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24th November 2018, 04:21 PM
Not much to say here yet, but making a journal as so many of you seem to have one!

Iím on a three-and-half-hour drive home from our road-trip now. We drove through Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois!

30th November 2018, 04:16 AM
This entry is about feeling too busy.

School (along with my OCD over it) has gotten to the point where I spend 12+ hours on it daily. Most days, I have at least one test or quiz that I had to study for the night before! I've been going to bed unhealthily late, too o_O It just feels like there's ALWAYS something I need to be doing - especially since my new school is obsessed with sports and CONSTANTLY throwing "team dinners" and the like :( Sometimes I'll work on homework the whole time I'm at home, and it's still 10 PM by the time I finish. And other days, when I think I need to do some "ninja-training activities" it'll end up being even later!

My Mom signed me up for speech-therapy, because she thinks I've lost the ability to pronounce the letter 'S':@ I feel personally I've lost the ability to sleep peacefully without thinking constantly of that huge project due the next day for my Spanish class.

Plus, it's not like I'm even doing well. My goal at the beginning of the year was all 'A'' s every quarter, which I got for #1, but (because of my road-trip last week) I've lost the ability to complete several assignments in Programming and Algebra, so I'll pretty much need a perfect four weeks to get an 'A' out of those:thinking: It won't happen.

I just about have time to get onto my forum, post on it, and update it slightly each week (good thing I have no way to watch the new Indonesian episodes:P) . So sorry I've not been able to visit this place as much as I'd like to either lol.

This wasn't intended to be a rant, but seems it ended-up being just that..!

30th November 2018, 11:22 AM
That's a helluva lot of schoolwork. Ninja-training, eh? You planning to become some kind of robber? :swanzothinking: Or maybe you're going to appear on Ninja Warrior.

I'm not sure why your mother signed you up for speech therapy. If you can't say the letter 'S' you'd have been saying that school is cool all this time, and why would she complain about that?! :aishaawkward: If you only have very minor speech problems I don't think speech therapy's important. I had some real problems as a young boy and was signed up for it. It seemed to have completely fixed it.

Are you Asian? I can't imagine many western parents being nearly that strict! But to be honest with you, you'll probably thank your mother in a few years. My parents are quite uneducated and they never pushed me to do well. I ended up with pretty average grades. I'd have probably done a lot better if I had parents that gave a damn. Having a drill sergeant around all the time must be frustrating though.

Don't worry about your absence. I've found it hard to visit the KH forums lately and I don't have a good excuse like you. I'm gonna get round to it.

Rants are fine. They're what journals are for, lol.

1st December 2018, 05:13 AM
Haha, the latter - I've been obsessed with competing on (American) Ninja Warrior since my grandmother found it six years, lol. Two more years and I can finally go on!

Lol, I don't know why she wants me to do the speech thing. I had issues years ago (and attended speech for half-an-hour every Tuesday and Thursday during school, it was kind of fun!), but (my Mom has said before) I'm fine now. Haha we're just Irish Ohioans :P (though soon I'll be a Floridian once again:mellove:), and my parents aren't putting the pressure on me - I'm doing it myself! I've been receiving letter-grades for SEVEN DANG years now, and every time, there has been a quarter where I get a 'B' in a class or too - highly annoying to me! My goal is all A's throughout all quarters (and preferrably midterms/finals!). Doesn't look like it's happening now, as I missed so much during my road-trip and my Programming teacher is sooooort of insane:P

Haha, don't worry when you can't make it on KH either. I would say that it's busy enough already, though that would be a lie as I've made over half of the posts for the past few weeks :@ BUT these things go in cycles and hopefully Dan will return to being a daily poster, eventually! There are a few surprises coming on Christmas day - nothing exciting though haha! (Sorry, I get excited about KH, lol).