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    Unpopular Opinions

    This may be a bad thread idea for a forum Admin to start, but there will be a few rules here (really just the same as the Blue Heaven general rules). I thought I had already made this thread, but after searching for a few minutes I couldn't find it. Perhaps there is a thread with a similar purpose that's super old.

    This is where you can post your hot takes on things. Discussion is welcome, and if you see something here that you really like and feel an overwhelming urge to defend, just try to talk about why you like it rather than attacking that person's opinions. They already know it's unpopular if they posted it here. If you get really worked up feel free to talk shit on me instead, I can handle it without getting mad at you.

    Here's the one everyone already knows about me if you've been on OSN for more than 5 minutes: I don't like movies or TV shows at all. "But why are you still in TV/movie threads then, bigot?" I hear you ask. Well, there's usually some peripheral question or comment in the thread that I can add to. I try to be constructive when I can!

    Some fresh ammo:

    I hate the art style of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and can't watch or read it for that reason. The story may be excellent. The humor TOP NOTCH. But I just can't look at it.

    Yoshitaka Amano is probably my least favorite artist. It may be because I've had to hear about how great he is from my best friends for so long while holding in my thoughts, but the way he draws is so airy and androgynous I can't stand it. All the characters faces look the same too.

    Lastly....I'm gonna say it...i'm really gonna do it...
    I don't like the Mother series. And yes I've tried playing them. I don't like how they feel influenced by 80's Americana, sci-fi and teen monster movies. I don't like the hyper-childish sense of humor they employ either (Poo...really? Poo?). I know the series is loved by many and I'm the forum's resident JRPG apologist, but y'all can tear this series up all you want and you won't see me swooping in to defend it.

    I don't have any issue with other people liking these things by the way, these are just a few opinions that jumped to the forefront of my mind for this thread and i'm content to stay quiet on them otherwise......
    Aside from the TV/movie one because they're recommended to me so frequently that I need to state my stance so it doesn't look like I'm ignoring people, but then I wind up sounding like a contrarian asshole who just SAYS he dislikes movies to rain on people's parade. I swear it doesn't come from a negative place, I just dislike every instance when I have to watch one. Watching real humans play pretend on video always fails to elicit any feeling from me, maybe it's a rare form of Asperger's.

    I'll add some more later once others have had a turn.
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    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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    I think 90s to 2010 animation style in anime is objectively better.

    Japanese dub isnt always the only option.

    Olives are tasty.

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    I got a few to throw in...

    First off, when it comes to alchohol, I like something with flavor so stuff like hard ciders (Woodchuck is my usual go to but I'm not opposed to Angry Orchard or Strongbow) and Not Your Father's Root Beer. There's this mentality that, if you like drinks like that, then you're a pussy or unmanly and that you should be drinking beer. I'm sorry, I didn't know drinking things that taste awful makes you manly. I can't stand the taste of most beers and stuff like scotch and vodka are just wretched. Don't even get me started on tequila. When I want to get drunk, I want to have a good time and drinking piss water isn't my idea of a good time. I know people don't like him these days but a broken clock is right twice a day and he was spot on with this.

    Also, I love campy cheesiness in movies. Everytime I see a discussion of movies in general, a common criticism is that a piece of work is campy or goofy and they would always say it in a derogatory manner, like that's a bad thing for any piece of fiction to strive for. Even in behind the scenes documentaries you always hear the filmmakers going on how they want to make things grounded and not make it goofy. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good serious, grounded story as much as the next guy but I never understood the aversion to it. I guess Batman and Robin made people averse to it? I personally love that stuff. It's always endearing to me because there's a sort of playfulness and silliness to it that makes it endearing to me. Army of Darkness is one of my all time favorite movies because it wears it's silliness like a badge of pride and it's something I wish more people would love instead of something that is to be avoided at all costs.

    Oh yeah, I got one more that I wanted to mention...I love the character of Superman. I know that's a weird thing to say given that he's one of the most iconic characters out there but nowadays it's the in thing to hate on that big blue boy scout. Too powerful and unrelateable they would say and they would go on to praise Batman, not knowing that he has the same problem as Superman as his prep-time makes him so superawesome that he can take downed superpowered beings with ease. Not to mention Batman isn't really as deep as some people make him out to be as he only has one growth which is his parents die, turns into the most joyless, poe faced bitch on the planet and...that's it. He doesn't grow or evolve beyond that point. Not to mention, I think people are more fascinated by Batman's rouge gallery than Batman himself. I mean just look at how many people talk about Joker or Harley Quinn. But I'm getting side-tracked here. Where talking about why Superman doesn't deserve the flak. There's the classic phrase that power corrupts and Superman, being the most powerful being ever, should be corrupted. But what happens that, instead of being corrupted by power, he's purified by it. It turns him into the most kind-hearted, selfless and empathetic person out there. Not only do I find that uplifting but I find it to be fascinating from a philosophical stand point because it asks the question is power truly corruptible or just people lack discipline and they just shift the blame to to something else because they don't want to take responsibility for their failings? Not to mention having a kind-hearted, genuine hero is actually kind of refreshing. I love anti-heroes as much as the next person (You're talking to someone whose favorite comic book character of all time is Ghost Rider) but considering how prevalent those kinds of characters are nowadays, a character like Superman ends up becoming fresh again.

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    I have 2 unpopular movie opinions.
    Scott Pilgrim vs the World is Extremely Overrated
    I don't hate Scott Pilgrim, I just think it's really boring.
    The movie doesn't do much of anything for the first 30 minutes. I even remember hearing a few reviewers say it was slow for the first 30 minutes. But even when it does "pick up" and Scott fights the evil exes, theres no reason to be invested because the fights are so short, and none of the characters get more than 5 minutes of screen time. The fights have a decent visual flair, and they're definitely the highlight of the film, but, again, they're just mini like mini bosses in any video game. No character development, and no real impact on the story. In a video game, mini bosses are fine because you're the one fighting them, so you're invested and theres good chance you'll lose a few times. Beating a mini boss is rewarding and exciting. But in a movie, you're watching the fight and you know Scott's going to win, so there's no drama or worry that he'll lose. You have 0 investment. It's just there to pad time.
    But what I hate most is the shit ending.
    Scott uses his 1-up to relive the past and change things. But we dont see anything he does differently. It feels like an afterthought so Scott can be with Ramona. They could have dropped at least 20 minutes off of the boring beginning act and poured that time into showing Scott changing what he did. The only thing you see a him apologize to Knives for cheating on her for months and leading her on for months. No one forgives you that immediately. It's just a lazy deus ex machina.

    But I don't hate the movie. I think it's boring, but it's not bad.

    I despise Creed.
    Creed is a terrible terrible movie. Adonis Creed is an asshole with no redeeming qualities, yet you're supposed to cheer for him as the "hero".
    The first scene we see is of Adonis punching some kid in Juvinile Detention. . We then immediately fast forward to him as an adult. That alone is supposed to establish him as a troubled kid. Poor screenwriting, but alright. We then see him quit a well paying job to persue a career in boxing, even though he's an amateur boxer fighting at a bar. That is supposed to be a sustainable career?!
    Obviously, his biological mother, who took him in as a kid, kicks him out of her house. I am 100% with the mom on this. Adonis has a well paying job and quotes abruptly to pursue a career in boxing, even though he's barely an amateur.
    Adonis then moves to Phili to guilt Rocky to train him because Adonis blames Rocky for Apollo's death. Even though Adonis constantly cries that he doesnt want to use his father's name to get any special treatment. That's so stupid and hypocritical. But what makes it worse is how Adonis treats Rocky. He acts like a child to the man who took him in and trained him. How are those likeable qualities? Up to this point, Adonis acts like a spoiled child, and is an ass to anyone and everyone he meets. Nothing he does makes me want to root for him as a hero.
    Theres also the scene where Rocky tells Adonis that Apollo won their "secret third fight". Why? That's an iconic scene in cinema because they leave the result of the fight up to the viewer. To just declare Apollo the winner cheapens a fantastic ending scene. It's not a big deal, but it's just another stupid decision in a movie filled with nothing but stupid decisions.
    But what really pissed me off and made me stop watching was
    They use CANCER as a deus ex machina. Cancer. Fuck that.
    Rocky is diagnosed with Non-hodgkin's Lymphom, and suddenly Adonis changes his attitude. That is abhorrent,
    imo. They treat cancer as a way to quickly force a character to change their attitude completely. Its disrespectful to anyone who has cancer to treat it so lightly. Instead of slowly making Adonis's character change as he sees the error of his ways, they give Rocky cancer. That's fucking disgusting.

    I hate Creed. Adonis is one of the worst heros in a movie I've ever seen. And the only reason he changes is insulting.


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    Well, I have a lot going for me with this one. I guess I'll start with a big one...

    I don't think Trump is a terrible president - I didn't vote for him but seeing the positive changes he has done as well as his team, I can support him. That being said though, I do acknowledge when he says and does some stupid crap like recently telling people to inject disinfectant into them... Just put a lid on it Trumpy boy. You are making yourself look like a bag filled with air.

    I am against vaccination - I understand why most people are not but from a legal standpoint, I just can't trust something that has no liability or accepts no fault even when it does cause damage in the human body. It does what it says but it also does what they don't tell you. I believe if you are to vaccinate young, you wait until a child is 2 years old and do not vaccinate ANY younger (this is similar to the health guidelines in Japan). I am firm on that.

    I can't stand over 90% of mainstream music - The small amount I enjoy is from the '90s and early 2000s. Most of it, especially in the last few years is just overedited garbage to my ears. Rap has especially gone downhill and that is unbearable for me to even listen to.

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