• History and Origins of Man
  • History and Origins of Man

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    History and Origins of Man

    What can the past teach us?

    History is one of my favourite subjects of interest. Particularly Ancient/Archaic, where there is a lot of speculation and mystery.
    When I consider how old our species is supposed to be, what our ancestors had to accomplish to get us to where we are today, I see it of great importance that History is not forgotten, and that we keep exploring it so that we get as accurate picture as possible.

    Who were our ancestors, and what were they like? What challenges did they have to overcome compared to us?

    One figure that comes to mind is Graham Hancock. A writer and journalist by trade, he aligns himself with a community of historians, scientists and archaeologists who explore ancient mysteries. He's also done quite a bit of his own investigative work. While "Alternative History" may have a bad reputation, and there are plenty of theories out there that are most likely incorrect, people like Graham are committed to delivering qualitative information that really makes you think.

    His book Fingerprints of the Gods is an international best-seller, and it was because of such information found in that book (and others) that a lot of people began to question the established paradigm of history in a big way.

    His appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast back in 2011 reignited a fascination in me, for ancient history, that I'd had since I was seven. Below is the video in question

    It's pretty long, as lots of podcasts tend to be, but it should be easy to put down and pick up where you left off if you have to. It's quite interesting listening to him recap his findings that span over the course of thirty years.

    Of course, I keep a bit of a grain of salt with about every piece of new information that I hear, and I expect the same from everyone else. Which brings me to some topical questions:

    • What is your opinion of History and the sciences thereof?
    • Is there room for alternative views and ideas?
    • If you like History, what particular subjects interest you? (e.g. Medieval, Ancient, Modern... European, Asian, Latin-American, Geological, Astronomical)


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    I like things related to government. We've come a long way and there are many structures of organization that have promised security. Reading the books Ascent of Man was fascinating in that the collection of clusters brought innovation.

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