• Is there a push for Socialism in the US?
  • Is there a push for Socialism in the US?

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    Is there a push for Socialism in the US?

    Everything I am seeing people in the Democratic party seems to be in favor of collapsing the economy of the US. Not all of them but the ones on the far right. I want to specify because I don't think they are all insane. The push for open borders, free health care to illegal immigrants, and higher minimum wage are all "good intentions" disguised with what I believe is a push to uproot America and shift it into a socialist country.

    The thing that people don't seem to understand about socialism is that "everything being equal" is only possible if everyone is poor other than the small group who hold all the wealth that sits at the top. I don't see why anyone would want this unless they are very uneducated on the reality of how socialism works.

    Anyways, what do you guys think on this?

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    I say don't worry, it will be thousands of years before the US become a bolchevik country like France (LOL).
    Also if you don't understand why people would accept to be a bit poorer in order to be equal, you should study Ostalgia (people who, after living in the Estern Germany, then live under reunited capitalistic Germany, and get nostalgic about the socialist system, and don't just cast it off as endoctrination, you're worth more than this). Also, if i had to sum it up it would be that some people believe in a right to live : people are poorer, but everyone has a job and no one dies in the street because they couldn't withstand the price of life with the state and media calling them freeloaders. I'm not saying it worked (because USSR fell and Venezuella is a mess), i'm just summing up an idea that can push people towards a real socialist system.
    Aside from that, people wanting a bit more of justice in this world (like healthcare for citizens or decent minimum wages) are not threat to the national economy/safety.
    Stop fearing the return of papa Stalin when people just want a bit more respect of human life or think that billionnaires could save thousands of lives by spending not even one percent of their money. That's the main difference here : people don't hate rich folk, they hate rich folk who could save thousands if not millions of lives with their money and prefer keeping it to themselves. So keep cool, stop fearing hobgoblins at every occasion, and continue living as you always did because Nothing is about to change in your country before a loooooong time. I mean, a country that can't even treat it's veterans decently won't see a socialist surge before long.

    I'll finish by saying this (personal view here) : the freedom of one should never be worth more than the lives of millions (and nowadays it is, in your country more than anywhere else).
    Never overestimate mankind.

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    Short answer; no.

    Long answer; no, not really.
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