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23rd September 2018, 11:27 PM
I had this discussion with a friend the other day. While we both agreed the upfront cost of PC gaming was more, he felt the overall cost of PC gaming was higher while I disagreed. Yes, you have to pay for a good computer that can run games but it goes beyond on that and lasts many years, especially when you update hardware. Console gaming is a fixed price. You will end up spending more over time than you would on PC.


24th September 2018, 07:16 AM
Pc gaming, since you need to upgrade your pc to play to higher graphical games.

24th September 2018, 11:31 PM
I beg to differ. On the contrary, upgrading every couple of years is more economical than buying a whole new console. For instance, a lot of Xbox One players spent over $500 on an Xbox One X. Hell, some even bought an Xbox One S as well.

As far as initial costs go... it depends. If you want the absolute best graphics it'll cost you more. Arguably, you could get a PC just as powerful as a console for the same price, but because there are so many arguments regarding this, it makes it hard to make any conclusive point. Let's say that getting a pre-built PC that's slightly more powerful might cost up to $200 more than the console counterpart. Now what if a new version of that console comes out in a couple of years? If you want to keep current, be prepared to pay even more than what you already paid (trading in doesn't get you much) and transfer all your settings, maybe download loads of games again.

On PC you just swap the GPU for the same change. It's quite easy. To be fair, PC's faced a bit of a GPU crisis for a while now due to cryptocurrency mining, but the market's recovering. Anyway, upgrading isn't the only saving. You'll recoup far more than $200. Let's say a PC lasts you five years, like how a console might. Xbox Live Gold (not sure about PS Plus) will cost you $50 annually, so that's $250 for that alone. Steam is free and I much prefer it to consoles, but I won't go into that. Yeah, I know you get games with that $50. It's a good deal. However, your games are held hostage. If you stop paying them they disable everything you paid for; a rental indeed. A better deal is Humble Monthly.


I've been with Humble Monthly for a while now. Like with the PC platform, its higher cost most discourage a console gamer. Currently, a year is $132 and here's a link to this month's games (https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly/p/september_2018_monthly). The biggest difference is that like said, the games are always yours. The 10% store discount and charity donation are a cool bonus, but most importantly there's a far greater game quantity. If I recall right, you get one "recent" AAA game, one Xbox 360 game and one indie game with Xbox Live Gold. You get nine games with Humble Monthly. They're not just indie either; usually a few are AAA. If you prefer you needn't bother with Humble Monthly. You still get online multiplayer in respective games, free.

I just can't fathom why anyone would think consoles are cheaper. You can regularly find games that would cost $20 or greater in console marketplaces for $5 or less on PC. All of this adds up. Don't get me wrong though. I see value in consoles and I wasn't always a PC gamer. Over six years ago I'd have honestly been hard-pressed to recommend PC over console, but the platform has really exploded in recent years. I think there are over a thousand well received AAA games. I just feel less reason to return to console every year. Not only can I take my Steam library with me, but I can emulate a lot of console games from Wii U and earlier.

25th September 2018, 07:55 AM
Consoles cost 500 new, to get a PC that can play the high end games with decent graphics then you're looking at 1500!

25th September 2018, 12:19 PM
Just search for 700 computers (or convert to USD for more results) and you'll find plenty of computers with graphics that surpass console graphics. With that extra 200 consider the extra console costs like the mandatory online charges.

Here's quite an unbiased video:


And another (which is more biased)...


25th September 2018, 12:48 PM
700 for normal graphics yes, but most people want ultra graphics and that'll cost the amount I said in my post.

25th September 2018, 01:36 PM
My computer has stunning graphics (ultra in most games) and equivalent hardware wouldn't cost anything near 1500. Even so, I wouldn't have got this system if I didn't need the beefy hardware for other purposes. The majority of PC games can be played at good settings (on average matching or greater than console) for around 200 more a console's price (obviously an estimate since there's so much hardware to choose from) and more PC gamers than you think are fine with a computer like that. If they weren't and they couldn't afford a more powerful PC why would they be bothering? They could get a cheap console if they were unhappy with PC gaming. They choose PC because they prefer the platform, even if their graphics aren't the best in the world.

You're making the assertion that most PC gamers are graphics whores, but there's so much more to it than that.

25th September 2018, 02:43 PM
Here's proof hat pc gaming is more expensive than consoles: https://www.gamespot.com/forums/system-wars-314159282/pc-gaming-is-now-truly-too-expensive-compared-to-c-33420199/

25th September 2018, 05:46 PM
Everybody knows Gamespot is one of the cesspits of gaming forums (alongside IGN, NeoGAF, GameFAQs and others) and linking to a locked thread to boot makes me wonder if your post is sarcastic. ;) At three pages long, I'm not sure which part of it you're talking about. A forum thread in itself is usually subjective. Whether PC is more expensive depends on the hardware you're buying, which is also subjective. As said, even with equal hardware to a console, PC can work out cheaper over time if you plan to buy over a dozen games. If you're only buying a couple maybe console is cheaper.

25th September 2018, 11:41 PM
My computer is a budget build that cost me about $500. I have upgraded a few parts 2 times since it was first built so in total, I likely spent around $850 on it. It runs demanding games fine but I intend on upgrading it again in the near future so I can do some streaming for fun. I have spent maybe $140 total on games in the last 3 years. Steam runs sales regularly so I can get full price games ($60) often for $35 or less. A lot of the games I play cost less than that even and a few (Warframe for example) are completely free.

1st October 2018, 11:07 AM
I believe gaming PCs are way more expensive compared to their console counterparts. I high-end gaming PC may cost you more than a $1000 to build yet PlayStation sells for roughly $400 on Amazon. The PS has exclusivity of great games too like God of War, Uncharted, and the Last of Us which are excellent.