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12th April 2011, 07:58 PM
So, decided to actually make one of these, which will prolly be update once a decade after about a month or so of regularish updates - this pretty much happens with EVERYTHING I do.

So I've decided I'm going to start with 31st March, simply because that was when Kitacon was, and I haven't squee-d enough about it yet, or expressed the lols and giggles.


31st March 2011

I travelled acrossed and slightly down from King's Lynn, Norfolk to Birmingham to go to Kitacon III, which was being held at the Hilton Hotel. And since I was armed with a large suitcase, a stuffed backpack, a brightly coloured shoulder bag and a 5ft object wrapped in bin bags I got some... looks.

My journey route was this;
King's Lynn ->30mins-> Ely
Ely ->2 hours-> Birmingham New Street
Birmingham New Street ->5mins?-> Birmingham international

The most annoying part of the journey was at Ely. I had to wait practically an hour for the Birmingham train, cause King's Lynn sucks for getting trains that actually connect well together. So I was sat on a bench, my suitcase and backpack on the floor next to me, my very delicate 5ft object across my lap. The rest of the bench was totally empty.

A buisness man clocked this fact, and made a bee-line for the empty bench. he then clocked me. And decided to stand lol.

On the Birmingham train, I spent 2 hours sewing as I hadn't finished my Quina Quen costume. Two male members of the older generation say in the same chair formation thing as myself. One was disheartened as he left the shirt at home which was missing a button - had he known that there would be a sewing teenager on the train next to him, he would of brought it. I laughed.

After arriving in Birmingham international, I bumped into this girl I did not know at all. However, my convention senses tingled and I knew that this girl was a Kitacon-er! I swear it wasn't the kita t-shirt, or the four bags that gave it away. We had both used google maps to see how we get from the station to the hotel, which told us that it took half an hour. We couldn't be bothered with that sh*t so got a taxi and halfed it between us (3 each). However, upon arrival we realised that GOOGLE MAPS LIED! It took us all around the airport, but it turned out that we could GO THROUGH IT! and it would of taken 5 minutes! Which was shorter than the taxi ride! Typical! lol Anyway, pulling up to the hotel, we spotted a massive Turks cosplay group! Well, they were buisness men, but the massive Turks group comment was funnier.

At the Hilton Hotel (which I stayed at!!! It's overrated), my friend (Taol) and myself were loitering in the bar, without a drink cause 3 for a smallish glass of coke is ridiculous, when Scowny - basically the foreman for all Kitacon stuff, walked up behind us and yell "the registry will be opening, FOLLOW ME!" So we all frollicked behind him down to the registration area - and we then had to wait for 20 mins for it to actually open. We were like "you lied Scowny..." Anyway, I was the fourth person to register (well get my name tag) :3 Which meant cheaper shizz, cokes went to 2 instead (which is great if you want a social drink lol!) yet lemonade and vodka was still stupidly expensive, 7!

Skipping forward a few hours, me and Taol was in our hotel room, discussing the best way for us and Sarah (Taol's friend) to sleep in the room on Thursday night (she relied on her boy friend's - Gill - recount on how many night - he got it wrong). We thought about pushng the beds together, however, we discovered that they liked to move cause they were on wheels. Pointing out that, even though it would be amusing for the other two if the one in the middle suddenly hit the floor in the middle of the night, the one in the middle isn't gonna be that happy about it. Sarah then came up and decided that she'll sleep on the floor between us - since the floor was stupidly cushiony.

Later that evening, when Taol was preoccupied in the bathroom, Sarah and I discovered just how much the beds moved. She went to sit on Taol's bed, and it promptly moved out the way of her buttocks, resulting on her falling down the side of it - I was in stitches.

1st April
So actual start of the con. I was dressed as Anri Sonohara from Drrr! (although I wanted to be Shizou, but he was taken by Gill... AND THEN GILL DIDN'T DO HIM D8 ) Taol as Erika, her bf (Jake) as Walker (Erika's bf), and her two male friends (Ed and Tom) dress as Kiba and Shinra's dad (respectively). We went up to Gill's and Sarah's room... an Executive room - which was impressive cause Sarah missed out getting a kitacon room, and got it for 80 (5 more than us) when she went through another site. Not so impressive, that pretty much at the same time, Tom booked his room, for 120 a night. Which proves that you shouldn't go direct to the website lol. Anyway, we went to Sarah's and Gill's room, and shortly after shits and giggles about being ex-cut-ives (and me sewing again, finishing my Akatsuki cloak lol) there was a knock at the door. Gill opened it, and it was a member staff asking if he wanted any more complimentry water - which Gill took. We then noticed that LITERALLY a few moments before, Sarah had opened up a sparkling water. We were like *le gasp*

Pretty much the only negitive experience was that I went back to my room to grab some paint, at the same time the girl who was my friend is blanking me without telling my why. Well, I still said hello, cause Joe (who I get on with) was there. She was the one who looked "oh shit" and I was tempted to ask her why she was blanking me - deciding that I really don't give a shit anymore, I left it and let her feel awkward about it.

Later we were wandering, wondering where the hell this game room was suppose to be, when it was yelled that the opening ceremony will be starting soonish right next to us, so we queued for that, with a Dante and some Soul Eater people and a wolf fursuit guy, who took of his head as he was suffocating - his words. Also, the girl I got the taxi with was there!

Soon enough, a cue formed behind us, and we started doing the mexican wave. However, everyone behind us SUCKED and wouldn't do it.

Dante was awesome, and funny - as was wolf man.

however, I can't remember a thing that happened. Obviously I was in such hysterics that my hypocampus was starved of oxygen and couldn't record memories.

Then in the opening ceremony, (we's at the front!) we did LOADS of Mexican waves which worked!!! Started by us from Drrr, and Dante and friends. It was awesome.

Anyway, blah blah blah. opening ceremony stuff - was quite funny. There was a badly done flash video, of which one of the shots was of the new tron movie - in which the tron cosplay stood up in the dark and flashed everyone (with the lights on his suit, I mean). Can't be arsed to write anymore on that.

Later, we (Tom, Ed, Jake, Taol and myself) were in our (Taol's and mine) room. Ed was dead, as he Tom and Jake had travelled up at about 11:30pm the night before, and stayed up all night in the lobby playing yugioh. He went to lie down on Taol's bed... And Taol's bed migrated again - cue everyone in hysterics.

2nd April
Found egg shell in my fried egg!

Dressed as Quina Quen. in the Masquerade too. Couldn't see a single thing cause of my mask on stage - it was really scary.

3rd April
Was Deidara. Frollicked in the daffodils with Tobi (who was Jake). When he went off to play the yugioh tornement, I bumped into another Tobi. I was then accused by my Tobi of cheating lol.

Also, bumped into a freaking awesome naruto in Toad Sage form. We did some amusing photos of him beating us up. As he so would. then did some more photos of me beating up my Tobi.

Had a short day on Sunday, since I was travelliung back.

At kitacon, I bought;
one K-on plushie for my friend who whinged in text form as she really wanted to go - if anyone else did this is would annoy me, but it's funny when she does it
15 volumes of manga - 14 tsubasa RC volume 1-14 and 1 DNAngel volume 13
One giant wall scroll of Grimmjow Jaegarjaques

Including all tickets and hotel room but excluding cosplay costs, this con cost me 320, the hotel, train tickets, and kita ticket was about 220.

April 4th
Checked my Facebook... And discovered I got my job back! this means that Ayacon is gonna happen!!

After many mind changes, meaning that the loli musketeers and Super hero Fruit maids were cut from the cosplay list, left myself, Catnip-Dreams and Monixion stuck for cosplays. However;

April 11th
After hanging up on my mother on the phone, I thought it would be best not to be home at the same time as her. So i went to Monixion's.

At his, Catnip-Dreams and I started to flick through the instruction leaflet of Sengoku Basara; Samurai Heroes, where I spotted the character Tsuruhime, who has the same hair as Catnip-Dreams. After a closer look at the character in game (which made me envious as I won't be able to get it as I don't have a PS3 or a wii), it also turned out that she acted exactly the same as her! So she decided that one of hers will be her. Monixion then decided he wanted to cosplay Ieyasu from the same game (mainly cause he's relatively simple), and I went home at about 10pm, with my mind boggling at this game and anime. I want to cosplay Saika, but she wears tight clothes which mean I'm not confortable, and then also Mitsunari, cause I could just bleach my hair white lol. Then thought that as much as I would want to, my hair is almost black, so it would take ages lol.

12th April
Watched some episodes of Sengoku basara; Samurai Kings (anime). Decided, after 3 eps that I will cosplay Date Masamune, the one eyed dragon. this means that one of my cosplays for aya means I need to make some chainmail and a butt load of armour!! It's actually quite simple, it just takes time. Making chainmail will take ages - it'll cost me 30 and that's just for two sleeves.

Need to find out Monixion's arm measurements to find out how much materials for his chainmail arm will be needed. And yes, I'll pretty much be making 9 - 12 cosplays by August 18th with little help. Taol knows what cosplays she's doing - and her mum will probably help.

Hopefully, Monixion can do my six swords and help with armour. And I'll show him and whoever wants to help how to do the chainmail. that should make it a bit easier on me.

The three characters I'm talking about;
I'm gonna have to add some msucle definition to his skin in places, cause although he's strong, he's not built up like this.


Date Masamune

17th April 2011, 08:27 PM
Just to clarify to anyone who thinks Catnip Dreams and Monixion are on this site; They're not, I'm just respecting their wishes and not releasing their real names onto the internet.

I've decided to first talk about the lovely things my cat does.

Like bring in live mice >__<

And dead baby mice it appears.

It's very irritating, especially when you had spent the last hour chasing down the mouse she'd brought in the night before, only for her to bring it in again 30 mins later.

Stop it, Socks, stop it now!

My obsession with Sengoku Basara has grown. I'm watching the second series now. Got annoyed at my friend Taol cause she said it's shit cause of how weird it is; her excuse being that one of the character (Date Masamune) has a stupid helmet and he's attached handlebars and motorbike exhausts to his horse.

It turns out that his rather ridiculous helmet is historically correct though - did I mention it's a historical anime?

Most annoyingly about what she said, is that she watches Ouran Host Club and Haruhi - which aren't exactly normal. So I don't see what her issue is lol.

COSPLAY NEWS! I have started one of Catnip Dreams cosplays. She's called Mami, and looks like this


Here's what I've done so far;

http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/222056_10150161628020800_644230799_7258977_6189540 _n.jpg

So far so good.

I'm adding another two layers of underskirt, as it's not poofy enough with just one. She needs to try it on before I can do anything else with it.[hr]
Also, check out my wallpaper.

The previous occupants boasted doing all the decoration/electrics etc in our house - it's shit.

17th April 2011, 11:13 PM
The fireplace looks all-too-familiar...

17th April 2011, 11:47 PM
Nice journal so far. Did these Turks have diverse hairstyles and carry weapons? 3 for a coke?! That's daylight robbery. Even 1 for a two litre Pepsi seems like a fair deal to me. 7 for lemonade and vodka... *dies* Is this a five-star hotel or something? Ah, a Mexican wave. Maybe everyone behind you was shy? Who knows? XD Wow, fifteen volumes of manga. I bet that set you back a bit.

Did your boss post on your Facebook wall or something? :P I do look forward to seeing the chain mail, by the way.

It looks like you're off to a good start with the new cosplay.

18th April 2011, 05:57 PM
@Baron: what? you have photos of loads of kids, a samurai sword and a really old lamp in your fireplace too?

@Mantis: No, they didn't. They were just buisness men. And yea, it's 4/5 star hotel. They weren't shy! THEY WERE JUST LAZY!

And 15 volumes came to a grand total of... *drum roll* 35.50! 32.50 were the tsubasa volumes.

And she sent me a PM :3


I have found material that can pass for chainmail! So instead of costing me 30 and about a million years to make me chainmail sleeves, it's gonna cost me about 10 and a day to make a whole top! HECK YEA!

18th April 2011, 07:28 PM
I said the fireplace, not the items on and around it.

18th April 2011, 07:51 PM
@Baron: what? you have photos of loads of kids, a samurai sword and a really old lamp in your fireplace too?



Dr. Killjoy
18th April 2011, 11:13 PM
Looks like your costume's off to a good start, keep it up!

20th April 2011, 05:46 PM
Thanks ^___^

New update.

19th April

Asked mum the night before to wake me up as she left (at about 8am) as I had stuff to do before Catnip came round to try on the costume so far.

She didn't. However, I woke up at about 8:45 due to said friend texting me saying when I wanted her round. She quickly explained that she first had to wait for someone to come round and look after her little brother (he's 17) as hehad an argument with a bollard and lost, then used his face to cushion his fall. As a result, he got a concussion, and wasn't allowed alone for 48hours. He sprung on her that he had to be an hospital appointment - in 15 mins. Luckily, they live a 5 minute walk from the hospital.

In a uncharacteristic manner, I got up and dressed rather than lounging in bed for ages. Particulary uncharacteristic since I woke up at 3, 4 and again at 5. For no apparent reason. I headed downstairs in a "LETS GET SEWING" manner.

And stopped dead.

There was a pigeon in my hallway.

It was alive.

After a quick "HOLYCRAPWHATDOIDOWHATDOIDO?!" moment, I did what we did for the songthrush and put it a box (my last box that I was planning on putting my friend's wig in to keep it's shape) and put teatowels over it to keep it calm. I then chucked the cat out of the house.

When catnip came over, we checked on the pigeon. From the fact it kept tilting over, we gathered that it's leg must be broken, and the win too as it was sticking at a funny angle.

After Catnip tried on the costume and it fit, we headed into town (i put food and water in the box with the bird) and informed mother that there was a pigeon in the house so she didn't get a nasty surprise when she got home.

Unfortunately, the pigeon didn't make it. Mum decided to ask our neighbour to put it out of it's misery - and he shot it with his pellet gun.

Safe to say, cat is now shut out when someone isn't in the house/is still in bed.

20th April 2011, 06:01 PM
Damn, that sucks. Your cats sure are vicious.

20th April 2011, 06:15 PM
not vicious, just a hunter.

And deciding to bring us live ones to teach us how to hunt.

20th April 2011, 06:29 PM
not vicious, just a hunter.



Dr. Killjoy
21st April 2011, 04:17 PM
hehad an argument with a bollard and lost

I walk into walls...

And bollards apparently...

...Is this something that runs in your family?

21st April 2011, 06:20 PM
He's not my brother! he's Catnip Dream's brother!!

And his argument was on a bike - mine wasn't so much an argument as it suckerpunching me.

Interestingly though, it was the same bollard both times.

Well, I wasted my day today. Was gonna finished as much as I could with my friend's cosplay. I did nothing instead.

Also, run out of episodes of Sengoku Basara season 2! Found another guy I want to cosplay as;

Chosokabe Motochika - Who is pirate!!!

http://www.gamersdailynews.com/userfiles/image/CGimage_Motochika_Chosokabe.jpg (hmm, image is freakishly huge so changed it to a link)

However, due to the fact that I have boobs, it's gonna have to be filed under "I want to do, but my anatomy prevents me"

And I think that his anchor is jet powered! He stands on it and zooms over water and through air for crying out loud! AND FLAMES SHOOT OUT OF IT WHEN HE DOES IT IN THE AIR!

*cough* Anyway...

Not a lot of you know (unless I've b*tched about it in the chatroom whilst you've been in it) but my sister Jo is getting married on Saturday 30th April, and her Hen night is on the 23rd (basically, where the bride and close female friends and female family members - though not always family - all go out and basically have one last knees up before being hitched - the guys version is called a Stag night). My sister has asked me about an hour or so ago to be a bridesmaid. She had wanted to ask in the first place, but felt that if she asked her sisters, then she'd have to ask Danny's sisters too. So instead she thought "hey, i'll go with the nieces". However, Amber (our niece, my oldest sister's daughter) may not be able to go, and Jo wants to walk down the aisle with family behind her. So now I'm a bridesmaid...

And I'm terrified that I'll mess it up.

Dr. Killjoy
21st April 2011, 09:33 PM
I remember you telling us about the hen night in the chat D=

Hope it isn't too painful! One of the best things about getting older and becoming independent is your family members no longer dragging you to stupid stuff.

23rd April 2011, 07:45 AM
Oh no, my mum is 52 and she's being dragged. Issue with a hen night - YOU HAVE NO CHOICE

Which is today D8 I can't make up for non-chatroominess! NOES!

23rd April 2011, 09:59 AM
Have fun!

Yeah, right...

23rd April 2011, 12:43 PM
I always found it to be an odd term.


I prefer the term "bachelorette party" in America.

23rd April 2011, 03:15 PM
I have time to pop on before I leave! And I shallz remember the troll face throughout tonight. The urge to print one out, put it on card, poke eye holes in it and wear it is rising....

I sit here dressed in a bright pink 50s skirt, a bright pink top and a bright pink afro wig!

I HAS A PINK AFRO XD XD I've always wanted an afro... and pink hair.

Hen night/bachelorette party = great excuse for pink afro wig.

24th April 2011, 08:40 PM
So night after the hen night.

It was meh really. Not my cup of tea. Not so murderous as I thought it would be though.

Grill house or whatever was shocking. Really bad service and there was about 15 minutes between certain meals being delivered. And we were overcharged. And it wasn't that good.

Thought we did get three free pitchers and the bride-to-be had her steak free.

Then went to the lattice house - which is a pub. really drunk and bitchy woman there. She was all chummy to the bride, but a bitch to everyone else. Mum didn't appreciate being called mum by this woman, and responded very icily to her. Which was amusing as they then had and evil staredown.

But company wise, it was brilliant. The majority of the people I actually knew!!! Most were Jo's and Barbara's (my sisters) old friends, and who have always been super nice to me XD Then the others were very open and welcoming XD So i didnt turn into my super anti-social self and sit in the corner.

PLus I had a pink afro wig on, which generally doesn't allow room for shyness.

So not too bad. And I didn't stay for Chicagos - I hate nightclubs. Loud music + crowds = X_X the only thing that could make it worse for me would if it was at the top of a skyscraper.



http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/218067_10150168162298801_706753800_6628036_252418_ n.jpg
Kat (the Maid of Honour), Lucy
Lisa, Auntie Becca, me
Barbara, Penny, mum (it is rare to get a good photo of her. She either isn't looking or talking)
Jo, Lanney, Sammy (sister of Penny)

The family :D
http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/223454_10150168163173801_706753800_6628058_4867181 _n.jpg?

At the end of the night
http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/215620_10150168163688801_706753800_6628070_4358799 _n.jpg

25th April 2011, 09:50 AM
Nice pics. How very pink. I'm glad to hear at least the social side of it was okay. I hate being in a room with a bunch of unknowns. Sorry about the chat room, by the way. I ended up falling asleep. (Did an all-nighter the night before, so as you can imagine I was pretty tired.)

Ultra-fluorescent traffic cone of hope!

27th April 2011, 08:36 PM
Yep, it's tradition that very drunk brides to be put a traffic cone on their heads - it's a ritual that brings good fortune for a brilliant wedding and marriage.


So, on the cosplay front. After getting me swords commissioned for Masamune, I realised that would not have enough money to cosplay him properly. Especially since on closer inspection it turns out he wear silk - most likely dupini silk (which is REALLY EXPENSIVE! 12 a metre). So I've decided to look into getting fake sixpack and being Chosokabe instead, the link is in a previous journal.

So, a quick look tells me he wears velvet or suede as a jacket (so I'm going wiht the fake stuff) which is lined with silk (I'm going with the fake stuff) and his trousers are chinese brocade - which there isn't a fake version of.

All in all he should work out to be cheaper than masamune, cause he doesn't seem to feel that he needs to be armoured from head to toe. AND I get an anchor.

On Monxion's cosplay of Ieyasu, we were having the same issue as HIS costume is also that ruddy 12 a metre silk. However, due to my awesomeness, I have found some taffeta in the right colour for 3.50 a metre! WHICH IS CHEAP!

Now, I know what you're thinking "hey, why doesn't she just use taffeta for Masamune?" Well, its cause that won't help, as the swords themselves will cost about 400 to have them made for me (as I have small hands so can't work with standard size hilts lol). 400 is too much.

Something which annoyed me though. I told my Taol my plight with the silk. She was like "just use cotton" Err... Cotton wouldn't work for it, otherwise I would have gone for that already. Ieyasu's clothing has a sheen to it - cotton does not sheen, period.

So I did my searching, and found my taffeta,. I announced I found taffeta for 3.50 a metre, and she was "not bad I spose"


Polycotton - the cheapest material ever - at my fabric shop costs 3.90 a metre. I pointed this out.

In non-cosplay news, I'VE BOUGHT A WEBCAM! Dead chuffed. Cause it was 34.99, which was HALF the price of the same one at PC world. *boogies*

Also - my mum is an invalid. HER "I can't put the memory card in the camera" ME *takes camera, turns memory card over, inserts memory card, hands back camera* HER "Oh..."

And, in other news... I've forgotten what it was...

Dr. Killjoy
1st May 2011, 11:08 PM

What will you be using your new webcam for?

2nd May 2011, 01:01 AM

2nd May 2011, 11:26 AM
Well, mum will be using it for ISPQ

I will be using it... Prolly to take some instant cosplay pics cause I cannot be bothered with the failage that is my camera

3rd May 2011, 09:11 PM
So, 3oth April was my sister's wedding. I was gonna write the journal when my sister uploaded her photos, but she hasn't so I've decided to mention a bit of it now. I'm not gonna really talk about it, cause I want photos to add as well.

What i will mention is that I did kareoke there. I did;

Life on Mars? by David Bowie. I started in the wrong key due to my serious nervousness of singing in front of people. However, I hit the right note for the long "is there life on MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAaaars?" bit, so I got it back
Nellie the Elephant by Toy Dolls. Did this with my little brother! XD
Space Oddity by David Bowie. it was the last song of the night too. I did alright, though struggled with his lower notes.

also, mum's 115 suit split. Well, the skirt did. Down the seams. The polyestertaft failed.

Now, cosplay progress!

http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/223217_10150174770495800_644230799_7401961_253974_ n.jpg

http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/226645_10150174770695800_644230799_7401965_5851789 _n.jpg

http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/229131_10150174775000800_644230799_7402027_1086253 _n.jpg

It's coming on nicely. waistcoat is almost finished, just need to add the bow, and move the buckles cause they're not in the right place.

Skirt, I need to tidy up the petticoat, and take it in by two inches, cause she has a tiny waist. And iron/press it.

Shirt is almost done too, that needs pressing and some edges finished. It's not on the dress form cause it's too small for it!

Left to do are arm warmers, and hair accessories.

And rifles. But Catnip is doing that.

And these photos were taken with my webcam!

Related to this cosplay, was an incident with another girl on cosplayisland. She said that Mami's hat was brown, like her waistcoat, but when I looked at some screenshots it clearly wasn't! I tried not to be too "better than thou" back at her. But it's very hard when someone harrumphs at you for "getting it wrong" when they got it wrong. And especially since I'm a perfectionist, it would of really got up my nose! I know it's not exact, cause the waistcoat is suppose to be a corset with straps, but Catnip prefers that. And it fits her better.

In other cosplay news, Chosokabe is gonna be difficult. His silk on the inside has it's own design, so I'm gonna have to make it by hand by sewing two different silks together. May be able to buy the flowers though... I'll ask the cosplay peeps.

In non cosplay news

Mum is having her operation on Monday. So she's not gonna be driving and such. She's also not gonna be smoking. So she'll be even more unbearable.

Dr. Killjoy
3rd May 2011, 09:51 PM
You sang karaoke? You have a lot more guts than I do.

I have to say, the cosplay is looking excellent! Just don't accept contract offers from strange cat-things.

3rd May 2011, 10:01 PM
Reading what you have to do to make a cosplay outfit makes my head hurt more than any amount of drink ever has.

3rd May 2011, 10:01 PM
I'll make sure not to.

Damn I want to cosplay Sayaka BUT HER OUTFIT IS SO SHORT!

6th May 2011, 11:34 PM
It's coming along nicely. Good job.

7th May 2011, 12:07 AM
Wow Nixie, how many cosplay outfits have you made before? That's pretty amazing. Must have taken quite a bit of hard work and long hours to get to where you are now. My first cosplay outfit took me a solid month to make, and it didn't even have that much sewing required. All I really had to do was hand sew the cuffs to a trench coat that was pre-made, dye a white shirt and a pair of pants, and fail epically at making a stiff white collar. The non-fabric stuff (ear fur and painting) I finished in about two hours. All of that, and I forgot which side I was supposed to match thread color to on the cuffs...ow.

That said, I salute your dedication to an art I believe cannot be done without such.

7th May 2011, 06:51 PM
Er... from scratch... I've made... Hmm, not a lot... I just enjoy sewing and I'm a perfectionist. Plus, for my earlier costumes, my granny helped me, and she use to be a home economics teacher.

Plus, I did some textiles in school. Saying that, a star shaped pillow is a lot harder than anything I've sewn before.

And I know people are gonna be like "stop talking bs" cause everyone is, but seriously, the quality isn't as good in person. There's a lot of puckering around the brown edging of the skirt, and the back of the waist coat.

Plus, the petticoat underneath is awful! but no-one will see that lol

12th May 2011, 07:51 PM
So decided to update.

First, had some say it's hard to follow wtf I'm going on about when I say Catnip, Monixion and Taol. I've decided (without asking them first lol) that I shall use their actual names, as it's not like they've got some really abstract and unique names which you can find them by.

Catnip = Bridie
Monixion = Robert (or Rob, I call him both And Robbie when I'm taking the pee)
Taol = Lindsay or Linds.

Now, Bridie is currently having a "I shouldn't cosplay Mami cause I have dark skin and the wig looks silly because of it" So I want your opinion. You would be best to ask as myself, rob and linds are all use to her with dark hair, not blonde. So, here's the image;

http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/228109_10150176212710800_644230799_7412875_5509788 _n.jpg

She's like... not even 5'5" She's be tiny!!! But her torso is the same length as mine, and I'm 5'8"!!! I was like "Duuuuuude you have tiny legs"

She also keeps putting it on back to front... I might have to put a "I GO AT THE BACK!" lable on it. Cause it looks silly with the poofy bit being at the front.

Taken with my webcam... Hence why you get to see my living room again.


Remembered the big thing as to why I don't like working at the Norfolk Lavender Farm. And that's S.F. Shirley (we have two Shirleys, Shop Floor and Office). She's a complete and utter snob, and really annoys me as she talks to me like I'm an invalid, and has that face everytime I wear something that she does not deem normal, so my black and white cat hat, my purple fake suede and fur gloves and my cupcake socks. The other staff are a bit "wtf?!" as well, but treat it in a "oh, well that's just what she likes so it doesn't matter" but SF shirley acts as if I've personally offended her with them.

She's also the sort to change the shop layout when she feels like it, but criticise when other people do it!!! Like Ruth, who had a great idea of putting some items that would be good for men to buy women on a stand at the front (as typically men don't really like to shop. They prefer going in, finding it, then buying it. Not spending an hour doing the finding). And we got a lot of sales in that way. But Ruth did it when Shirley wasn't in, and Shirley didn't like that. And told our boss's boss that nothing was selling from it, when we kept having to add more things to it. So he ruled that things should be put back. Cue us who thought it was a good idea, and Ruth, being rather ticked off - especially since she went behind everyones backs!!!

However, yesterday she got scolded for complaining to the customers about how little pay we get, how overworked we are, how there isn't enough staff and how she hasn't had a pay rise in x amount of years - even though she and her husband had several weeks off as paid leave as an alternative. It made me feel really smug lol.

Although, I have a dilemma. We got a delivery in late yesterday, and I was left to unpack it. On unpacking it, it turned out that the majority of the items were damaged. I then noticed the box was marked fragile and was also upside down. Now, after pretty much thinking it was the delievery man, I told Shirley about it. Turns out that when the delivery man delivered it, Shirley "rolled" the box in... So I'm pretty positive now that the damage to the items were cause of Shirley manhandling it. But I don't know if Julie (who's our boos and that I ahd immidiately informed of the damaged goods) knows that Shirley did that, and that the damage may not be the delivery man's fault.

And I don't particulary wanna be a tattle teller either. So I dunno what to do...

In other news, my mum went into hospital on Monday inorder to fix a problem with her arm since pretty much last year (finally). Operation was a success, and she's now at aunty Becca's to recover and find out what she can and cannot do. I'm not particulary worried about her, not because I don't really like my mum that much, she's still my mum, but because if anything went incorrectly she'd still be in hospital.

However, something that irked me was that she was worried that I would be lonely without her there. It irked me because it's not like we actually talk to each other when she's in the house. Socks talks to me more than mum does. I resisted saying, "I'm use to being alone in this house" as arguments should be avoided with her, cause otherwise it would go on and on and on and on (repeat a zillion times). But... Yea, silly to get annoyed about I know...

Cosplay news.

I'MMA GONNA COSPLAY KYUBEY!!! Since I'm a lazy fudge I can't be arsed to post a image. Also cause I plan to update with my plans for kyubey so I'll post one then.

Also, I've decided I'm gonna stick with three costumes. However, I've still not decided which Sengoku Basara character I'm gonna do. And if I'm doing Kyubey, I can't do Chosokabe cause of the size of his weapon of choice, which is an anchor on a stick at the end of the day. We're going in a small car, and Kyubey will take up room because I'm not going to do him as a gijinka.

There are various way you can cosplay a non-human character. The one I loathe which is classed by cosplayers as being the human form of the character is called gijinka. You also have the fleecey almost like babygro type, with a hood attach which you flip up to hide you face. Then you have two types for fursuits, the simpliar and smaller body suit style, and the mascot style. Both these styles have your head totally unseeable. Now, these are not classed as the human form, only the gijinka one is. The babygro has another name... can't remember what it's called though. Mascot actually wouldn't be the best for this one, as Kyubey is rather cat like. I plan for photos to be as cat like as I can, so on tip toes and finger tips, or sitting like a cat. It's very painful lol.

Also, what annoys me with the gijinka style cosplay is that it's typically girls that cosplay gijinka, so the majority of gijinka thus are female. This in itself isnt the bad thing, it's the fact that these girls turn a male non-human female. Kyubey is a male, so he shouldn't be put in a frilly dress. It wouldn't quite be as annoying if it wasn't for the fact that Kyubey is a very sleek thing. On top of that (not everyone would agree this is a bad thing) but the majority of gijinka cosplayers use it as a reason to be slutty. Considering that cosplay is not really well known, and is still just growing in the UK, I'm not the only one that wants it to be filed under "kinky dress up" Which is already happening anyway.

I didn't actually mean that to turn into a rant... Le oops.

On another rant, Beckii Cruel is a guest at Expo. For those that don't know she's a not very good cosplayer who dances anime songs but not very well. Why she is famous for being a cosplayer and dancing anime songs is beyond me. I wouldn't be so harsh, but I know better UK cosplayers who are better dancers. For me, it's just "why are you famous?"

*cough* ranting over...

Dr. Killjoy
14th May 2011, 12:00 AM
I remember talking about some of these things in the chat! The plan to cosplay as Kyubey is still on, I see.

As for your ***** of a coworker...good to hear she got a reprimand. Hopefully her behavior will eventually catch up with her. I just can't stand people who treat others like **** for no decent reason.

14th May 2011, 07:50 PM
She treats us like shit cause she's "senior staff" meaning she's been working there for 15 years so sees is as a reason to act all high and mighty. The fact is, Neil has been working there SINCE IT OPENED... He's nice as pie! Then again, he's also 70.

And my granny was a guide there for 20years, so longer than Shirley too. Granny doesn't like her much, her first advice she gave me when she got me the job (family connections ftw) was to not tell Shirley anything. She's a gossip as well.

28th May 2011, 10:31 PM

I'll do cosplay news first.

I'm not doing Kyubey. Several reasons, main one being that it won't fit in the car.

Also, I'm not doing Saika, but instead doing Fuma. This is because it'll cost me 500 to have Saika's props made, compared to 140 to have Fuma's made. And I don't have to make a strapless and backless corset for him lol. AND MY NAVAL ISN'T ON SHOW!!! FTW!

Fuma: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_RU8vXW4WLqU/TLF-9LUU4AI/AAAAAAAAV5g/J6yeFLjOaKA/Fuuma%20Kotaro.jpg

I may be doing Snake, from Kuroshitsuji (AKA Black Butler). And doing his Footman version. I don't want to work with pvc yet, not with only two and a half months before the con, so deffo can't do his performance outfit.

Performance:http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101121092339/kuroshitsuji/images/0/07/Snake_Revealed1.png Minus ropes, he was being a baaaaaaaad snakey...

Footman: http://th06.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2010/362/d/3/kuroshitsuji___snake_by_zozoblackiechan-d35wfq4.jpg


I'M GETTING 200.50 FOR THIS WEEK OF WORK!!! So happy. Wish I had neglected to tell mum that I was working Thursday and Friday, then I wouldn't have to third it... However, she doesn't know that I started at 7am on Thursday, so 2 hours of work will be rent free! BWAHAHAHAAAA!

Any of you tell her I'll get you....

There's a member of staff, who's really really nice... but a bit too away with the fairies... You can guarentee whichever till she's on will be down 10+ No clue why. She sorta acts like... well, younger than me tbh, and I'm pretty immature. She'd be a good, if somewhat irriating at times, friend but she's not a good co-worker. TBH, Julie (boss lady) didn't really want to hire her back.... She just wasn't, and isn't, that good...

Really nice though...


Well, after a few moments of thought, it suddenly hit me. WTF am I trying to get into a film and drama production uni course which will put me back 4000 (now 9000) when I want to start a commissioning store, with accessories as well?! I DON'T NEED A DEGREE TO DO THAT CRAP! I'm pretty much entirely self taught, minus being shown how to thread a machine in one class. Why should I pay to have someone teach me how to make patterns?! I'm practicing that now!

I mean, once I sell enough and have enough money, I can then take a wig making course, which is about 1500. Not too much considering they get your equipment for you.

Also, I've decided to learn how to bake and cook better, so I can help Bridie when she sets up her own business - first as an internet store, then as a cafe (it's more of a tea room tbh). It's gonna be a sorta cosplay/maid cafe (UKs first hopefully), with an area to sell my wares too, and to go into if you wish for a commission. By cosplay/maid cafe, I mean the uniform will be maid uniforms. Not slutty ones, but knee length. And have certain dates where it's cosplay of whatever (IE, say a new Devil May Cry came out, it'll be DMC cosplays).

Regarding that, I've decided that it would be awesome if we had original and imaginative cupcakes, such as apple crumble and, the one I'm working on now, banoffee pie! I've just been experimenting on two biscuit style bases for the banoffee pie (with plain cupcakes as I forgot the vanilla extract). One was Vienesse biscuit base, and the other was crumbled digestive bisuit butter mix (so it sticks). Now, I was seeing if you could bake a biscuit under a cupcake...

No, you cannot bake a viennese biscuit under a cupcake mix... The cupcake gets heavier and squishes the very light viennese mix...

However, the crushed digestive biscuit worked! it didn't burn like I was afraid of! It is a little dry, but the finish piece will be a banana cake with a toffee filling, and a butter cream!! Should give it some moist.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna get some more butter and try the viennese ones again, this time half baking them and then putting the cupcake mix on top. Hopefully, this will work.

Cafe will be called Cafe Moe, Cosplay/accesories store will be called Moe Pixies... Or Pixie Pop, but I think Moe Pixies fits better with Cafe Moe lol.

I think I'm gonna say she should call it the Cat's Eye. Loads of Clamp fans would go then lol! (so you know, in Clamp's Tsubasa, one of the characters, Fai D Flowright, sets up a cafe which gets named The Cat's Eye)