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7th August 2016, 04:12 AM
Hello there, I'm a returning member of Outlaw Star UK.

I go by the handle of Seth Clanclan in the Outlaw Star circle, mostly as a by product of being a Ctarl-Ctarl enthusiast. You may have seen some early work of mine floating around out there like a partially translated Outlaw Star map (in color; ) I have done a lot of research into Outlaw Star outside the anime and have even translated pages from the manga. Unfortunately my steam ran out as the amount of new research material diminished years ago. Still, the fervor is there if new stuff emerges, especially if it pertains to Ctarl-Ctarls.

Anyway, beyond outlaw star I have hobbies in model building, DnD games and (in the past) forum-based roleplaying, IT, video games and anime. My primary interest in life is tigers.

I'm a very honor-bound person and loyal to a fault. Eh...I can't remember when I first joined. 2010ish? Anyway there you have it. Totally didn't steal Juneberry's introduction layout.


7th August 2016, 04:26 AM
Good to have you back, Seth! Great to see you're still keeping the Ctarl-Ctarl love going strong, very commendable indeed. :aishaeyewear:

What's your favorite type of tiger, by the way? Ligers are cool, since they have the stripes of a tiger and the maine of a lion.

7th August 2016, 01:02 PM
Hey again Seth. You weren't given the title of Guru on OSUK for no reason. I know how you feel about research steam—for a lack of better words—but there is always new material out there! I'm probably not even halfway through my journey. There's always new merchandise for you to study that can be found on Japanese auctions. I hope you'll like the Ctarl-Ctarl concept art I'll post in the future. Welcome to Nexus.

7th August 2016, 04:43 PM
Hey there Seth. I always knew your name had to do with the Ctarl-Ctarl, but...Where does the Seth part come from? I forget- though that's nothing new I suppose.

What video games and anime do you like (outside Outlaw Star)? I'd be curious to see some of the models you make too, probably. And tigers are cute! :D

I don't see how you stole my intro layout (also just don't recall having a real layout- I just ramble on and on)...But if you say so? Hope you're well. :D

7th August 2016, 10:38 PM
Heeey Pizza, lions are show stealers in my opinion. I've got a mild thing against them for being cognitively associated with tigers in many a mind despite living in completely different areas of the world. Anyhoot, Bengal tigers are my main dig, though I love all sub-species of tigers.

Mantis! My steam was actually propelled by the prospect of new information on Ctarl-Ctarls, and once I picked new sources clean of relevant information, my drive sort of crumbled once my research momentum took its natural course. Glad to hear there may be more goodies to research!

Juney! The Seth part is my actual first name, and I attached it to the only Ctarl-Ctarl last name I knew of at the time I first got into Outlaw Star and Ctarl-Ctarls. Also used it quite a bit in my forum role plays. Animes I enjoy are mech based, primarily, topping the list with Gundam 00 and Full Metal Panic. Video game choice is eclectic but usually avoids the racing and casual genre. I'd also be happy to share pictures of my models when I stop telling myself they need to be perfectly painted before being fully assembled.

By the way, you're a bubble of happy energy. Just saying :P

7th August 2016, 11:02 PM
A bubble of happy energy? You think so...? Wait, if that's a good thing, I shouldn't complain.

I see, so Seth is your real name! I feel like that's a common method nowadays, using real names in usernames. In my day, we were yelled at for even thinking about it. You youngsters! xD Wait, no, you're older than me. Ow, my head hurts from thinking too hard xD

FMP was great to me too, as for Gundam...My favorite will always be G Gundam, I don't know why. It just is. What games count as casual? :D

7th August 2016, 11:51 PM
Yah, compliment it was. It was also taboo to do as you say back in the day, but that didn't stop me from doing it anyway. I didn't give a toot about others' opinions back then as I was pretty ostracized anyway no thanks to one back-stabbing friend.

G gundam was fantastic. I always love animes where the main character gains power based on emotions, or control there of. Full Metal alchemist was another fave on the list. Flappy bird, bejewled, solitare, that sort of thing I consider casual. On occasion I'll enjoy them, but I usually stay away.

8th August 2016, 12:00 AM
So puzzle games and such? I love those myself- especially solitaire. I have to be careful not to get too enthralled in games though, since I'm easily addicted to things. I used to spend hours on end playing tetris when I was younger, when they first came out with apps for phones as a concept. Nowadays one I play when I'm really bored is called Jurassic Mania, but that's a weird complicated one to explain (well, the game isn't complex but...) and it's only for phones with a touch screen. Not smartphones, mind you, but...

I think I used to give my name out a lot when I was younger, at least my first name, too. But that's also because I have the most common girl's name in my country, at least for the year I was born. It caused havoc at school, that fact. But my dad, despite giving me tons of lectures and stuff from a young age on internet safety, was the one who created my first username. And all it was was the word 'Little' (because I was his little kid) and my initials... o.o;

30th November 2016, 12:59 AM
Damn Seth. It's been a while! I remember when you and I were on a a lot of the same sub topics pertaining to Outlaw Star and the translations. Good to see you again man!