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    Feminists Against Trans Women

    This is something that has been going on for a few years but is getting more and more attention.

    Trans women by definition of today's standards are men believed to be women in their minds. You don't have to get any operation or go through any therapy. You simply say you are a woman and people are forced to believe you, beard or no beard. Issues some feminists are bringing up is that biological males/men are pushing their way into woman only spaces. This is with bathrooms, prisons, careers, sports, and even the Olympics.

    I am all for people being treated fairly but lets be real here... Even the weakest man can be stronger than a strong woman. Biologically speaking. Hormone blockers do not work for this. Males are stronger than females, period. I agree with them in the sense that trans women shouldn't be performing against biological women in sports because it sets an unfair advantage and many people want to ignore this. For contact sports, it can mean severe injuries. Males and females are different, no matter what they want to say. Science proves this..

    I don't see a solution for this though. To not agree with anything they want to push, they call you trans-phobic.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    I was thinking about this topic when I watched a video by Birdman last night.

    Crazy that a man's able to break lots of women's world records in such a small space of time when he's not nearly as good as the male world record holders. As stupid as I think this is, I do think it's a little hypocritical of certain activists who are fighting for "equality" and "diversity" to call men out for this. They should have focused on other issues by now, like trans parents brainwashing their children at a very young age when kids shouldn't be thinking about anything like this. Or worse yet, parents guiding their impressionable children to transition. Of course, this isn't as big of a deal...
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