• How can we save free speech?
  • How can we save free speech?

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    How can we save free speech?

    I see in many other countries, it is not a thing or it is something that is trying to be killed off (like in the UK). People seem to have this idea that if people weren't free to say offensive things, the world would just be a better place. I am thinking it would be worse, just based on how I have seen people implode before. If you are not able to vent frustrations verbally, it is a lot more likely you will end up doing it physically. This is why a lot of kids who get bullied over and over again end up showing up to their school with a gun. They feel like they can't have a say. That is just one example.

    In a world filled with high numbers of people being offended by almost everything other people say, how do we protect free speech?

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    Take the padlock off the cage!

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    First things first, children with guns is not about freedom of speech or anything, it's about the ultimate failure of incompetent parents and societies.
    Kids bullying is not about freedom of speech, it's about education and the cruelty that's usual at this age.
    Also, freedom is not necessarily a good thing. Freedom of speech must have limits because anything can influence people.
    And when i look at the disgusting use of freedom by medias, politicians or people on social medias i think most don't deserve it.
    Then, there is nothing to be "saved", if you think our freedoms are to be saved go read some George Orwell, you'll what's a freedom to be saved.
    About people being offended by a lot things, it's just a political trend among another, a century ago the trend was bullying jews, today it's being offended by antisemitism. Nowadays the trend is islamophobia, in a century it may be getting offended by it.

    Finally i think you struggle to see further than this sanctification of freedom when the first questions you ask should not be "how to save/preserve/extend freedom" but should be "what amount of freedom do we need, on the other hand what amount of order do we need, should we get/keep certain traits of freedom/order (even the nocive ones) etc...".
    To me, the first step towards progress in freedom/order is to see beyond these words sanctified by propaganda we keep getting fed with.
    Never overestimate mankind.

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