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    Troll of your day

    Basically, find a troll meme or comic that best describes your day and post it in a Light box here. If you feel like it, say a little bit about why the troll you have chosen represents your day. Don't feel like you have to find something different if someone has already posted one you think fits best.

    Go here to get started, mind the additional links on the right side bar. There's ~45 pages on the site provided (page changer on the bottom), serving nothing but the finest.

    This of course will only work if the image links don't expire

    Troll of your day

    ...I sat on my bum all day and became a video game zombie.
    Outlaw Star RPG

    Current translation work: Manga.

    Translated OLS manga # pages (As of: 5/14)
    Volume 2: 29
    Volume 3: 40

    Started back up with translating the Manga

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    RE: Troll of your day

    Haha, nice. Well, here's one that isn't actually applicable to this day since my parents went on holiday for a week this morning. Actually, I guess it is, since they left me with a lot of pizza and generally unhealthy food when I want to get healthy. (I'd be prepared to buy my own food even if I'm almost broke, but now it's... rather difficult.)

    Troll of your day

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