS. It was a little crummy. Whilst I did hear about the RTS, I never played it. Also, that video you linked to is hilarious.

Heresiarch Grimm
2nd September 2011, 02:21 PM
If you could be anything in Starship Troopers (Could be a machine or ship. Doesn't have to be alive) what would you be and why?

Probably a soldier in the power armour that was in the actual original book and the anime.


Which game? The First Person Shooter or the Strategy game?

FPS. It was a little crummy. Whilst I did hear about the RTS, I never played it. Also, that video you linked to is hilarious.

Shamless plug: It's a good day to die SSTTA (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN2niS34M1o&feature=channel_video_title)

Yea, it was really disappointing the Marauder suits didn't appear until SST3 film wise. There's four depictions of Marauder suits though. (forgot that the Rougneck Chronicles had one and that technically the FPS has Marauder suits. That aren't really like normal Marauder suits.)

2nd September 2011, 02:28 PM
Pretty cool montage there. Though the music isn't half-bad, I'd rather gouge my eyes out than watch the third film, since the second was so atrocious I ended up refusing to finish it. And ah, so it's the RTS you've been referring to. It looks all right.

Heresiarch Grimm
2nd September 2011, 02:44 PM
Pretty cool montage there. Though the music isn't half-bad, I'd rather gouge my eyes out than watch the third film, since the second was so atrocious I ended up refusing to finish it. And ah, so it's the RTS you've been referring to. It looks all right.

Music came from SST3. The four depictions of the Marauder suits are the Novel, OVA for one of them, and the SSTTA game for the other. The Roughneck Chronicles shows a different Depiction of Marauder suits and the FPS just has a normal suit that's been decked out.

Heresiarch Grimm
2nd September 2011, 07:22 PM
Afternoon entry:

Well, the montage looks good in my opinion. Could do with better quality but hey, it's the best I can work with.

I reckon this Cave Story One Life Edition's going to head south amazingly fast as some of the boss fights are just flat out Touhou when it comes to projectiles.

Then there's others where I have a good shot at never getting hit.

As for other stuff, I found that the starburst Tongue Tangles taste horrible. One of them, the lemon and blueberry one, tastes like Head and Shoulders shampoo.

What I'm listening to: Slayer - Raining blood (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KsPZ1f7MDs)

Something that just occured. A few Chavs decided to egg my Housemate (I share my house with one other person, a close friend). HM took my Airsoft Pulse Rifle out and started yelling back at the chavs (swear words involved)

From what he's said, one of the Chavs pulled out a Leatherman. HM fired a single warning shot yet Leatherman chav (Sounds like a horror film) walked closer. In the name of self defence, HM fired a single Airsoft pellet into the testicles of said Chav.

So this brings about my question: Have you ever been in a situation like that where you're being threatened?

Dr. Killjoy
2nd September 2011, 10:52 PM
Man, I wish I could've been there to see that. I haven't even ever had to deal with chavs, but I've heard enough about them that I can't help but grin every time their stupidity backfires on them.

What is it with chavs and starting fights they can't finish, anyway?

Heresiarch Grimm
3rd September 2011, 10:03 AM
What I'm listening to: Dimmu Borgir - Burn in hell (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv3eg_ZROeQ)

Now that the WILT is out of the way, I can begin on what's occured this morning.

Recorded the next area in Cave Story. I'll admit, I got a bit reckless in some parts which is thanks to me getting the Fireball. This is one of those weapons that only allows a certain number of shots onscreen. Like the missile launcher.

My problem with these is, if I miss then I'm screwed. The fireball can do amazing damage when they all hit and I'm hammering the shoot button. As can the missiles. But if you miss, then you've lost some firepower and possibly just written a death sentance.

So far I've only come close to death once. I blame that on the "hover" physics though. If it was consistant then I wouldn't have been almost killed.

I digress.

Moving onto other waters, I'm almost done playing STALKER: Call of Pripyat. Once it's over I'll post what I think of it.

Heresiarch Grimm
4th September 2011, 09:39 AM
Alas, I forgot to post the Afternoon update yesterday. All it would've been was this:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat is almost the same as the other S.T.A.L.K.E.R games. The damage is realistic (One shot to the head on most things kills them), You need to eat every so often and the AI is actually pretty good (Most of the time).

What's good:
The AI got improved since Clear Sky. It doesn't just charge straight at you guns ablaze (or if it's a mutant, just charge) anymore. Each enemy has a specific way of working. Zombies still shamble towards you firing wildly whilst the Blind Dogs try and flank you and work like a pack. In Clear Sky they would form a line (Not joking) and charge at you.

Another good thing is the upgrade system. Now you don't have to go hunt down USB Flash drives for a single upgrade. Now you just have to find a toolkit (Basic, Fine and Calibration) to give to a Technician and he'll work on the stuff. Each Technician also has specialties like in the other S.T.A.L.K.E.R games.

Achievements. Some if not most of these actually add to the game. The Detective achievement gives you a small amount of medical supplies each day in your personnal locker in the Skadovsk, the first safe area in the whole game.

Emissions are still in. I don't know if they did this in other S.T.A.L.K.E.R games, I never bothered to check, but in Call of Pripyat an Emission has a chance of causing Anomaly sites to spawn more Artifacts.

What's not so good:

Some of the enemies were altered a bit too much. Blind Dogs now take either one shotgun blast (Any type) or two at point blank range to kill. Pseudogiants were given the ability to constantly emit radiation. Poltergeists and Pyrogeists work off of movement, meaning they can both be rendered useless by playing "What's the Time Mr.Wolf" with them.

Artifacts were downgraded aswell. In Clear Sky I remember the Bubble removing 6 rads a second. In Call of Pripyat it's 4. The Goldfish in Clear Sky added +20 Weight limit. In Call of Pripyat it's (I believe, never used it properly) +8 weight limit. Everything artifact wise was nerfed. I have no idea why. All the great ones in Clear sky are rare, they're still rare if not more rare in Call of Pripyat.

The Factions aren't as "YEA" as they were in Clear Sky. Most likely due to the removal of the Faction Wars thing that was in Clear Sky. The factions don't seem to do much and their only purpose is jobs and equipment.

In Clear Sky, each Faction had a nice thing to it. Duty specialised in heavy armour and Russian weapons (AKs mainly) and attachments for their guns. Freedom loved lightweight armour and sniper rifles. Bandits and Loners were almost the same, except Loners were better armed. This all showed in the Technician's skills and the shops.

Now the only time you get the feel of the Factions is in Yanov, where Duty and Freedom reside. Even then you have to errand run like mad for either side to get their faction's stuff and unless you get the Friend of Duty / Friend of Freedom achievement, some stuff can't be got easilly. There's also little faction interaction outside of safe areas. Bandits and Loners clash frequently due to their numbers but I haven't seen Duty fight Freedom ONCE outside of missions.

What's Bad:

I, for one, hated the removal of Faction Wars. It gave the game depth because in Clear Sky, people would hate you for being part of a group. It also let you know about their background and let you work with some of them. It added alot of extra things to do.

Some puzzles (Such as the Oasis) aren't clear AT ALL as to what you're meant to be doing. You have to try every single possibility before the game finally shows you what you're suppost to be doing.

The Endgame is either really easy, or really hard. If you've got an Exoskeleton kitted out to the max with sprinting, and have a weapon with target identification aswell as 2 Koboloks and 2 Bubbles, you can waltz through most areas absolutely fine. Hell, I had a pistol from Skadovsk that was like a sniper rifle because I focused on accuracy and it can one-shot anything with a headshot regardless of armour. (Sometimes takes two against Exoskeletons).

Achievments. I've already said this was great, why is it here? Well, there's an achievement called "The Hunter". It gives you small amounts of ammo in your Yanov personnal box. What's so bad about that? The ammo it gives you is AP 5.56x45 which is for NATO. Still don't see what's bad? It gives you two stacks of 30 rounds every day. That's 60 rounds every day and most NATO guns only have a 30 round magazine. By the time I tried to reach Pripyat, I had Strelok's SIG, upgraded completely (best accuracy it could have, best fire rate, best recoil reduction) and had it loaded with 2330 rounds of that AP ammo. I waltzed through the Pripyat area because I never ran out of ammo.

All in All, as much as I love Call of Pripyat (and I do love it) there's some things which strike me as it could've been better. Don't get me wrong, it is an amazing game. Just feels slightly worse than Clear sky to me.[hr]
What I'm listening to: Erectin' a River (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HjLN1TA3bc&feature=feedf)

Having made up for my forgetfullness I proceeded to watch Falling Skies. I must say that the first half is boring, the last half is interesting. Nothing else.

Going to record the next area in Cave Story (hopefully without any faults. I bet something will go wrong though) and there's a choice coming up. No-one can weigh in on it though. I know exactly what I need to clear the way to the hardest sections of the game.

Also, vanilla ice cream is horrible.

Heresiarch Grimm
4th September 2011, 06:25 PM
Afternoon post:

Just watched Doctor Who. Jesus it was bad.

Let's start off with the premise. Boy scared of stuff psychologically locks it into a wardrobe. Sounds solid.

Except the mother of the kid can't have kids. The Father didn't remember that because of TECHNOBABBLE (Perception filter, making you see whatever it wants you to see) TECHNOBABBLE. The Kid is actually an alien that looks for foster parents of any race and changes them to what the parents want.

Yea, that's convoluted.

Gets better. The wardrobe is in the same room as the "kid". SMART MOVE PARENTS. What makes this *even* better is the fact that anything the kid fears is in a dolls house.

So Hijinks start when the Doctor and friends end up inside the Dolls House because the "kid" is scared of them, and the foster father (mother is convieniantly working during the entire episode, save the start and finish). What're the main villains in this episode? Wooden dolls that can turn you into more wooden dolls. By placing their hand over your chest.

How is this episode resolved? The "kid" opens the wardrobe himself, appears within the Dolls house and it's revealed the fears started and got worse because the foster parents were thinking of sending him away somewhere (never said where. It could be Disneyland for all the kid knows) so the father has to say he'll never abandon him.


What I'm listening to: Some Scout Bonk song of I'm Blue (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52-HWhvAMm4&feature=fvwrel)

So today has taught me that everything goes bad at some point. Cave Story I messed up alot in, hopefully that'll iron itself out. I intend on recording my practice run of the one time I'm allowed. First, I have to re-train myself in the use of the Booster 2.0

Also, never eat Lasagne and Jacket Potatoe. It goes together horribly.

Heresiarch Grimm
5th September 2011, 03:05 PM
Sorry about no morning update. Was busy playing Moo. Mainly so I can be of greater help in the Let's Play, but also because I can make it like Starship Troopers.

So to cover for the morning update, Here's the WILT: X-COM 3: Kill them ALL (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Miho2Db2wWM&feature=relmfu)

I wont be able to do the usual Morning Afternoon updates for a while (Until weekends) but that just means the update will usually be longer.

Actual afternoon update comes later.

As of right now I'm busy laughing at the fact that a group of Mrrshan had 300+ fighters, 21+ destroyers, 14+ bombers and 5 Colony Ships geared for war, and my fleet of A Single HUGE ship, 6 large bomber types and 114 small varients of it just roflstomped it into the ground. And they were protecting the only planet they ever captured throughout the entire game.


Dr. Killjoy
5th September 2011, 04:28 PM
Awesome, someone else has gotten addicted to Master of Orion!

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Heresiarch Grimm
5th September 2011, 08:39 PM
Well I'll start this off by saying that Mozilla Firefox is a massive bag of ****. I have never had so many problems with one program, than trying to play Moo : Adventures of the lethal abominable space cows (MALASC for short) and look at Dr. Killjoy's thread on Masters of Orion Are Constantly Fighting Space Birds and selling various different types of space narcotics to not-Sectoids in the hopes they don't try and kill us too.

C++ Runtime library errors every time. Eventually I found that Internet Explorer gladly opens the page for me and thus, I had found my source of entertainment in the form of glorified bird killings to propogate the advancement of human ingenuity for the sole purpose of killing other things better. It was with my severe disappointment in the mental arithmatic and intellecutal thinkings of the birds that they decided to attack a planet that was of little or no use to such an advanced space fairing cuisine that was hunted down by one Colonel Sanders during the great chicken run of 3012

This inexplicable display of atrocious use of tactics has opened up a viasge of the birdman's tactic. They will flock like their ascendants to a single point enticed by the hopes that this rock will be the blessing on which all birds shall rise through the stars and beyond to scream varying noises of adjustable volumes down upon those who can't hear them due to their Iphone 33s and the general ignorance of humankind towards outstandadly silly situations.

My PC has also made funny noises recently, so if I suddenly disappear without trace for a while it's because my PC decided that it just can't take it anymore and electrocuted the Master HDD (And 500gb of data) in an effort for a holiday.

What I'm Listening to Right now: Amon Amarth : Death In Fire (Audio Only) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31BfB671_cQ)

Question: How would you like to die?

Dr. Killjoy
5th September 2011, 09:37 PM
I'll continue to fight the good fight. Humanity will not lose to space chickens!

Answer: Very, very suddenly. And when I'm old, too.

6th September 2011, 12:46 PM
I've not been Firefox's biggest fan for quite some time. Firefox only remains popular because of its Apple-like movement it created in 2004. Firefox t-shirts, Firefox coasters, Firefox... hot air balloons? Yes, they had to resort to those measures to get their annoying and often (often due to the users rather than the developers) pompous messages across.

Well, guess what? Internet Explorer recently scored higher in the Acid3 tests, yet, brainwashed fools continue to carry their torches and give anybody who uses IE a whole load of verbal abuse. I'd surely agree back in the days of IE6, and even now I'd probably recommend a better browser, but that's where it ends. It's the end user's choice. Speaking of better browsers, let's talk abut Chrome and Opera. Chrome is certainly growing in terms of its extension support. Both don't have many memory leak problems, yet Firefox has had more of these than I could possibly care to remember. Move on, people.

The only thing Firefox has going for it, aside from the beliefs of its delusional fanbase, is some extensions that Chrome/Opera lack. Otherwise I just can't see the point Frankly, people should stop fapping to the fox, wake up, and smell the coffee. However, as with Apple loyalists, Firefox loyalists don't really bother me that much if they don't impose their views on other people. I only really talk about browsers when I enter a pre-existing argument. :P Right, that's my browser venting over.

Heresiarch Grimm
7th September 2011, 04:00 PM
What I'm listening to: Amon Amarth - Destroyer of the Universe (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zG_FiH9IMk)

Yesterday I didn't post an update. The reason is because I wanted to finish Master Of Orion. That was going to be the theme of yesterday's update but something near the end of it made me change my mind.

See, Master of Orion is a good game. It's made my Microprose, the guys who did the X-COM series. That right away for me is reassurance that they probably got this right.

The game's alot of fun when you know what you're doing and it can be quite challenging too. The thing that guards Orion uses Endgame technology and thus is incredibly dangerous to anything that crosses it's path.

But the endgame is where I felt it lacking. I'm about to play through it again at a higher difficulty and with two races rather than one. The end of my first game resulted in the Humans failing to make a ship that could match my endgame ship.

Anyway. Cave Story wont be touched till Saturday. On Saturday it will all be recorded and start processing. Videos will appear either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

Dr. Killjoy
7th September 2011, 07:04 PM
Yeah, that always was one problem with Master of Orion - the end is pretty much always going to be anticlimactic, because by the time you get there you already control 99% of the factories in the galaxy.

Heresiarch Grimm
9th September 2011, 09:50 PM
What I'm listening to right now: Dimmu Borgir: Burn in Hell (Cover) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv3eg_ZROeQ)

So tomorrow I record what may be the last session of Cave Story.


Well, no. I'm looking forward to recording it but not ending it, if you catch my meaning. I will attempt the Sacred Grounds for definiate aswell as the special area before the Balcony.

After this? I'll see about recording a game called 1213. I quite like that game despite the difficulty of the bosses.

But afterwards I have no idea. I've got no clue for a new project Let's Play wise. One hand has Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars, a turn based GBA game that I love to bits but never finished. The other hand has S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky or Call of Pripyat. I'm hesitant on these two due to the sheer requirements of getting them to run flawlessly, let alone record it. There's also apparently issues trying to record it with FRAPS running before the game is.

But suppose that the hands are two sides of a coin. It can also theoretically land on it's edge, the rim of the coin itself. Suppose it does that, what would the result be? Well, Battleships Forever comes to mind (I'd have to check for the most recent version but I heavily doubt it's been updated. Game's pretty much dead) as does another favourite of mine, DooM 3. Nexus, the Jupiter Incident's another game I like but is amazingly hard in the main part of it.

Starship Troopers: FPS is the final idea I can think of that I'd be willing to do. Another game I've never completed but I got damn far.

So here's my question, what should I do next? STALKER would take a while, both gameplay and editing wise, but would be alot of fun to pull off (Heck of alot of interaction on this one) but the length of the game might put you all off (Could be 60+ videos to do the entire game of Clear Sky or Call of Pripyat decently and without dying every 10 minutes).

So there, the question has been place. Out of the following, which would you want to see me Let's Play next and why?

Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky or Call of Pripyat
Battleships Forever
DooM 3
Nexus, the Jupiter Incident
Starship Troopers

Dr. Killjoy
9th September 2011, 09:52 PM
I'll vote for ZoE:FoM, since I haven't seen you do a strategy RPG yet.

Heresiarch Grimm
10th September 2011, 07:17 PM
The vote thing will stay open (And appear as the question) until both games are done (most likely next wednesday).

As for today.

I bought black fabrics today and a baseball hat, a black one at that. The reasons for this will hopefully become apparent sometime soon (Killjoy should hopefully remember the reasons why I've got black fabric and a black baseball hat).

What I'm Listening To : Rammstein: Waidmanns Heil (Huntman's Greeting) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txtkw_IgYgg)

I have infront of me a red plastic suitcase about 30cm wide, 8 cm tall and 10 cm long. It's in a rectangular shape incase you were wondering.

"What's in the suitcase" you may not be thinking. Well it contains the most infuriating thing I can think of that's ever been concieved. It tears families appart despite it being a family activity. It causes stingy people to cry horribly. It makes the homeless have hope when they see what they've got.

It is of course Monopoly. The suitcase is a travel version of the rage enducing boardgame that makes everyone threaten someone with a kitchen knife or other sharp object lying convieniantly next to their hand. A game where you have to deliberatly screw people over in order to win.

Why do I have it? I have no clue. It came in the mail for me. By in the mail, I mean I found it jammed in my letterbox. This isn't the first time I've recieved something like this. I also got Summoner 2 for PS2 like this aswell as Command and Conquer Generals: Deluxe Edition.

Some other items I've had given to me anonymously includes a box of 20 condoms, a protractor, a tape measure, a paintbrush, a tv remote and a letter from Jehova's Witnesses asking me if I want to become one.

I don't know if it's just where I live that does this, but random stuff ends up shoved through my letterbox like a fat guy trying to reach the bottom of the cookie jar.

So my question is this: Have you ever received something through the letterbox that makes no sense?

Also I'm still open for suggestions on what game to Let's Play out of the following:

Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky or Call of Pripyat
Battleships Forever
DooM 3
Nexus, the Jupiter Incident
Starship Troopers

At the moment only ZoE has a vote for it. This will again be done in video format but then, they all will be. As I said at the start of the post, the suggestion voting thing will probably end next Wednesday.

Dr. Killjoy
10th September 2011, 07:56 PM
I wish anonymous people would randomly give me free stuff. So, yeah, my answer to the question is "no."

Looking forward to all of these upcoming LPs, particularly ZoE and STALKER.

Heresiarch Grimm
10th September 2011, 08:16 PM
I wish anonymous people would randomly give me free stuff. So, yeah, my answer to the question is "no."

Looking forward to all of these upcoming LPs, particularly ZoE and STALKER.

ZoE is one that'll take a while to figure out how to record. If FRAPS likes it then I'll use that. If Hypercam has to record it I pray I don't have to change any settings.

Heresiarch Grimm
11th September 2011, 08:16 PM
What I'm Listening To: Anubis: Zone Of The Enders - Beyond The Bounds (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UePTTAn1FMY)

Cave Story One Life Edition is over. Next I get to try and record all of Twelve Thirteen. Hopefully I can.

Voting and such remains open until Wednesday.

Doctor Who made no sense again. Nothing new there.

As for today's topic. That remains to be the discussion of a thing called Skulltag. Specifically, ZDoom Wars (Yea, try and figure THAT one out). Even more specifically, Team Zdoom Wars.

Let's start from the beginning. ZDoom Wars is a ZDoom and Skulltag mod (WAD) that enables people to command armies of monsters from each respective DooM Engine game. That would be DooM, Heretic, Hexen and Strife. Chex Quest is also added and for some reason so is Virus.

I know that BaronofStuff has played ZDoom Wars before and that he dislikes it because of how it's played.

I find the game has a severe Love-Hate relationship going on. In some cases what you want to work will work, in other cases you'll find your Melee only units not attacking the thing you spawn them next to which is usually a Player. Instead they run the Triathalon to attack that drone / commonus / imp / afrit / zombieman at the OTHER end of the map.

I recall far to many situations where the Melee units have been unable to reach something and haven't changed target to the Player pushing them off of whatever place they're stood on.

I digress. It can be a fun game. Emphasis on CAN.

As for Team ZDoom Wars... That can either be fun or the equivilant of having every nail torn out whilst your hands are being Band-sanded down to the bone during a Tripanning session.

Example. I was in a match of 4V4. We were on a map where there's a prominant position that's hard to get to and quite good to defend and attack from.

At the start of the match I tell the entire team what we're going to do (2 of the 3 asked what the plan was, the 3rd was busy messing around with controls to realise what I typed there and then so I re-sent it).

So what happened? They ignored it. One of them went off and fought two people at once, lost, ran away and blamed me for not helping whilst I was tied up trying to help the two people near me get out of a sticky situation.

It gets better as that one person who decided that I was the Anti-christ in this situation immediatly from that point on made it his life's mission to tear appart the battlefield and go straight for me. This was evidenced in the 2nd match on a different map. On this one he laughed and mocked the fact I died.

...After 20 minutes. The Average Lifespan of a ZDoom Wars Player is 0-8 minutes. Some last as long as 14 in a 4v4 match but it's rare to see it go past that.

How had we survived so long? Everyone listened to me and we dug our heels in hard in the only position we had. When I died, the remaining 2 started dying (Our third had to go mid-match).

So this goes to serve two purposes: One, I know exactly what I'm doing most of the time. Two, Skulltag is full of numbnuts who have no idea how to work in a team situation in a Real Time Strategy setting.

Question: Have you ever injured yourself in a stupid way? I for one have closed a door on myself and that resulted in a bloodied nose.

And as usual, here's the Let's Play list:

Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky or Call of Pripyat
Battleships Forever
DooM 3
Nexus, the Jupiter Incident
Starship Troopers

At the moment only ZoE has a vote for it. Though I'm not surprised that no-one else has posted a suggestion. It looks like it'll be Zone Of The Enders at this rate.

Heresiarch Grimm
12th September 2011, 07:22 PM
What I'm Listening To: Blind Guardian - Sacred Worlds (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MLmdm3nKIs)

So yet ANOTHER Let's Play is being done by me ( Cave story was my first to appear here. Starship Troopers came before that but never spoken about here) and this one will be fairly short (I predict no more than 14 parts) and hopefully interesting.

Moving onto today's topic, it's another DooM Mod. A Skulltag one called Ghouls V Humans. Let's begin

Ghouls V Humans started out as Ghoul's Forest. The idea was that a badly sprited disembodied head would chase you around at a speed equal to your fastest running spead and would try and eat you. You had to kill it.

Quite fun and challenging.

Then Ghoul's Forest 2 came along. This time a flying disembodied head that made screaming noises chased you and every time you damaged it, it would disappear. What made this ghoul worse was the fact it had Noclip and that the game could be extremely drawn out simply by running out of shotgun ammo.

But Ghoul's Forest wasn't finished just yet. Cutman Mike, the creator, released Ghoul's Forest 3. This included four ghouls. Three new and the one was from Ghoul's Forest 2. This time you had a bow and arrow instead of conventional firearms.

The first ghoul would be randomised. It could be a disembodied head (Wow, common theme here) that "jittered" around and would try to swallow you whole. The other was a ghost of sorts that was incredbly small and almost blended into the fog on the floor. This one had the possibilites of charging straight at you when injured or running away.

When all three ghouls are killed (Ghouls' forest 2 + THe ghost and swallow whole head) you would fight the fourth.

Now this is my main problem with the game. I can never hit her. Even when I hit the 4th ghoul, it doesn't register and I end up dying. But hey, Dying's normal right?

Cutman Mike thought it'd be a great idea to make it so that when you die to this 4th ghoul you'd see Aborted babies, severed heads (Severed head fetish springs to mind here) and the usual assortment of "scary" images.

The heads I understand same with the images. But why the Aborted Babies? That's not needed at all. I've never played a horror game and demanded that Aborted Babies be shoved in my face everytime I die. No, just no.

And then a Multiplayer version of this Ghoul's Forest came out. Sjas (GF2), Choke (GF1), Jitterskull (GF3) and Creeper (GF3) were the Ghoul team (no surprise) and the Humans had a Marine (GF1+2), Hunter (GF3) and a Cyborg who never appeared in any of the games but WHY NOT.

Humans get a guy with magical bow and arrow attacks, a guy with firearms and grenades and a FLYING ROBOT WITH PLASMA that can regenerate ammo.

Ghouls get an army of 1-hit-kill ghouls. One can become invulnerable and reflective but can't move. One can fire a 1-hit kill gravity effected "bloodball", one teleports and effectivly has Noclip since his movement's never affected by terrain and the last can stop you from moving and then kill you which refills all of it's HP.

You can just tell that balance was a key thing here.

It got worse. New classes were added. Frostbite, a guy for the ghouls who has bouncing ice breath that can go through people and he himself as regenerating armour. Humans got Santa at first who fired snowballs, threw hollies and shot stars at ghouls. Then it got replaced with the Engineer who fired nails, threw sawblades and shot balls of magma and rock at ghouls.

And now even more classes have been added. Each more overpowered than the last. Want a ghoul that doesn't have to see someone to hit them? They made a ghoul that can turn invisible and fire shots that don't care about terrain and deal immense damage when they hit.

Want a human that can one-shot kill almost every ghoul? There's a melee class that has a hammer attack which sends lightning out across the floor. HP drops fast.

And yet, for all it's unbalances I still play it. Why? Because it's a great time waster.

So my question is this: Have you ever done something you know is horrible / bad but you needed to pass the time somehow?

And as usual, here's the Let's Play list:

Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky or Call of Pripyat
Battleships Forever
DooM 3
Nexus, the Jupiter Incident
Starship Troopers

ZoE is still the only thing that has a vote for it.

Heresiarch Grimm
13th September 2011, 09:21 PM
What I'm listening to: A shameless plug that you've all probably heard (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilv3okKTiAg&feature=channel_video_title)

1213's coming along greatly. It'll be finished tomorrow. Since no-one's put any input in at all asides from Killjoy I might aswell plow straight into ZoE once 1213's done.

Today's topic?

I was stood behind an old lady talking to the shop clerk. I was stood there with a packet of Millionaire Shortbread in my hand (Shortbread, caramel and then chocolate going up in that order). It took a whole 6 minutes before I could buy what I wanted.

What took so long? The old lady was talking about how bruised her arm was after it was in a sling.

Now it's bad enough when they talk for a bit. A minute is how long it usually lasts. 6 minutes? That's absurdly long and shows the lady is clearly lacking someone to talk to.

I then had to go back in later to buy birthday cigars (I don't smoke but the person who does sees it as a celebration worthy thing to smoke a cigar on someone's birthday) and the same old lady was stood there. She had trapped a different shop clerk this time and was talking about the EXACT SAME thing as she had done earlier in the day.

Now this really got me thinking. Is she craving attention? Does she love spreading the story about her ravaged arm because of a sling? Is she bored and wondering how many people she can tell the same thing to before they start blanking her out?

So aptly, the question today is this: Has anyone you don't know walked up to you and talked about something uninteresting?

Heresiarch Grimm
14th September 2011, 05:22 PM
Well, 1213's over and done with.

Just gotta upload all of it now and press onwards into Mars

Heresiarch Grimm
15th September 2011, 07:25 PM
What I'm Listening To: Nickelback (yea, I listen to them): Money Bought (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opZ66WxClJ0)

I regret not posting anything of decent (HAH) length yesterday. Unfortunatly I was busy finishing 1213 and getting all that done.

So, Today's topic. Ice cream.

Now, for those who have a Tesco near them, they'll be able to comment on this easier than those who do not. Tesco do their "own brand" stuff that's usually abysmal.

There's two icecream tubs I find that "break the mould". This is Cherrylicious and some sort of Caramella thing. The Cherrylicious uses actual black cherries in whole throughout the icecream with cherry sauce added in. It's amazing to eat, especially with strawberry or raspberry sauce (not all raspberry sauces though. Some are too strong) what's more is that because fruit's involved, you can get away with eating it because it contributes to the 5-a-day thing that's going on here in the UK (unaware if it's occuring overseas anywhere).

The Caramel (can never spell that word. If I have, it looks wrong) one for some bizzare reason uses Toffee chunks in it aswell as caramel. These work nicely together and tastes quite good. Add Toffee sauce or chocolate sauce and away you go. Toffee tends to work better in my opinion than chocolate.

Now, this afternoon I put the two together and had two bowls. One had strawberry sauce, the other had Dark Chocolate in it.

Starting with the Strawberry sauce, Caramel and Cherry icecream bowl. It tastes nice, really nice. Some toffee chunks get flavoured cherry and I myself love anything cherry flavoured so this made the dish much more enjoyable. The caramel was a bit "meh" after having the Cherry ice cream but the strawberry sauce might've had a hand in that.

As for the Dark Chocolate (which sounds like a stupid idea)...

It was quite good. Better than the Strawberry. The bitterness of the Dark Chocolate and the black cherries melded together nicely. And it did the same with the Caramel.

Then I had a brainwave, albeit an incredibly silly idea at that. I own chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, Dark chocolate, toffee and vanilla sauce. I took a scoop of each ice cream and placed into a bowl. Then I unleashed a bukkake of sauces down upon the unsuspecting balls of ice cream and lavished them with the gooey yet tasty liquids before I let them melt a bit.

The result of this Diabetic's Heart Attack orgy was this. It started tasting bland and horrible but suddenly my tastebuds were drop kicked to the moon and back as I suddenly liked the taste of it. I can't explain it at all other than it makes no sense (as does this entire post) but none-the-less it still tasted amazing.

Morel of the story. Ice cream tastes nice but it's subject to opinion.

So obviously the question is: Have you ever eaten something you thought would be a bad idea?

15th September 2011, 07:58 PM
Haha, sweet post. I guess there's a pun in that, and I'm going to typically state that the pun wasn't intended. (In most cases, the pun is.) Indeed, I have created my own concoctions, though most made sense, such as a milkshake consisting of many chocolates and ice cream/full cream milk. However, I do believe I tried a Haribo milkshake at ShakeAway, and I wasn't sure how a milkshake that mostly consisted of gelatine sweets would turn out. In fact, I thought I wasted my money until it was prepared and I tasted it. Quite tasty.

Heresiarch Grimm
17th September 2011, 09:17 PM
What I'm Listening To: Europe: The Final Countdown (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcJ-wNmazHQ)

Today's topic is Carnivals and Fairs.

There's no point to them. Seriously. If I want to be mobbed by people then I'll go outside dressed up as Jesus Christ and carry a Crucifix.

I bring this up because I was stuck at a Carnival for 6 hours. There was nothing to do and the reason I couldn't leave was because they closed EVERY road leaving the town.

So I had the joys of 10-20 kids dressed up in bin bags and facepaint walking around with some pirates aswell. 12-15 yr olds trying to look "cool" by shotting some form of alcoholic drink which could've been water for all I know (Blackadder springs to mind here. Doubt anyone'll get what I'm hinting at). Gypsies were there too, selling stuff I can buy in a poundland. How much were they charging? More than poundland. Let's just leave it at that.

And the food. Hotdogs, burgers and that's pretty much it. All of them were almost cooked but not quite. They didn't use charcoal for cooking the food, nor a cooker of any sort.

They used an open fire with wood and sticks.

Just because I can go back to a time without such marvelous inventions as Electricity and Charcoal and Barbeques doesn't mean I want to. If I want to eat food from an open fire with wood and sticks then I'll get some marshmallows and burn my mouth to hell and back.

The rides were bland. Typical suspects of Ghost Train, "roller coaster" (goes up about 0.5m, around in a semi-circle in a distance of 3m, back down 0.5m and goes forward 1m. It does this 4 times).

Oh and there just had to be the rigged Cork-gun game. Shoot a target, win money. This was, as you can assume, ran by Gypsies.

The idea is this. You pay 2, you get three shots. If you hit something you get either 5, 10 or 20. How they rig it is one of two ways. Both of which can be combined.

1) The cork gun fires in a non-straight line. This can be because sights aren't aligned, Cork is put in funny or the gun is tampered with to fire at an odd angle.

2) The targets don't fall down. This can be because of super glue, duct tape, lollipop sticks and in one case I found that they'd used stale and / or burnt sausages to keep the targets up.

In short, Carnivals and Fairs aren't that entertaining unless you appreciate being bumped around by loads of people who aren't paying attention. IF you like that sort of thing, go find a Moshpit.

My question however is this: What's the worst (and best if such a thing exists) carnival or fair experience you've had and why?

17th September 2011, 09:21 PM
Blackadder's Bowel-Basher.

Best 'carny' experience I had was one where I was pissed and didn't pay for a damn thing.

Some girls are desperate. I mean, they'd have to be if they paid for all that shit, only for me to wander off at the end of the night. Yes, I do still speak to her.

Dr. Killjoy
17th September 2011, 10:08 PM
All the roads closed?

All of them?

Sounds more like Silent Hill than a carnival.

Heresiarch Grimm
19th September 2011, 07:31 PM
What I'm Listening To: Something that's actually relevant (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayb9v_Ycqq4)

So, as you may have noticed there's been no Seminary update since the 17th.

Why is that? Well, allow me to show you.

I do Warhammer (all three. 40K, Fantasy and Lord of the Rings) and this saturday (25th September) is Games Day UK at the NEC. What it is for those who don't know is a large gathering of (mainly male) people inside of the NEC at Birmingham (place in england) to look at any new Warhammer stuff that's coming up, meet authors of any books aswell as the 'Eavy Metal team which have painted every model you find in any codex or rulebook themselves and get paid to do it (I've seen the collection within the Games workshop HQ in Nottingham) and they are amazing.

Also at this event is Golden Demon. A painting competition with varying categories. Some 40K, some Fantasy and some Lord of the Rings.

Now. I'm going to Games Day and I intend to enter the Lord of the Rings golden demon Character category.

What follows is my entry. The first image is the thing painted black. The second is the almost finished result. Just need to add a skull on the bottom and paint the base itself aswell as adding gray basalt.



so, thoughts on the painting? Doesn't matter if you've never heard of nor seen this sort of thing before. General thoughts would be nice.

OH, And the prize for winning ANY Golden Demon category? A trophy. There's also a "Best painter" reward of a special sword. A full sized sword.

Dr. Killjoy
19th September 2011, 07:37 PM
Really hoping you win the Golden Demon, especially since weaponry is involved as a prize! Be sure to let us know in an update how it turns out.

Heresiarch Grimm
23rd September 2011, 08:13 PM
What I'm Listening To: Enter Shikari: Sorry You're Not A Winner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muh9Vxqlu8A)

Today's theme is slightly off topic from the usual day to day occurences in that this is something that's upcoming.

X-COM Enemy Unknown / X-COM UFO Defense depending on nationality and region.

Let's back this up a second for those who've never heard of Dr.Killjoy for what ever bizzaro reason.

Way back when, Dr.Killjoy did a screenshot Let's Play of X-COM Terror From The Deep. A game that's notorious for being incredibly hard becuase of a glitch from the first game, Enemy Unknown.

The hardest difficulty, or any difficulty for that matter, reset itself to Beginner when you reloaded a save. People weren't always aware of this glitch and the complaint of ease went through to Microprose, who also made the Master of Orion game. As a result of this complaint they raised the difficulty in Terror From The Deep.

Weapons became less accurate, only worked under certain circumstances (though this was also related to the fact that Terror From The Deep mainly took place underwater). Aliens became tougher to kill as they had more hp, more accuracy and more armour. One enemy in particular is famous for it's notoriety within TFTD and that would be the Lobsterman. He's tough normally but the game also likes abusing multipliers. The direct result of this is that certain weapons do even WORSE than they should do.

I digress, back to Killjoy.

His screenshot Let's Play was nothing short of great. The community got involved and fun was had by all. Baron submitted "artwork" for the topic and a gallery was made. If for some reason you've not read this topic I highly suggest you hunt it down right now before continuing.

Have you done that and read it all? Good.

BaronofStuff also tried his hand at the X-COM malarky. He elected to do UFO: Alien Invasion which is a third party freeware game based heavilly off of X-COM UFO Defense / Enemy Unknown. I myself have played Alien Invasion and think it's an abysmal game.

We're not here for my opinion on that however. We're here about how Baron's Alien Invasion ties in with the topic.

Well, the general similarity is that it's Killjoy's TFTD topic, but done on a different game. Fun was had by all and he hasn't finished it (hiatus can be a bastard sometimes). Hopefully he will, someday. Maybe.

Now, Killjoy was going to do UFO: Enemy Unknown (it has several names. I wont stick to just one) however I seem to have, through means I can't recall, have stolen the Let's Play for myself.

Baron caught wind of this and laid down these three rules:

1) Don't put him on the frontline. It's not correct in anyway shape or form because he appears in TFTD.

2) It must be like Killjoy's TFTD topic in that the forum can interact with the Let's Play.

3) It must be in video format (I believe that's what he said. This is the only one I'm a bit iffy on recalling).


1) That's fine by me.

2) That was the intention.

3) I do video anyway.

The X-COM let's play wont be appearing for quite a while. ZoE is only 1/3 done. I'm doing both paths though I may speed up the updating process to get around to this.

So my question for the few (or many, I have no idea) people who read this would happen to be the following:

Do you think I should do the X-COM Let's Play, or hand it back over to Killjoy for him to do whenever? If I was to do it, would you interact with it?

Dr. Killjoy
23rd September 2011, 08:53 PM
First off, thanks for recommending my TFTD topic =D

Second, you should be the one to do the UFO Defense LP. While I had a lot of fun with TFTD, I want to hand this one off to you for several reasons:

1) Much as I enjoyed being the Chief Commander Overlord of X-Com, I'd like to see classic X-Com from the other side of the equation too. Being sent into battle with fellow OLSUKers, rooting for everyone to survive (although knowing they probably won't), seeing what fan contributions I can make out of the situations that arise, etc.

2) To be honest, I'm not really sure I'd be up to doing another X-Com LP. TFTD was a lot of work, and it was very involved - making sure I screencapped all the important moments (and often redoing a section if I failed to), cropping and saving the screencaps, making notes so I knew what was going on in certain ones, coming up with something funny or worthwhile to have below them when I posted them...I ended up doing this for over 900 images, and I'm already up to another 400 on Orion. I could use a break, and so could my PRTSC key.

3) I want you to have the chance to do one of the classic X-Com games, since you're the only one here who has anything resembling my obsession with them. OLSUK's already seen what I can do with X-Com, they should see what someone else can do with it too.

And finally, I would definitely interact with it. I'll volunteer for the frontline! I'll use my MSPaint skills to make fan "art!" Why? Because I know how important it is - the feedback I got, mostly from Nix and Baron, was what motivated me to plow through 900 screenshots of TFTD. Second, I lack the willpower to ever resist anything X-Com related.

Heresiarch Grimm
24th September 2011, 08:55 PM
Departing for Games Day UK and Golden Demon. I have to be up at 2:00 in the morning, dressed and prepped

I'll post a recount of the day here, hopefully with pictures.


Dr. Killjoy
25th September 2011, 03:59 AM
Good luck!

If you get the sword, pics are mandatory.

25th September 2011, 10:53 AM
Have fun.

Heresiarch Grimm
25th September 2011, 09:16 PM
What I'm Listening To: Isengard Theme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXVtpOHQqvY)

So, let's start this from the beginning.

I got up at 2:00 AM, posted here that I was going games day. That should be straight forward enough.

Turned up at the store to find that people clubbing earlier were still wandering around. One of whom was a teacher I knew. Now I'm not sure if anyone's ever seen this happen but the instant I called her by her name she instantly had a look of "Oh god no" on her face and throughout her voice.

We also had a drunk guy walk up to us and ask why we're stood around at 12:45 AM. He glanced at a non-existant watch before doing so. Right outside the store are some metal pillars.

Drunk guy, metal pillars. Hmm...

I heard a nice crack of his head hitting the pillar and a bang of him hitting the floor. If anything could forshadow today then this was indeed it.

Waiting inside the store now and two parent looking people walk up and scream through the door "FORUMLA 2011?!" at us. Store manager opens the door and politely tells them that they're at the wrong store. Two drunk girls turned up shortly afterwards asking for a haircut.

The only things we have that can cut hair are Hobby knives and wire cutters. If you ever want a haircut from either of those then something's gone wrong.

Just as we head for the coach to head to the NEC someone tries to start a fight with one of the big guys in the store. We walk out the door, drunkard storms towards us and as Paul (big guy incase you're confused) turns towards him and walks straight at him the drunkard decides he wants to live and quickly turns around.

On the coach, driving off we see Drunkard fighter setting up camp (quite literally) outside the shop.

Upon getting there we noticed a large Drop pod (google is your friend) outside the enterance and as usual we were bagchecked. I am at that moment in time wearing a Ringwraith costume (and as of this moment in writing it feels like I still am) and didn't really have a bag on me.

Entered that Ringwraith for the golden demon for two reasons. A) To see how well it does and B) We get in 30 or so minutes before everyone else.

Done deal.

In the que to enter the LG Arena (first major area with all the seating I believe) and look through the window to my right to see a teenager in a trench coat fast asleep on a beanbag. Naturaly, I dressed as I am, decided to stand next to the window and stare at him. Sure enough, when people started yelling and bantering the general area he woke up.

And promptly had a heart attack.

About 10 minutes later I finally get to enter my model and go look at things for a bit before everyone ELSE comes in (there's alot of us) and clog up all the walk ways.

There was something called Project X lying around somewhere which turned out to be Dreadfleet. A 70 boardgame that gets boring after about 10 minutes. No thank you, games workshop.

Rabble come in and make a beeline straight for the Forgeworld and store section which is located in THE SMALLEST POSSIBLE AREA THERE IS. I wish I was joking when I said it felt like a moshpit in a bean can.

So, seeing that waiting in what eventually would become a Wall of Death I decided to get out and look around some more. I hunted down a few friends. Some Games Workshop ones, some not. Looked at various different things such as the monthly magazine called White Dwarf. Looked at but couldn't be bothered to talk to the people running it.

No. What I came here for was three things. 1) To start an Angmar Army. 2) Learn about anything Necron related. 3) Inquire Matt Ward about his enormous mistake in the Grey Knight's rulebook.

1) wasn't happening anytime soon because of how densly packed the area was. 2) I could do quite easily and I did. Except nothing was revealed. Apparently revealing things early is a bad idea because it lets the compitition know what Games Workshop is doing.

That just annoyed me to no end. I found 3) though.

See, the problem he made was this. Powerful demon sword can't fall under demon possesion again. What's the solution? Stick it in the hands of someone fighting demons. SURE, THAT MAKES SENSE.

So after establishing that Matt Ward has no clue what he's doing I felt a sense of dread fall over me with relation to the Necron stuff. IF he's writing it I'm expecting lollipop laser guns and unicorns.

Nearing the end of the day I find that my model was knocked out in round 2. From what I know there's 3 rounds and then a finale (so that makes 4. Games workshop employees can't count).

Could be worse. Could've been first round.

Nothing notable happened after picking up my guy except getting

And that was gamesday.

It was quite fun actually, despite the store area issues.

Dr. Killjoy
25th September 2011, 09:26 PM
Sorry to hear about your entry not winning...and the drunks...still, sounds like it was a good time!

26th September 2011, 12:30 AM
I've never been into Games Workshop stuff (admittedly, I've never looked into it) and it seems you had to witness orcs of the chav kind before you got there, but overall it seems like you had a great time and got to talk to one of the guys in charge, so it's good to hear it.

Heresiarch Grimm
26th September 2011, 06:22 AM
Don't get me wrong, the drunks made the day better (atleast, some did) for humour.

Forgot to mention that the coach was flashed by a speed camera twice and went over curbs several times during the trip back. Final Destination anyone?

Heresiarch Grimm
29th September 2011, 08:42 PM
What I'm Listening To: Justified from the Dead Rising True Ending (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82L5P5DjZy0).

I've not updated this properly for a while. About time I fix that.

Today's topic? Blind and non-blind LPs aswell as Commentary.

My stance on LP (let's play) is this. If you don't know what you're doing, don't play the game. It's more infuriating for me to watch someone play Soul Reaver blind because they could've solve box puzzle 8 (there's 15) in a minute rather than the 5 segment uploads of 15 minutes it took.

If you lack common sense, don't play a puzzle game. If you lack decent reflexes don't play an FPS. If you lack higher brain power and thought process then don't play anything full stop. If I wanted to see someone mess up the first boss in Dungeon Siege 2, I'd play it myself and use no weapons or magic.

Don't get me wrong, blind LPs work sometimes. It's rare, but it happens. These LPs tend to have someone smart playing them which results in the person playing it not getting stuck for too long.

Commentary... 80% of it is horribly abysmal. Either the quality is down the drain or the person's mic is being eaten alive. Sometimes they ramble on or make obscure jokes at stuff that isn't relevant. Sometimes they talk about stuff not even related to the game.

If you're going to do Commentary, get your stuff working first. No, I don't want to hear about how your "girlfriend" gave you the most amazing birthday present of a power ranger's t-shirt and a picture of you two at Disney Land.

But then we get the joys of Blind LPs with Commentary. This is usually filled with swears and curses every thirty seconds because the person can't figure out that object A goes into slot B and you turn lever C to open door D. It's not rocket science to figure that out, but it does seem to be rocket science trying to get sub par video quality (in both gameplay and commentary) out of these Blind Commentary LPs. Want an example of an infuriating Blind LP? Look up a guy called Alehkhs and watch some of his recent videos. If you dont get fed up with him wandering aimlessly or forgetting what he's suppost to be doing then you sir are a saint.

But even LPs that aren't blind can be a pain to watch. The person will spoil stuff to no end within the commentary or through other means such as YouTube Titles.

So the chances of me doing a Blind LP is incredibly slim. Commentary even slimmer. Maybe for a 500 video special. Emphasis on maybe.

So my question is this: Have you watched a Let's Play of anything and been unable to watch anymore because the video quality was terrible, the person playing it was clueless or any other reason?

Dr. Killjoy
2nd October 2011, 07:00 AM
Personally, I don't mind blind LPs as long as there's decent editing done. If there's a lot of dicking around, it should be cut, or at least sped up and Yakety Sax put over it.

Commentary...well, depends on the game, really, but I usually like to have it. For a story-heavy game like Phoenix Wright or Heavy Rain, I can understand leaving it out. For most games, though, the playing better be damn good or it kind of defeats the point of not getting the game and playing it for myself.

Although commentary-less LPs can be good "previews" for games that I couldn't just emulate.

2nd October 2011, 07:47 AM
I only really watch LPs with commentary. Without commentary, and especially if it's not "blind", it's a walkthrough. You can't deny that. You're playing through a game with a good idea of what to do. It could help someone complete the game, but it's a big expectation if you want people to watch a big series of videos that document the entire game's gameplay. Especially if it's a 10+ hour game. I'd rather play the game myself. It's why I don't visit GameFAQs unless I'm really stuck. I want immersion, and that's broken if I know what's coming.

On the other hand, LPs with someone who's genuinely fun to listen to, I'll watch. Even if they're not amazing at the game, I'd rather hear some feedback from a human being than solely what is processed by the computer itself. No offence intended as I know you guys record LPs without commentary. It's just my honest stance. However, I do enjoy short gameplay videos, such as Baron's Shite on Toast series. They're just fun short clips, and I don't think he regards them as LPs. Just... a sack of shit.

Heresiarch Grimm
6th October 2011, 09:36 PM
What I'm Listening To: Will change as the entire post progresses. For the start of it, here's Killswitch Engage: This Fire Burns (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rivf9yfRtE).

What follows isn't a normal Seminary update. What it contains is my first (decent) game of Dominions 3 which I obtained recently. What it details is the starting scenario and how the "story" progresses. Anything in brackets is gameplay notes that will help explain stuff.

Anyway, let's progress.

The story of Ermor is a long and unfortunate one. In the beginning times were three kingdoms. The Kingdoms of Men were united as the Kingdom of Arcoscephale during the age of Sibylline Guidance. (Within Dominions 3 lies several human factions. This one was chosen at random from what I believed to be the "purest" humans that didn't delve into unholy practice. The Age makes no odds other than what you can and can't do.). The Kingdom of the C'tis persevered through years of death and decay. Lizardmen practiced necromantic arts of rebirth and animation to bring forth the dead Tomb Kings and Tomb Priests. This age was the age of the Desert Tombs.

Finally there came Ermor, C'tis' biggest mistake. Once a glorified empire that commanded vast armies and controlled wide stretches of land the intervention of the C'tis Sauromancers (C'tis' lizard wizards that resurrect the dead) and the combination of Ermor and C'tis magic lead to a mass devestation of Ermor and the dead ruled the streets. Forever onwards the empire of Ermor is known as the Ashen Empire. Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags streak the skies in place of the religious insignias that were once born.

C'tis and Man fought against one another for control of the desert and coastline. C'tis brought Heavy Infantry and magic to the battelines. Man brought elephants and slingers. C'tis was losing ground fast and for the kingdom of Men to reach the desert tombs would result in losing hallowed ground.

Sauromancers grew in vast numbers to push back the living humans. Men fought their once alive brothers to the death.

Then the Pretender Gods were born.

Blind Guardian: Sacred Worlds (again) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MLmdm3nKIs). To C'tis came Unforgiven, A Sauromancer from the northen sands that had broken the rebirth cycle and refused to become undead. He was a lich and immortal within his own dominion. (Dominion is the faith of your people. Certain things occur within them such as immortal units being revived in your dominion but are not revived if they die in an enemy's dominion. Dominion can spread into enemy areas).

For Arcoscephale and man came a vampire queen, Camilla. Where ever she went vampires surely followed. With her at the helm the kingdom of Men could unraval the secrets of death and defeat the C'tis at their own game.

But neither civilisation gazed eyes over the mountains or across the sea. A dark force was growing. It's very dominion killed it's citizens and reanimated their bodies into zombies and longdead Legionnaires (Skeletons in a Legionnaire's equipment. Tower shield, spear or sword and javalin aswell as chainmail and a helmet). This was the Ashen Empire born anew. Barbaric hordes and Trogolodytes (Another civilisation's unit that can be found roaming the earth randomly these are like rock demons with three eyes) fell in short number under the march of the dead. A single Censor, a Judge of the Ashen Empire led 120 Legionnaires across the provinces to gain more undead for the eventual war. (Commanders, such as Censors who are like Deadites from Evil Dead, can command certain numbers of units. Censors lead 120 under normal circumstances.[/i]) The Pretender God for the Ashen Empire was Heresiarch the Prince of Death. Mastered in Death magic and talented in both Nature and Fire he was unparalleled in the mystical arts and could command as much as 400 undead at a single moment.

As the C'tis and Men clashed together the numbers of Ermor grew faster and faster. Soon the very oceans themselves were being tainted by the Heresiarch's Dominion.

Man sent a small task force through the mountains to the east to find viable point for research and study. Several magic sites (magic requires gems which are found here) were found and this advantage could not be ignored. Upon reaching the sites the 8 Elephants, 30 Peltasts and 12 Cerulean Warriors ( Apes in golden and blue armour with maces ) found themselves fighting the dead on two fronts. C'tis had noticed the movement and was pushing through Human land to cut off and surround the Men.

But neither force could defeat the untold hundreds of dead that awaited them. Man crushed several provinces before diseases and afflictions were rife through the troops and C'tis was grinding to a halt extraordinarily fast in Man's wake.

With new bodies and a new challenge seen, Heresiarch set in motion what would eventually become the last days of the living.

Slayer - South Of Heaven (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7rpoZE8X8Y). With the blood of the living and the sighting of their Lizardmen traitors set in the sights, Ermor began harvesting the bodies and forming a legion 600 strong comprised of mainly zombies with 5 Censors at the helm. Marching forwards and retaking their lost land the undead scythed a strong and clear path towards the city of Arcoscephale (the city is always the same name as the civlization) and the Men within.

A fort was raised on the mountain path between the lands of Ermor and the lands of the Living. From here the Censors replenished their numbers and brought forth 40 undead horsemen.

C'tis saw what Ermor was doing and despite the fact that it would assist in the removal of the Men it would also seal the C'tissian's fates. Man and Lizard needed to team up to defeat The Crusade and push back Ermor. From this action the C'tis could take Arcoscephale themselves and secure dominance over the lands. From the city of C'tis charged out 400 C'tis Militia, 300 Heavy Infantry and 300 zombies. Outnumbering the Ermorians by 400 the C'tis felt sure of victory.

But they weren't the only ones to ready an army. Man brought 30 Elephants, 70 Cerulean warriors and 200 Hoplites to war lead by 10 Sibyls ( Old women that are priests) to bring holy venegance upon the dead and banish them to the underworld ( Banishment is a priest spell that does alot of damage to undead units ) and hopefully stop Ermor aswell as initiating an offensive against C'tis after the end of The Crusade.

The Crusade met the C'tis during the march to Arcoscephale. Despite overwhelming numbers the Ermorians claimed victory albeit after losing 3 Censors and their armies. The two lone Censors attempted to fall back to Fel Garad, the Ermorian Mountain fort but were cut off by Man's charge around the back of The Crusade. This tactic started by Man led them into a direct confrontation with the C'tis and opened up an avenue for war.

But Heresiarch was watching the battles. During The Crusade several Spectators and Dusk Elders ( Ashen Empire use these special ghosts to research magic) had started researching the lost Ashen Empire magicka and found a way to bring about the Burden of Time, an ancient spell of Death that would cause the lifespans of both dead and living creatures to speed up and in doing so cause illness and disease to spread. Such was the signal of the end of The Crusade as the Sibyls found their charge through the desert halted due to old age. C'tis and Man were back to square one and Ermor was advancing forwards in both magic and numbers.

Amon Amarth - Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3RuFL1Hj-s).

Following the casting of the Burden of Time both Lizard and Human attempted to mount offensives into Ermor. C'tis tried to cross the sea but were stopped at every attempt by the remains of Atlantis and the Kraken. Men fought against Fel Garad but couldn't breach the walls. Every attempt to destroy the fort was met by outbreaks of disease and assassinations of commanders. The Dusk Elders within could prevent any siege that occured through death magic and Arcoscephale was powerless to prevent it.

Mittmu soon arrived at Ermor. A revered Wraith Lord hero for one reason. He disabled the C'tis king Dmmu'Tamais by killing him and tearing the body into 13 pieces. Scattering them within his own empire the C'tissians fought hard to collect every part for a proper rebirth but couldn't find the tail which lay within Ermor. Thus the king was revived a lich. Mittmu was perfect for leading a Crusade against C'tis. He became the Prophet of Heresiarch ( Prophets spread dominion as fast as your gods do. They are also perminantly buffed up and gain special things based on your god's magic paths). Capable of leading 400 Legionnaires, Mittmu mounted his horse and led The Second Crusade alongside 15 Spectators each commanding 40 legionnaires. The Spectators themselves could summon 25 skeletons during a battle. A legion 1000 strong broke the battlelines of Man and swept like a fire into the deserts.

It was at this time that Dmmu'Tamais heard that Mittmu was making movement to assault C'tis. He raised an army of the dead himself, 10 Sauromancers joined him as did 5 Tomb Kings. Totaling 1,500 zombies total they moved swiftly to counter Mittmu.

They met on the desert borders. The C'tissian undead lurched forwards and the Ermorian Legionnaires let loose a hail of javelins. Scores of dead were buried under the sands. Three Censors had joined the march bringing 360 Legionnaire Cavalry to the fray. The Cavalry flank charged the dead and cut them down. The Sauromancers banished the Ermorian horsemen thick and fast but the C'tissians were fighting a losing battle. Dmmu'Tamais retreated with the Sauromancers and 200 undead. The Ermorians pushed forward at half strength through the desert. Thanks to Heresiarch's dominion the air grew cold and unfavorable for the lizards. Where-ever Heresiarch's Dominion went problems arose for Dmmu'Tamais until The Second Crusade fought the fort in the province Palthois.

Dmmu'Tamais had fled here to raise another army. Inside the castle walls stood a new horde of 1,500 undead accompanied by 600 Heavy Infantry ready to break the siege.

It was in the 5th year of the Ascension Wars, during Winter, that Mittmu and Dmmu'Tamais clashed for a final time.

The siege was broken and through the gates charged the Lizards both alive and dead. Fighting visciously against the Ermorians the C'tissians slaughtered as many of them as were slaughtered of their own. Dmmu'Tamais eventually appeared wielding a Wraith Sword exactly like Mittmu and possessed the Elixer of Life.

Mittmu and Dmmu'Tamais fought against each other one on one. Dmmu'Tamais and his Chariot rammed into Mittmu but failed to do anything due to Mittmu being ethereal and thus incredibly hard to hit. Mittmu swung at Dmmu'Tamais and slashed a great scar up the C'tissian's sword. The duel ensued for several minutes before Mittmu landed a killing blow upon Dmmu'Tamais.

But the Elixer brought him back to the dead and this was enough of a surprise for Dmmu'Tamais to ram his shattered sword up through Mittmu's ghostly skull and end his foe's life. However not everything is clear cut for at that exact moment a Spectator had sent a large fireball straight at Dmmu'Tamais and it engulfed him in the flames. Both great leaders were slain and Ermorian defeated but C'tis would never recover.

The sign for the end of The Second was a terrible omen. The Soul Gate was opened. A direct gateway to the ghostly dead of Ermor was created by Heresiarch and with this, the final crusade would be created and death would fall.

Amon Amarth - No Fear For The Setting Sun (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ppstl7ucV6A&feature=related).

Arcoscephale was now a shadow of it's former self. It built a large army only for it to die of old age and any new attempts met diseases and decay never before witnessed by Man. This does not mean however that they were out of the game. A new army was raised purely of 200 Cerulean warriors and marched to destroy Fel Garad.

They achieved their mission but unfortunatly they came too soon. In transit towards Fel Garad was Heresiarch himself and in tow was a spectral legion made up of 600 spectral legionnaires. Heresiarch's command over the dead had grown over the years and was now capable of leading legions by himself. However this was not meant to be.

The Legionnaires tore the monkeys apart. Not a single one was left alive. Heresiarch dominated the fort and made it the staging point for the new war. He raised a Spectator named Forgotten and it learned fast the ways of Astral Magic ( "purest" magic there is). Arcoscephale knew what this ment and sent bribes to Ermor to save their own lives in return for slavery. What they didn't know was that they'd slave for Heresiarch in death the same as in life so no odds were made.

In the 8th year, Forgotten made a wish for a Wyrm from Tartarus. His wish was granted and it was sent to rampage on the provinces of Arcoscephale. Only the city itself remained and it was heavily guarded. The arrival of the Wyrm signified the second Omen, the appearance of the Tartarus Gates themselves. With these, Heresiarch could bring forth any past god or creature sent to Tartarus and make them fight. 4 Undead Cyclops and 3 Wyrms were sent forwards to tie up Arcoscephale in preparation for The Unholy Crusade.

The next omen was Utterdark. With this the days became pitch black and ghosts randomly attacked the living. Nothing was safe and income became but a trickle for both living empires. C'tis prepared a large undead army 3000 strong to take out Heresiarch but this was not to be. Not yet.

The Next Omen was Well of Misery. Every single bit of pain and suffering was absorbed and turned into death gems. With this vast supply of magic Ermor couldn't be stopped on the magical front.

The Final Omen was probably the most dangerous. It was the long long years spent raising up 400 Lictors, the Censor's lesser counterpart, and preparing an army of no less than 3000 spectral legionnaires. Many Wraith Consuls were revived ( They were the leaders of Ermor before they all got horribly murder ) and one of them was made Prophet. He was Sauron.

Amon Amarth - Embrace Of The Endless Ocean (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTKxGhf2Yyw&feature=related).

Sauron and the other Wraith Consuls led the 3000 into the sea and obliterated the reminants of Atlantis. C'tis had no idea about this nor did Arcoscephale and so the next move caught them all off guard.

Sauron left the seas and assaulted Arcoscephale himself. The sheer numbers broke every part of the fort. The survivors of disease within embraced defeat with open arms and not a single person fought back except Camilla. She and 15 vampires died horribly to the legions of dead. Arcoscephale lost faith and died with them.

In the desert, Heresiarch made his own path. This one cut through every single desert province until only C'tis remained. Within lay Unforgiven and 3000 undead. Outside resided Heresiarch and 600 Spectral Legionnaires. Unforgiven broke the siege and fought against Heresiarch. However he anticipated this and ordered his army to flee and flee they did.

The Lizardmen's victory was short lived as soon after breaking the siege the Tartarian prisoners attacked C'tis. Returning to defend his home they struggled to kill the Wyrms and Cyclops but eventually it was done. Numbers renewed Unforgiven prepared a crusade of his own only to be met by the banners of Sauron and his army.

Heresiarch rejoined the siege and the final battle ensued. 3600 spectres against 4400 C'tissian soldiers. 3000 dead and 1400 alive.

Amon Amarth - Free Will Sacrifice (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjNLiZSZAyw&feature=related)

The fighting was brutal and hard, several bodies lay around the sands. Fireballs and lightning struck hard on both sides. Banishments were rife through the ranks. Lictors were blessed ( Blessing a unit gives them special things. In this case because of my god's magic they all cause afflictions when they strike and do more damage. They regenerate health and hit more often aswell) and sent to the battlelines.

Eventually only Unforgiven and Heresiarch were fighting. The rest of The Unholy Crusade stood and watched as the Lich fought the Angel.

Many blows were struck but Heresiarch gripped Unforgiven by the spine and broke it. Using his own staff, Heresiarch rammed it through his dead heart and burned him alive. Faith in Unforgiven died and Heresiarch ruled supreme.

Ermor now ruled the land and none could stop them.

So that was this post. Thoughts? Any questions will be answered.

Also, this took a long time to write.

Heresiarch Grimm
8th October 2011, 09:31 AM
What I'm Listening To: Zone Of The Enders 2 OST: Final Battle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96QUv-IU-B0&feature=related)

Take note that the music is related, but not completely relevant.

Alright, so I've found my copies of ZoE and ZoE 2 yesterday and I sat down to play the first one.

Basically it runs like this story wise:

You're a whiney little kid who doesn't want any form of responsibilites and your friends get killed during an invasion from BAHRAM into your colony near Jupiter. You run around like a headless chicken until you stumble (literaly) into an Orbital Frame called Jehuty with the most patronising A.I that is a troll in disguise.

Some woman that want's to die called Viola harrasses you a few times then buggers off for the most part whilst her friends in a Tempst (HarutMarut from ZoE:FoM go watch my LP), Tyrant (Nerokerubina from ZoE:FoM go watch my LP) and some Orbital Frame I've never heard of before but probably appears within Path A of ZoE:FoM since everything seems to appear in that. Despite the third Orbital Frame being the last Orbital Frame you fight that's not some death-fetish woman I can' recall what it's name is.

So anyway, you fly around fighting stuff and eventually find out that Jehuty is meant to be on mars. OH NO, RESPONSIBILITIES. Well, not quite. Ada, the convientiant troll A.I tells us exactly what we need to do about 2/8 of the time (go math that one out) and it all results in robots being torn apart and blown up, civilians dying in fire and escaping to a japanese song that has no english translation.

Right, storyline out of the way let's actually hit the good and bad things.

Good Things:

1) The combat is good. Not great, but good. There are a variety of moves you can do. Slash, stab, shoot, shoot whilst dashing, slash whilst dashing, shoot whilst charging up, slash whilst charging up. You can tell there's variety in this game.

2) Movement is pretty solid for the most part. You can fly in any cardinal direction at slow, slightly faster, fast, dashing or if you mash the dash button like you're having the worlds biggest epileptic seizure or getting some "practice" in for whatever you go fastest of all. No I can't explain how that works.

3) Boss fights are actually thought out. There's one boss fight you need to backtrack hell and high waters to retrieve a program that'll let you actually fight the racist person from mars and it adds a sense of realism to a game about space, lasers, flying robots and children taking out experienced veterans from years of warfare and riots.

4) Program variety. There's one that shoots a javelin, one that's a laser, one that's a sniper rifle, one that fires a fast ball, one that fires a slightly slower but homing ball, one that fires lots of caltrops that project lasers out when they land and a few more.

5) Ada the A.I. Simply because she's the only thing that's not trying to turn this entire thing into a slit-your-wrists event and also because of the following line.

Leo:"You may sound like a person, but you're a heartless machine"
Ada: "Is there a problem?"

Bad sides:

1) Combat is backwards. Some attacks can pierce shields and some can't. That I can live with. But when the attacks that pierce shields takes 4 seconds (not joking) to execute then there's a problem. There's also a problem with the charge up and slash attack in that everything runs away before you can do it. The only damage you do is to yourself because bright blue and white lights just engulfed your Frame and now you can't tell that the Raptor is about to attack you. Eventually combat boils down to just mashing the dash button and the attack button so that you fire homing lasers and do decent damage in close combat that the enemy can never stop.

2) The open worldness. I'm aware that when you can choose where to go there's a level of backtracking but here's my gripe.

Let's say that Jehuty needs weapon A to defeat boss A. To do this Jehuty goes to Area A to obtain a passcode A for Area B which then turns out to require two passcodes and the other is in area C that can't be accessed without obtaining an item from area A to use in area D to go into area C and retrieve another item and also make area C accessible and get the passcode from area C so you can unlock the item in Area B to progress further before you get told you need that item lost in area C to go even further.

Confused? So was I trying to figure all that out.

3) Boss fights are also a cakewalk. Just mash the dash button and the homing laser because hardly anything can hit you. I never lost a boss fight because the only things that hit me did minimal damage and could be avoided all together thanks to an item called Decoy.

4) The characters are annoying. Ada's the only good one. The main character complains all the time and contradicts himself. The girl that shows up contributes barely anything. The Antagonist is probably the stupidest villain I've ever seen that is 1-upped multiple times by a child. The bosses only appear two or three times (once in person I.E their frames, the rest are just voices) and the supporting two (yes two) characters add plot holes and confusing elements galore.

Oh, and the main Antagonist only appears at the END of the game.

5) Not enough Ada slapping Leo with words. Needed more of that by a long shot.

6) Subweapons do next to nothing. All that effort to get them and most of them are blockable or miss all the time because the enemies move faster than your right analogue stick can turn the camera.

7) Camera moves incredibly slowly with the right stick and if you stop moving with the left stick then the camera snaps behind Jehuty. This has almost killed me on multiple occasions because I didn't see the Cyclops getting his charge up and MIKE TYSON PUNCH me.

8 ) Versus is a joke. Not even kidding. Either the A.I is incredibly stupid or the Versus frames are ungodly powerful. I ran through Raptor V everything, Cyclops V everything etc and won every single fight. The only one I almost lost was Raptor V Neith

9) Artwork on Jehuty and the final Orbital Frame. It's just horrible. ZoE 2's is significantly better.

Would I recommend this game? Maybe, because ZoE 2 has a recap section that shows all the important bits from ZoE but it is sometimes fun.

Have you played any Zone of the Enders games or seen any videos of them? What would you pilot and why?

Dr. Killjoy
9th October 2011, 04:15 PM
I've only played the first Zone of the Enders (and a bit of Fist of Mars). It was years ago, so I don't remember it that well. I do remember a lot of backtracking was involved though.

Heresiarch Grimm
20th October 2011, 06:49 PM
What I'm Listening To: The Lonely Island - Threw It On The Ground (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAYL5H46QnQ).

So, Zone Of The Enders: Fist Of Mars is finally finished.

What comes next has already been mentioned (it's X-COM). What's today's theme though?

Well I suppose a review of ZoE:FoM would be the obvious one but no, we shall not touch that horse. Another thing to talk about is Skyrim but hey, not much point until it arrives.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R? Pretty sure I covered that one and if I haven't then I'm terribly surprised and will probably fix that at a later date. Another game I could discuss is World of Tanks.

Actually, that's a good idea and I really should do that.

So, World of Tanks is a FREE MMORPG that is FREE whilst also being amazingly fun. You can opt for a golden account which enables you to get a few extra things such as forming a party to go into random servers with.

Tanks wise there's three factions (4 if you use real world money to buy ingame money to buy a chinese tank). The factions are the USSR, Nazi Germany and USA. The tanks are all WW2 era although not every tank that appears was made.

The way the combat works is that everyone is randomly pulled into a match of 15v15. Well, I say randomly.

The selection is done in categories. You can fight 2 tiers above and 2 tiers below. The three tank types are SPG (Self Propelled Gun), Tank Destroyer and Tank.

SPGs are slow moving (usually) heavy hitting artillery tanks. They can only aim in a 45 degree arc infront of the tank but the firepower and range is amazing.

Tank Destroyers also have a 45 degree arc limit on their cannons but are hard to spot and hurt alot. The primary role of a TD is debatable. I view it as a sniper or a turret. Others see it differently.

A tank is a tank.There's different types but it doesn't matter much.

Firefights are "realistic" in that there' penentration, bouncing, richochet, falling, accuracy, speed, acceleration and other things.

It's a fun game and everyone should try it. It's FREE after all.

If you could drive any tank in the world, fictional or real, what would it be and why?

Heresiarch Grimm
21st October 2011, 09:48 PM
What I'm Listening To: The Offspring: You're Gonna Go Far Kid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x52sA9IpiAU).

Well, this marks my 250th post so let's take a retrospective shall we?

Uh.. Not really much to retrospect on. CHANGE OF PLANS.

Master Of Orion was finished completely today and it ended well. In hind sight I should've put more thought into the ships I suggested. My only disappointment is the fact the game doesn't allow you to rename colonies already made.

Zone Of The Enders : Fist Of Mars is being processed and uploaded. It is 100% complete and all that remains once it's all uploaded is commentary to be added in the form of YouTube annotations. This way you can turn off my commentary if it gets annoying or blocks your view of something.

Coming soon at an unspecified time within the nearby or distant future that's being weaved by the Norns and is taking place in an empty timeframe of whenever is X-COM: UFO Defense. The name of the thread hasn't been decided yet. The decision will be made three days before the thread itself is created and once the thread's been made it'll be a further three days before the first recording batch is done. After that the recording schedule is 3 days after the last batch is done and linked into the thread.

Sorry the 250th post was lack luster.

Wait, there's so much more to discuss!

Everyone needs to get in chat a lot more. Seriously, you're missing out big time.

Quite a bit occurs in chat. Random discussions, talks relating to videos that get linked. Reactions to shock-horror videos. Come, it'll be fun.

After X-COM I have no idea what I'll do.

I also won the 9001st post thing, although it wasn't a competition it was more of a suprise thing that Mantis had planned.

Random video that got linked in chat: Click it, watch, enjoy. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYPyOIaLdTU)

So, your thoughts on what I've been doing? You can be as brutal as you like. I'd rather you be blunt than sugar coat it.

21st October 2011, 10:03 PM
Sounds like you've been getting quite a lot done actually as far as LP goes. I agree with your suggestion of more people coming into the chat room! Oh, and as for that link, it doesn't beat this hilariously weird Engrish game based on the same series.


Heresiarch Grimm
2nd November 2011, 07:08 PM
What I'm Listening To: Kingdom Of Sorrow: Demon Eyes (Demonized) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOtUW_vzy7c).

The topic of today? Halloween.

Yes, I'm aware it's late and that Halloween was two days ago.

Let's start off with the beginning of the night. Little kids galore walked up to my door and hammered it like some sort of drug raid. I answered the door in full Ringwraith costume and handed out candy.

Because there's nothing dodgy about a disguised guy obscuring his face whilst handing treats to little kids. Nothing at all.

I was suppost to be doing something completely different that night. Something that didn't involve children or candy. Something that didn't involve me dressing up like I was about to raid the Old Person's Home nearby and watch how many of them became visibly distressed.

I was suppost to record five games for Halloween. Except the first three couldn't be found (originally) and the fifth game was being an absolute pain to record and didn't really work. So I entered chat and BaronOfStuff gave me a website with the links to what I wanted.

That's 4/5 ready to go. Glancing around my room I noticed the Starship Troopers FPS game glaring at me like it'd just caught me smoking the manual it comes with. The five games were ready to go and recorded yesterday. Processing today.

Now, moving on from what I did on Halloween I'll change subject slightly to holidays such as Halloween in general. Why? What's the point in them? All we get are people mimicking Scream knocking on doors or windows and stealing sweets and candy from us. The kids do it (usually) without saying thank you and always have an air of arrogance around them like they're vastly superior to me simply because they've decided to dress up in a costume and physically abuse my front door. Not that I haven't done that myself a few times and the irony of the fact that I had to open the door by kicking it hard to unjam it and appear in a costume is quite outstanding.

Christmas is another one I don't get. It's become a case of going out and buying stuff just to give to another person. I'm aware that christmas is about sharing and caring but when I walk down a high street and there's signs openly declaring war on anyone that doesn't buy a christmas-themed item then there's something wrong. Take note that nothing ever advertises like this in anything near me.

These "holidays" aren't much more than means to sell tat that you'd never usually buy.

So, what're your thoughts on Holidays?

Heresiarch Grimm
15th February 2012, 12:11 AM
Short update: Going away for the day to Nottingham for a WH40K tournament (Google the acronym).

Wish me luck, or don't. I don't mind. It'll be a good day regardless.

Heresiarch Grimm
18th March 2012, 08:55 PM
WOW I really need to start updating this again.

What I'm Listening To: Sabaton - Ghost Division (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsdawgd0azk)

Alright, today's theme shall be teamwork in World of Tanks and Killing Floor.

Let's start with the overview problem shall we? Teamwork is something that very rarely works when I play multiplayer games unless you managed to pull together some people that have more than an IQ of 80 and have a general grasp of what teamwork is.

No more is the obvious lack of teamwork apparent than in games such as World of Tanks. You have to work together to capture the enemy flag or obliterate them all.

Teamwork comprises of the Self Propelled Guns (Read: Artillery) shooting heavily armored tanks that are spotted by fast moving tanks whilst the tank destroyers deal with anything that any of the above have problems with.

What's supposed to happen: FastTankA (FTA) rides out half way across the map and spots two enemy tanks, a medium and a light. FTA Can't fight the Medium but it can fight the light, so it shoots at it. An SPG sees the Medium and fires at it. Meanwhile a Tank Destroyer is moving into position to lend extra support as well as preparing to deny enemy movement.

What actually happens: FTA rides out half way across the map and spots two enemy tanks, a medium and a light. The driver being a moron decides that a 24mm gun can pierce 50mm of armor so he wastes his time shooting at it. The SPG is busy trying to destroy the light tank that's running circles around the FTA. The Tank Destroyer that's suppost to be sniping at these problems is instead rolling at 20 Km/H towards two heavy tanks and an SPG.

Personal experience: I was in a Tank Destroyer in a rather open map with two bottlenecked routes. I sit in a place that lets me cover both of them. When the ENTIRE ENEMY TEAM starts shoving it's way through the bottleneck I'm watching, a SINGLE friendly tank runs straight into them and dies. Then another friendly, then another. Soon enough the 12 friendly tanks that were sat in wait have just been blown to high heaven and hell whilst only killing four tanks on the enemy side.

Before they'd turned into lemmings I said "Stay out of the bottleneck, make them come to us." which recieved various responses of "Yes". They'd acknowledged the plan and then the instant the idea of killing stuff popped into their heads off they went.

Another time teamwork goes to the abyss is during Killing Floor. Everyone has to work together to deal with the enemy specimens. Pour Example:

Say there's 3 guys in the server. The game adds more specimens per player and increases health per player for each specimen. A specimen that used to have 200hp could now have 300hp.

Now ordinarily this isn't such a big problem, but when it gets to the boss is when everything goes wrong.

See, up until that point you don't really need planning. Just pick an open and confined spot (Corridors you can watch easily that leads to a sizable area) and shoot anything you don't like. If it gets close you run away, simple.

But when the Patriarch arrives you need to plan everything. Close the doors (Don't weld them), plant pipe bombs behind them (Not too many, they deal less damage the more there are) and get out your AA12 / SCAR / Husk Gun or whatever it is you have then wait.

The Patriarch has 10000 HP when there's 3 people. 16000 in a full server of 6. The amount of times I've seen a full server of people mess up a Patriarch rounds is astonishing and it's all down to planning.

No-one hides pipe bombs around the place. No-one makes sure they have cover to hide behind when the Patriarch starts shooting. Everyone bunches together when "ONE IN THE PIPE" sounds which leads to an explosive rocket fueled death.

Everyone instead tries doing everything. Snipers run around with melee weapons. Firebugs decide it's a smart idea to whip out a chainsaw. Berserkers realise that swords and axes aren't gonna work so they switch to a handgun of all things. They shouldn't do that.

Snipers should use their guns. Firebugs should keep their flamethrowers out and Berserkers can go get stuffed during a Patriarch Wave. You're useless, switch class. You can then all get yourself killed by trying to Solo the guy or work together to harass him in an area and lead him to the pipe bombs.

In short, never trust the people on your team. Once you do that and they make a mistake, you're done for.

Heresiarch Grimm
23rd March 2012, 03:53 PM
Not listening to anything at the moment, surprisingly.

Today's topic? Pokemon. It's relevant.

Pokemon is another of Nintendo's well known franchises. The premise for the game series is usually you're a young kid and you're given a pokemon by Professor Tree (All the Professors seem to be named after trees). Soon after you encounter an evil Team trying to accomplish something. You also go town to town fighting the Gym Leaders for Badges to challenge the Elite 4 and the Champion to become the best Pokemon Trainer around.

Now, the first generation.

The first generation is comprised of Red, Blue, Green. You play as Red (or blue or green, but we'll stick with Red) and you fight your enemy Blue (or green or red but again, we'll stick with blue) and are given Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur by Professor Oak. The enemy team in this game is Team Rocket.

This game's a good one though it is rife with glitches and bugs. The more known ones being Missingno' and the ability to have infinite of anything. Not much else to say.

Well, there is actually. See, before Generation Two arrived another game was released as a "transition" and that game was Pokemon Yellow.

Based mainly off of the Anime that appeared as a result of the Pokemon games, you play as Ash and go through the original game as normal. Except you start with a Pikachu and can find Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur by talking to certain people. This version is the first to employ the following pokemon mechanic as well as the happiness mechanic. Both of which are useless here.

So, Generation Two. Gold and Silver are highly thought of for good reason. It added so much and I'm not just referring to the new total of about 260 pokemon instead of the old 151. For a start, it added a time cycle capability. You input the time and the environment changes based upon what the game clock says it is. If it's 4 in the morning then it's still night time ingame. 12 midday results in sunlight ingame. This may not sound like much but when you see that certain pokemon appear at certain times and days it helps add to the game. We now have some sort of idea of Pokemon behaviour thus giving us more depth to the game.

Ontop of that there's also things such as Phone which lets you call (And be called at every waking minute of the day and night by) the people you add into the phone list. These calls often say about pokemon appearing, events occuring or they just want a rematch.

Breeding's in this game too. This is a bit complex to discuss (Mr.Mime can be female? Wut?!) but basically, moves can be bred onto younger pokemon who are born at lvl 5.

This time you're Gold (or silver) and you're running an errand for Professor Elm to Mr. Pokemon (yes, seriously) after which you find Rival (or gold, or silver) has stolen a pokemon.

Usual shenanigans follow which results in you reaching and beating the Elite 4 as before. Congrats, game over.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Anyone who has any form of a brain would have seen that the path to the Elite 4 and indeed the Elite 4 itself is in Kanto. Gold and Silver take place in Johto. SURELY THEY WOULDN'T...

They did. The game looks like it lasts as long as the last game generation until this revelation after you've beaten the Elite 4. You are handed an S.S Aqua ticket and away you go to Kanto to solve puzzles and fight the 8 gym leaders there.

Right, that's 16 badges. Now what? Professor Oak tells you to go to Mt. Silver and atop you find Red, the player's character from the last game.

Yes, they really did all that.

They then released Crystal for Generation 2. This added more things into the game such as Battle Animations which would play when a pokemon appeared in a fight. Areas and Puzzles were redesigned and the story was altered too. Crystal is the best of Generation 2. Hell, it's probably the best Pokemon game by far.

I would cover the generation 3, 4 and 5 games but no. Just no. I've only played Emerald from Gen 3. The other two generations I've heard decent things about but I myself have not played them. This post is long enough and you don't need me sat here speculating over stuff.

23rd March 2012, 04:33 PM
I remember how overjoyed I was as a kid when I got on the S.S. Aqua, heh. I got an imported US version of Silver. It was brilliant to have it a month or two before everybody else at school. ;)

Heresiarch Grimm
20th May 2012, 12:33 PM

Well, it's about time the internet on my end got fixed. It's not nice being able to only use World of Tanks reliably or to wait about 10 minutes to load a single page on this forum.

But hey, I'm back. It took a month but now I can access all sorts of stuff I could before. Backwards progress!

Sabaton: Screaming Eagles (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhKgzQEhvgk) is what I'm listening to.

So, what've I been doing whilst "offline"?

Breaking Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid: Fusion as much as I can. Wall jumps, shinesparks, anything I can do I tried to pull off.

Now whilst Fusion really tightens down on sequence breaking (You can't really do it) Zero Mission is much more fun. Get the Varia suit early? Check. Get Super Missiles early? Check. Skip an entire boss or two? Sure, I'll do that.

See, Zero Mission is a game that has two players. Those that play the game how it seems to want to be played, and those that decide to try new things in it. Nothing shows this more than the good old Varia suit or Screw Attack sequence break.

Those that play the game how the game wants it to be played will follow the directions shown by the Chozo statues and get the Varia suit after they get the Hi-jump. Those that are playing the game their way will get it straight after the Ice Beam. All they need is patience and a good amount of bomb jumping.

Getting the Varia suit early opens up other areas early mainly due to the whole "Space suit not made for extreme temperatures" problem.

Likewise, the Screw Attack can be gotten early (Straight after the Varia suit, if memory serves) or you can get it when you're meant to which is after a boss. Getting the Screw Attack so early means you need to worry less about jumping problems.

Super Missiles can also be received early. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to get power bombs early. I think the developers took extra care in preventing the player from getting those (Since it would allow someone to completely skip most of the game).

I've also been practicing my non-existent Mario kart skills. I can now accelerate in a straight line and turn. This'll be interesting...

As aforementioned, I've also been on World of Tanks. It's fun, but boring after a while. Anyone in Europe play it? Be nice to have a "team" rather than a group of 15 players who have next to no communication what-so-ever.

Anything else that's been done? Oh yes, Pokemon Crystal was completed the day after the internet went strange, so expect that thread to be closed soon when I finally process the video.

Also, expect regular updates though they may not be the length of what the old "regular" posts were.

It's good to be back.


Forgot to mention that I watched some parts of Medabots during my downtime as well as an anime that escapes my mind right now. Unfortunately all I saw of the Medabots episodes was things such as the first few episodes and one involving Rokusho (sadly all I recall from that episode is Rokusho wearing his tattered cloth cape thing and possibly unleashing some sort of ability).

Heresiarch Grimm
26th May 2012, 11:35 AM
Well, I love my PSP right about now.

Currently, at this moment in time I'm getting a SNES and GBA emulator to run off of it (I've got some form of DOSBox running for some games). Why these two specific emulator types?

Metroid. That's why.

As mentioned in my previous update I've been playing a lot of Zero Mission and Fusion. Recently my GBA died on me completely (might have something to do with me being knocked thus dropping it down a flight of stairs) and using VisualBoyAdvance can be fun but also annoying due to the controls.

I mean come on, you try and play Megaman Zero and attempt to get an A rank or S rank on the intro stage when you only use a keyboard. It's a pain and far too challenging.

With the GBA emulator I can have barrels o' fun since I can sequence break Metroid outside the house. And finish some games I can't be bothered to really do now that the GBA's dead.

The SNES emulator follows a similar thing. I haven't had an SNES for about 4 years now and I never got around to play Super Metroid. Using an emulator on the PC for it is even more backwards than a GBA one (Mainly because there's a whole 2 extra buttons). But getting the SNES to work off the PSP means it's the perfect platform to play it off of.

Both the PSP and SNES have 4 buttons, 2 shoulder buttons and the obligitory Start and Select buttons. This means it can be easier to pull off some rather fun stuff on the psp (given my main issue is I can't sequence break in S.Metroid because of the 4 button combo I have to hold down to reach a certain item) and will be rather entertaining.

With the two emulators working, I can hopefully crack on to games I didn't even attempt properly (such as the already mentioned Megaman Zero game(s)).


My PSP is more than a PSP.

26th May 2012, 03:24 PM
What about Super Metroid? :) I do remember having a flashed PSP. Fun times. If you're running a GBA emulator I highly recommend Golden Sun. Even if you're not a big fan of RPGs, you should give it a try. It looks stunning for a GBA title, has awesome music and most importantly, great gameplay.

Heresiarch Grimm
26th May 2012, 04:14 PM
Played Golden Sun (And it's sequel) and I don't like them that much. Though it was a great game for the GBA given what it tried to do.