Sorry, my North American and other European friends (and beyond)—this one is UK-only!

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But I think most of us Brits will be startled by the price: 53 in total! However, you could make a best offer. Here's the thing. Perhaps I got lucky because years ago I got it for significantly less. I think over time these figures have become much more sought after. Normally I'd recommend you get something at this price from Japan, but I never see these figures in Japanese listings. Were they even released over there? 53 is a lot, but it's currently the cheapest price on eBay. You might want to take your chances and wait for a cheaper one or send a best offer. If I ever spot another cheaper listing I'll let you know. (Hopefully one that posts worldwide too.)

They're good figures, by the way. No movable parts other than the XGP's arms, but the painting is decent.