View Full Version : Can someone give me a good playlist?

7th December 2017, 02:31 PM
So basically, I've been looking for a good playlist for a while now. It's just simply so hard to find one. Can someone link me one that matches my description? I want something that includes the following songs and songs like them as well:

I don't want to be (Gavin Degraw)
Happier (Ed Sheeran)
Wake me up (Avicci)
Not to young (Sabina Ddumba)
See you again (Charlie Puth)
Break Free (Ariana Grande)
XO (The Eden Project)
One Last Time (Ariana Grande)

In case you got any good rap songs that a lot of people like, feel free to give me them! ;)

If you have an already completed playlist, I'd appreciate it a lot if you sent it.

4th January 2018, 10:56 PM
Why not just make a saved playlist on Youtube? Just search for a song and the suggestions to the side will be similar songs and artists. That is what I do. Makes it easy to get a matching playlist.