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8th March 2019, 06:03 PM
Aaaaaaaand we're back in action! We're already up to Chapter 4, and there's no stopping us now. I'm not much of a reader outside of manga, and even then I hadn't been making the time recently until these threads started going up. Now I know why book clubs are popular :aishasmile: Anyway, picking back up from last thread's zany chapter, perhaps we'll see more story progression this time? Maybe we'll see the return of our favorite organ-in-a-jar? Who knows!
Thanks goes to You're Welcome Scans again for giving this niche series the love it needs for us to read it.

If you noticed it's me doing this and not Mantis, it's because he's busy with our own in-house manga project, so I offered to take on things like this. It may continue being me in the future, it may not. The content and purpose of these threads remain the same!!!


As always with the FRHS threads, keep in mind that there are un-tagged spoilers below this post. Please read the original thread for some general information about this group review if you're starting 4 threads in for some reason :aishawtf:

Chapter 4 (https://yourewelcomescans.wordpress.com/2015/05/14/future-retro-chapter-4-mark-2-release/)

11th March 2019, 04:07 PM
Damn, another chapter that's 95% senseless goofing around without progressing the story or building the characters. I'm getting a little worried that this manga will devolve into slapstick humor page-after-page once we get through a story arc or two. That being said....two things of note in this chapter that I caught. One was the Fortuner telling Juji that he has "leveled up". Will that be an actual mechanic in this series going forward or was that just a one-off comment? Secondly, we get a cool new character on the final page! Sure, she may just wind up being goofy as all hell once her edgy intro is over and done with, but for now I'm excited to see a fresh face since I wasn't jiving with the main cast over this chapter & the last.

I'll see you guys this coming Friday! Not sure if it'll be Mantis or myself, but one of us will get the next FRHS thread up.