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13th February 2012, 05:40 PM
I was wondering, why Eminem have now black hair because in the past had blond hair :S I think this is not actual Eminem, he died in a car accident because he was drugged and now actual Eminem is a puppet make by managers !

14th February 2012, 04:06 AM
That's a theory yes.
Perhaps he is like Vash the Stampede and has just used to much of his powers.

14th February 2012, 12:54 PM
Hey Williams thanks for Vash portrait ! Thinking I will draw it.......!

18th February 2012, 05:05 AM
lol that's an interesting theory...

Anyway, I'm not into his new stuff as much as the old Slim Shady era releases which were his prime IMO. I think it's good that he's trying to mature but having a hard time liking this new style.

I give him merit for getting this far though as he's one of the few white rappers to do so and to uphold respect in the community despite his disputes which all of them had had, regardless of their ethnicity.

18th February 2012, 05:48 AM
What you're seeing now is his natrual hair colour. He used to dye it blonde. Not that the colour of his hair has anything to do with the quality of his music, but I am also part of the camp that believes he was in his prime during The Slim Shady LP, and The Marshal Mathers LP. I highly doubt he will make another album as good as either of those. His recent albums have been "ok", as far as mainstream music goes. He's probably one of the few mainstream rappers that I'll even give a chance. It's kind of sad to say that that's sort of slipping away for me, because even though lyrically, he is still a beast, his beat selection on the Recovery album left a lot to be desired, in my opinion. I'm not against ALL synths in hip hop, but the type of instrumentation used led to a very "commercial" sounding album. The fact is though, if he wants to keep mass appeal in this day and age, he's going to have to keep making pop records. It's the only way he can remain relevant with youth, as their tastes change and evolve over the generations. There isn't much of a market left for angry high school kids. Well, I guess their is, but how many of them do you know that listen to Hip-Hop? In any case, he's already become immortalized as the living God of Hip-Hop, so he can pretty much do whatever he wants now. He's nearing 40, so I can understand why he'd want to move on from glorifying drugs, and boasting about his sexual conquests. Personally, I'd like to see him make an album with some real 90's style beats, and battle oriented lyrics. Or hell, anything that isn't about drugs or relationships. I mentioned before that he was still lyrically sound, and I think he could put those years of experience and accumulated knowledge into a concept album that is completely different and on a whole new level other than what we've seen from mainstream rappers. Who knows? maybe he does have enough influence, and enough respect to single-handedly change the entire game. Again.

18th February 2012, 08:21 AM
I think when he was in D12 made good music XD bullshit lyrics but only rap they did not making,more than comedy I think .......!

16th June 2015, 12:51 AM
I'm having a hard time determining if you're serious or not XD.

If you are, then yea that's just his natural hair. He used to dye it blonde as a way of expressing his alter ego "Slim Shady". Now he's just Eminem/Marshall. Even though he still dyed his hair a couple times for the MMLP2 album, I like how he changed, don't like him changing back to blonde again. He's too old for that style anyway now :P

Working Buck
18th April 2017, 07:09 PM
Well there is a theory that I have been reading on the internet that he isn't the real Slim Shady now. I mean, maybe people were just used to listening to his old pieces and they want something similar to that which Eminem doesn't provide anymore. I myself am an Eminem Fan eversince I first heard some of his songs, I was a big fan up until The Eminem Show album, but after that, he might have changed his style and we fans aren't used to it, it's maybe the reason why some conspiracy theorist came up with the idea that He was part of the Illuminati and he was murdered and who we are hearing and seeing right now is a double, same with the theory about Paul McCartney dying from a car crash and the one who is alive now is a double.