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14th February 2011, 03:03 PM
Wow! I'm not even sure where to start on this one. My week so far (going along with my work schdule/week which is Fridays-Tuesdays and off on Wednesdays and Thursadays), has been kinda hectic.

My Monday night(which is Friday night for you guys) was not so much fun. Ever get this feeling your surrounded by idiots? I get it alot at work. :S I was asigned to work with this two complete idiots: one that takes being a space cadet to a completely different level. The other a over-the-top sex-freak. Eww! ~shudders~ :S The space case thinks I'm a vampire because I work over-nights(but so does she what's that make her?...Getting to it), she thinks her preverted little friend in a werewolf, and to put the cherry on top, she thinks she's a princess! My reaction: O.O ....ok...Going back to work now. Have fun!

To make that night even more fun, I almost knocked my self out in the bathroom. I was getting up and somehow bummed the s*** outta my head while attempted to stand up. I didn't wanna get splashed with public potty water! Ok!? :S So then I had a big *** horn growing out out of my head. :'(

Next night my temporately tooth falls out during the beginning of the meeting. (Which is the first 15 mins. of the night.) I was so shocked and not very happy about it. I looked like a damn crack-addict. :'(


I try to find those cap and crown kits for fake teeth, but we were all out of them. So I had to deal with it.

Tonight or last night was not so bad, nothing else bad happened. I was spared for the night. XD

Now only two more nights, and them I will be free! :D (For two nights!) lol

Today I am waiting for the dentist people to call me back and let me know when they will put in my premanent tooth. I was suppose to have been done Thursday, but dued to the weather/snow...they were closed and one of the ladies that work there call me from her house and told me I would have to reschdule today because they are closed. I tried calling but they were busy. Will try again if they don't call me soon.

lol XD GAWD! I'm so boring! But anyways....here's my first jorunal entry. I'm making an effort to start something. I'm just very quiet most of the time; that and I go brain-dead with loss of words sometimes. XD So you have been warned.

15th February 2011, 12:37 PM
Hehehe, sounds like some fantasy fun for you, Bloody ;)

I've worked with some dead-heads before too. I often think that about pupils who call me to book driving lessons for my dad. They're the stereotype of the Welsh and it's painful to listen to them. "I wanna' book in a lesson, alright butt*?!" They don't talk, they shout as though they've never used a phone before and don't think I can hear them unless they shout.
* Butt is a coloquial term for 'Buddy'. Kinda like 'Bud' ' I suppose..

So.. she thinks she's a princess, eh? I'd bring her a frog and tell her that her Prince will transform from the frog once she kisses it XD Or put in some fake fangs and growl at her... Or just as you walk into work, shield your eyes from the bright lights and moan that it's too bright... But that's just me.

Sorry to hear about your head; I would've done the same thing! I once slammed myself into the back of a public toilet door because the splash was so big. I didn't want it to touch me! XD

Hope things get better soon and stay as interesting for your sanity :D

15th February 2011, 02:39 PM
lol Thats funny! You should shout back! I would! XD On the phone, that is!

So you and your dad do driving lessons? :) Thats neat. I'm still reading my driver's book. I'm too much a chicken to drive, but I'm getting better. I've drove a little bit. I'm not sure when I'll feel ready to take the written test and then the real one behind the wheel. It makes me nervous. O_o

lol That pervert I had to work with like to call me "Buddy" too. I hate it with the passion! I ain't your buddy! I'm so mean, but it sounds so cheesy, and ewww! kinda feeling. :S

Thats funny! :D I should try those! But then-again, I probably won't 'cause I'm too nice for my own good. hehe

You slammed your head?! I knocked mine good up against the door lock/handle! It left a dent and a growing horn on my head! XD The pain and the naughty words I said! I feel sorry for the poor soul(s), if anyone heard me! ROTFL

I think the worst has pasted. I finally got my dentist appointment reschduled this Thurday! :) So happy to get that done and out of the way! I could probably do the happy dance! :D

15th February 2011, 07:33 PM
...sup buddy?

16th February 2011, 02:37 PM
lol XD No! No! No! He'd say, "Heeey Buuuudddy!" XD

16th February 2011, 06:11 PM
"I'm not your buddy, friend!"
"I'm not your friend, guy!"
"I'm not your guy, buddy!"

18th February 2011, 11:56 PM
A new journal! Good stuff. Oh, I know about being surrounded by idiots at work, but I'm referring to the customers. XD Supermarkets aren't so good for that at the checkouts. Yeah, I have a very weird neighbour who believes in such things called "wereleopards". I can relate to how annoying it must be! Ignoring them is usually the best way to deal with it. Or a more direct approach.

I hope your dentist appointment has/will go well. Blegh, dentists.

19th February 2011, 05:30 PM
Asher: XD You're funny! Nice!

Mantis: Thanks, it 'twas my first one, and yes the customers can be really annoying sometimes. To be honest, alot of them at work are just flat out rude, and try to run into your butt with those damn store scooters and buggies. O_o GAWD! What is their problem? That 'tis interesting. Wereleoparads, you say, huh? You have some interesting neighbors. Most of my neighbors are the elderly. So I haven't heard anything like that from any of them. They really do come or talk much. Mostly with just my dad, but I'm guessing because he's much older too.

The dentist thing went pretty good. They did a roof can-now on my right-front tooth, and they discussed whether or not my false tooth that came is the right color to match my teeth. They thought it was a tad too dark, and when they put it on for me to see, I had to agree with them. It kinda was a bit off, so they're gonna send it back to the lab, and have it lighten.

20th February 2011, 11:47 AM
Vampires? So they do exist outside the roleplaying universe I last attended? :)

Dentists, hm. Dentists used to be one of my worst nightmares ever, but I have been through quite a bit of everything when it comes to teeth, even operated twice recently. After all the painless stuff, I feel my fright of dentists to be dissipating over time, and I no longer feel scared. Needles were also one of my worst nightmares, but when it comes to dentists and teeth, I could not care less anymore!

Nay, you are not at all boring. As I have said before, I do not know much to say often (either that or I never stop typing gibberish!) nonetheless I read. Good luck with the tooth thingy, and hopefully your head feels a little better now.