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13th March 2019, 06:26 PM

I ordered this on eBay a couple of weeks back and it came today. I was taking a risk since it cost nearly $30 with no assurance it would contain anything useful. All I knew was that it featured Takehiko Ito. Sure enough, there are a few pages about Outlaw Star and I mean that quite literally. He only has four pages. Worth it? To the average fan, no. To a lunatic like me who must HAVE ALL OF THE MERCH, yes. However, rather than artwork itself the book is more about the specifics of drawing manga. At the start it explains all the tools of the trade and the jargon (screentones, etc.) and general advice for a budding mangaka.

Then it goes into how professional mangaka handle it in their own chapters. Now for some very crude quick photos I took.


That's Takehiko Ito's first page. I don't know who the character is but I easily recognised Ito's style.


At the top you'll see Takehiko Ito's persona, Black Point. This page demonstrates the screentones he uses and his other techniques.


Finally, some Outlaw Star stuff. I can't really tell what it's about, but I'm curious.


The final page. This is all very brief but I'm glad I got the book. This is one of the few art books that features the manga instead of being about the anime. I look forward to getting some high-res scans and a translation, and that goes for other books that feature interviews with Takehiko Ito.

13th March 2019, 07:43 PM
I look forward to getting some high-res scans and a translation

I'll take that as my cue that I'm supposed to toss these pages in the hopper for my translation evenings with a certain someone.

Thanks for sharing, btw :beer: