• Does the "news" make things worse?
  • Does the "news" make things worse?

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    Does the "news" make things worse?

    It seems like when a tragedy happens, the news almost makes it look and sound in a way to make people react in a bad way. This is not to say people shouldn't feel bad for what happened at that Ariana concert last night but it almost causes a chain reaction of people being sexist, racist, anti-religion, ect.

    Have you ever looked at the comments online after something like this happens? It is gross!

    I may not spend a lot of time on social media but a few glances just made me sick to my stomach. And I am sorry but a lot of the ways people react is down to the media (including the news) making us feel fear and be scared. Fear is at the core of every dispute we have with anyone be it an issue of race, sex, or religion.

    It is almost like the news FEEDS on this and further divides us as people.


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    This has kind of been on my mind recently since ol' Roger Ailes kicked the bucket (rest in peace, dirtbag)...my general opinion is yes, in the sense that a lot of "news" in the U.S. has been commodified to such a ridiculous extent that it causes all sorts of societal ills (one could even argue commodifying it at all is where the problem started):

    1) When your goal is money, you want ratings...and when, like Ailes, you don't have any semblance of a human soul in your husk of walking stardust, you aim to stir anger in your viewers and create conflict, because it will equal ratings, which equals money.

    2) When, as has been the case for decades now, you're a Fox news or an MSNBC, you don't seek to cast as wide a net across as many demographics as possible like in the olden days with good ol' Walter Kronkite (hilariously, the conventional wisdom back then was it'd be foolish to be too opinionated one way or the other, because you'd alienate too many people): you double down and cater to YOUR crowd, and your station is basically one big circle jerk, an echo chamber. You're preaching to the choir, telling people with certain preconceptions what they already believe and want to hear (and lest we forget, "commodity" as in business, as in "the customer is always right"), thus reinforcing their beliefs and their hatred of "the other side."

    I could go on, and perhaps I will in later posts potentially (for more on this, idk if it's still on netflix but a documentary "Best of Enemies" where the quintessential intellectuals of the right and left of their day, William Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal, debate on TV, it gets heated, ratings skyrocket, and producers figure out 'oh sh*t, this is a freakin' goldmine' and well, here we are almost 50 years later, a ridiculously divided country because people are either too stupid or don't care that they're being titillated and manipulated by old pasty rich white guys like Ailes)...but in short, YES, much of what passes for "news" today, i.e. propaganda factories, are a cancer on our modern society. Unfortunately, I guess there's no going back to "and that's the way it was" like ol' Walter would do...there are news outlets that do just that, they're freakin' news lol and don't tell you WHAT to think or HOW to react, but they don't get the ratings, now do they? Snoresville, boring! Sigh....
    No one's gonna' give you a map. You've gotta' walk your own path.
    - Hilda

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