View Full Version : How to Purchase: First-Time Guide

23rd March 2017, 12:29 AM
The purchase section (don't be confused by "market"—this is for virtual goods) which was originally just for 3D prints (note: it is now called the Outlaw Bazaar, not Buy 3D Prints) isn't exactly easy to navigate during your first setup. But by spending two minutes hopefully we'll have your account ready for your to begin a purchase, and any other purchases afterwards. Keep in mind that you need PayPal. Let's go to that section. You may want to do that in a new tab.


You should see "User Control Panel" under the blue row of buttons. By clicking the downwards arrow at the right of it there are two items of interest: "Addresses" and "Payment Setup". Let's go to "Addresses" first.


You must set your home country before anything else. If you eventually find your country isn't available for postage you can ask Mantis and he'll sort you out. For now, let's just add those details. Choose the country and by hitting save you'll get a bunch of options for your address. Fill that in and save. Now let's to the purchase page and select "Payment Setup".


This is quite easy. Just choose your currency and enter your PayPal e-mail. If your currency isn't listed, chances are your country isn't supported yet. If this is the case, select any currency and message Mantis after these steps. He'll work on supporting the country/currency and you can edit this later. (Figuring out postage costs for every country isn't easy!) Save this and now if you return to the listings you should have no issue from now on with purchasing items. I hope this helped. :)