They tried to take them down before and failed because they are a self-sustained social platform who don't need no man.

Joke aside, Trump has joined on there. I am not sure when must have happened in the last few days. It would seem they had a HUGE influx of people joining, so much so, the site is having issues running. I made an account on there in 2019 when Twitter was getting out of hand. I slowly stopped using it and ended up leaving it completely. I took the time to delete everything too. I didn't make much use of my account on Gab though. I logged into it the other day and I had 4 posts lol

I feel like social media is just not my bread and butter. I would much rather interact with people on forums. It feels more intimate and meaningful.

Either way, now that Trump is on Gab and Parler is no more, do you think the tech giants of the overworld will go after them again?