• What are your thoughts on what happened with Hong Kong recently?
  • What are your thoughts on what happened with Hong Kong recently?

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    What are your thoughts on what happened with Hong Kong recently?

    I think most people here will be aware of what China did recently with their laws, rendering Hong Kong defenseless and basically destroyed. I think it is horrible and I really feel for those people. I know in the UK, the door was recently opened to accept immigrants there which I think is great but these people lived there their whole lives so I do not expect many people to take the offer. It is really sad. China is just not a good place.

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    Hong Kong was a British colony for over 150 years. From that they enjoyed the benefits from living independent of the communism in mainland China. It's a shame that the British government felt the need to hand Hong Kong back to China, but it was under the "one country, two systems" condition that was agreed to last until 2047.

    China has now completely violated that. Every Hongkonger has British roots in a manner of speaking, going back several generations. They wouldn't have been able to enjoy their freedoms otherwise. While I'm not completely open to immigration under normal circumstances, I'd be completely fine with Hongkongers gaining citizenship here. Given what's happening to them I expect to see many taking the offer.

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    I think a lot of them will take the offer. Everyone I've met from HK has been pro-British rule. Nobody i'm aware of in HK is campaigning for Chinese rule, except for mainland China itself.

    Regardless of what the people want, the UK & China made a deal which has been violated.
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    Here are my few cents:

    HK National Security Law (NSL) text
    Hong Kong national security law full text | Special Administrative Regions Of China | Chief Executive Of Hong Kong

    China Uncensored

    Works by Stefan Molyneux
    Hong Kong (HK) fight for freedom

    HK is fucked.

    The Peoples Republic of China, which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, has now full jurisdictional control over the Special Administrative Region (SAR).

    The new law can impact me should I travel to or thru HK. If I interpret it, it can mean, if I step off an airplane for a connection, the authorities can detain me.

    In my opinion, HK has every right to fight for and secure itselves to be a free independent city state, similar to Singapore.

    Yet for that to happen, the HK would need to fight the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA), and that is a massive army.

    I say that because I am from Texas and Texas history.

    Historical Context: At one time was Texas a state in Mexico. Mexico had a constitution of 1824, that allowed for state autonomy (like a confederation or federation). Texas was open land that received government approval to allow settlers to settle the land. Time moves into the mid 1830's, a guy named Santa Ana gets elected to president and he has a centrist ideas about government and so replaces the original constitution to allow for reforms and centralization and reduced state autonomy. The Texans and other did not agree an lo and behold: The Texas Revolution kicks off, along with other Mexican states in open rebellion.

    Texas sent folks to Mexico City to bring back the original constitution, but they were imprisoned.

    So Texas fought for freedom and got it.

    From my perspective, China-PRC has done exactly what the Mexican government did.

    The State promised autonomy.
    The State withdraws it.
    The people do their duty to bring it back.
    The State rejects it.
    The people have their revolt.

    That is something to me that makes sense.

    Now the next generation of HK will be like my wife:

    People in china don't talk about their government bc it won't change and wi only bring the communists officials knocking.

    So the chinese just keep critical thoughts in their minds and to themselves.

    The communists really believe in "social stability".

    I don't think i can go back to China, HK, or visit Macao.

    I can only go to Taiwan-ROC now.

    This NSL will force folks to relocate from HK to the UK or other commonwealth nations.

    When I lived in New South Wales,, Australia (2009-2011) as a mormon missionary, I met LDS members who fled HK to Australia before the 1997 hand over. A lot of Chinatown have those HK folks because of that.

    I still have some HK friends from the mission who were missionaries from HK and one of them is very much open to relocating, but he is worried about employment opportunities in the UK.

    I 100% get that and sympathize.

    I hope that folks realize that inalienable rights supercede a standard of living.

    Sorry that this is long.

    What are your thoughts on what happened with Hong Kong recently?-screenshot_20200704-085658_chrome-2-jpeg
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