• Your country's 2021 fireworks display
  • Your country's 2021 fireworks display

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    Your country's 2021 fireworks display

    What did you think of them? I'm sure that many countries had nice ones. Mine was a little flashy but disappointing because of its political nature which honestly didn't surprise me much. But that fact is why I've put this in Blue Heaven. I certainly don't want to put a damper on your experience if your country's was simply good.

    This display probably cost around 2.3 million or $3.15 million. That's for less than ten minutes of fireworks which isn't normally anything completely out of the ordinary, but several minutes of it was a BLM circlejerk which regards an American ideology that isn't really applicable to my country. It's at a time of rightful complaints about a failing economy. Why is that amount largely being spent on these politics? This year probably less was spent on the pyrotechnics than the political propaganda that lit up the sky.

    I'd like to check out the videos from other countries when I get the chance the next night. They often do really nice jobs. London's was a letdown, not just because of the politics.

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    I didn't see any this year. I used to watch the countdown in New York with my mother and grandmother. Been several years since I bothered watching. Too cringy and political. I don't even bother anymore. I went to bed before midnight as well. I don't know if any were blown off locally. I would imagine they were just because 2020 ended. lol

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