View Full Version : What happened to Hip Hop?

11th November 2019, 08:50 PM
I grew up on mostly alternative rock and indie style music be it mainstream or not. I started to get into rap in the late '90s and eventually had enough of it by 2005. I think around this time it had begun to change too much and I couldn't stay interested in the direction it was going.

I listened to some of today's "hot hip hop" and I don't understand how anyone can get behind this stuff. Most of it has no message to it. It is just repetitive non-sense with a focus on either sex, drugs, or violence. I know rap has always had these aspects but it almost seems like it is making a mockery of black communities and dumbing them down at this point.

Hip hop used to be poetic and have meaning, it told stories and now... It is just people sounding like they have marbles in their mouths and big butts bouncing everywhere in music videos.

What happened?

12th November 2019, 02:22 PM
Not sure. I couldn't stand hip hop or rap during the period you were interested in it, I was listening to classic rock at that time and then I moved on it's metal/stuff with as much yelling as possible. I didn't really follow anything related to hip hop or rap until like 2016 in Grad School when I finally started accepting invitations to go out with fellow students and heard a few songs I liked. These days I'm big into that emo rap fad (not the look or behavior, just the music). Unfortunately that really leaves me with no answer to your question since I wasn't involved back then.