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    Energy Drinks

    Ever heard somebody say: "I can't live without coffee"? Yeah, me too. A number of times actually. But if you said "I can't live without energy drinks" you'd probably get the stink-eye from many people. This is despite the fact that energy drinks are often lower-sugar (certainly when compared to the popular Starbucks that's in many cases packed with calories, but obviously I don't mean the full-sugar energy drinks) and don't necessarily contain a lot more caffeine, and people (usually) don't drink them all day long unlike coffee.

    I talked about this before so I won't go in-depth, but because of medical reasons (that have become far less of a factor) I avoided energy drinks for many years but used to drink them very often at uni. I have had a lot of trouble with my sleep these days and they do help a lot, so I've decided to start drinking them again. (Besides, I hate coffee.) So we can use this thread to share our thoughts on various energy drinks.

    I know I already ranted about this, but in the UK we've have this "sugary drinks levy" since a few years back and 95% of soft drinks have been reformulated. And most of them in my humble opinion taste like crap. For a genuine sugary taste (as opposed to often-yucky artificial sweeteners) we're limited to Coke and Pepsi. And Red Bull. I decided I'd just give in and try the various sugar-free or lower-sugar (10g+ per 100ml is taxed) energy drinks because I don't want to only drink Red Bull. I'll include Red Bull anyway.

    So I'm going to write some mini reviews on the drinks I've been trying over the past few days and beyond. Of course, UK varieties of the same drinks will likely taste different to the US counterparts.

    First up, may as well go with Red Bull...

    Energy Drinks-mqvncp3-png

    Red Bull is the best and I ain't bullshitting you. There is a reason why it's the "default" energy drink flavour and the formula many, many imitation energy drinks try (usually unsuccessfully) to replicate. It's the Coca-Cola of energy drinks and if you think it isn't tasty as hell, you're in denial matey. I only bought one of these. Mostly because I wanted to try more other drinks. That and the fact Red Bull is known for its high price.

    That's the only reason I'm knocking Red Bull down one point. Otherwise I really do think it's a 10/10 drink. I am reviewing the original sugary version of course. The sugar-free one? They didn't get that right.

    Score: 9/10

    Energy Drinks-zzodb1t-png

    Carabao is an energy drink from Thailand that I only noticed a few days back and it really piqued my curiosity. Apparently the name is Thai for "red water buffalo". While that does sound like a knock-off Red Bull name it does seem to be doing its own thing with a variety of flavours. I had this "Green Apple" variety the other day. Unfortunately I can't recommend this. You can definitely taste the apple in it but that's accompanied by a rather strong chemical taste which does tend to linger. It's not a drink I'd refuse but is very much mediocre. Nutritionally it's not so bad at only 63 calories per can. The best part is probably that these Carabao drinks are inexpensive. You also get 330ml per can—much more than Red Bull's 250ml.

    Score: 6/10

    Energy Drinks-58nq1pv-png

    I noticed a lot of people going on about how good Reign is in energy drink communities. (Yes, these exist.) It did sometimes come across as shilling. But surely the drinks must be pretty good at the least, right? Unfortunately I was only able to get a few cans of the "Melon Mania" variety from the store. From the can logo it does seem like it's meant to be watermelon. Well, I have bad news: it isn't very good. There's definitely some watermelon flavour in there but it strongly tastes like economy strawberry jelly which I'm not a big fan of to begin with. I don't get what's with the hype, but maybe the other flavours are a lot better. It's not completely disastrous though. Despite the strawberry jelly taste there isn't any bad chemical taste that often comes with sugar-free drinks. That's another positive; sugar-free and only ten calories per can. Cans are 500ml.

    It's worth noting that Reign is owned by Monster. I guess that makes it more disappointing that they really dropped the ball on this. I'd expect more. This also means (at least in my country) that they aren't an economic option.

    Score: 5/10

    Energy Drinks-mixed-berry_1png-1-131x300-png

    Carabao returns! I have great news. This drink is delicious. After the disappointment from their apple variety (typically one of my favourite flavours) this was a welcome surprise. The mixed berry flavour really is delicious. Unlike green apple I'm not noticing any bad chemical taste. The aftertaste is still pleasant. It really does taste just like a normal soda. So, we have a winner here and I'll definitely buy more of these in the future. There's the same modest amount of calories as last time: 63 is nothing to complain about. At the low cost I cannot recommend this more. It's due to the value for money that I'm rating it on par with Red Bull. I'm drinking my first one right now, actually.

    Score: 9/10

    That's the lot of them for this post. I got a lot of different energy drinks from the local supermarket. There are many varieties of Monster Ultra and more Carabao as well as some different Rockstars. Obviously, it'd be criminal for a 30-year-old (eh, sadly almost 32) boomer to not review the Monster Ultra ones. Though I should let you know that I won't be reviewing the original Monster Ultra. I'm going against the grain here but I find the original extremely bland with a strong chemical taste. It isn't disgusting and I would have it without anything else available, but at best it's a 4/10 drink in my opinion. Let's hope the other Monster Ultras I own can live up to their good name.

    Your thoughts on various energy drinks are welcome. I'm not creating this to be just my own thread.

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    I'm right with you when it comes to coffee, Mantis. I love coffee. I'll get the rare Starbucks, since we have a place that sells it at my hospital, but I usually just drink the coffee I have at home (which I actually get delivered from Angelinos. I love their coffee and recommend them if you have a Keurig and like coffee. Theres a ton of flavors in normal and decaf, and the price is better than most K Cup brands.)
    And my hospitals coffee is actually good. Its 100% columbian and good quality, especially for a hospital. I know you had that complaint before, Mantis lol.

    Energy drinks, on the other hand, I don't really like them. I've tried Red Bull once when I was out with mynolder brother and his friends bar hopping years ago for the first and only time in my life. I didnt hate it, but I wouldn't buy it again.

    Energy Drinks-coca_cola_energy_lead-rendition-407-226-0-jpg
    I've tried Coke Energy and it's alright. It's exactly what you would expect. Coke taste with a bit of a guarana taste. If you like coke and energy drinks, it's perfect. But I'm not a big fan of either so...

    There is an energy drink my friend really likes that I enjoyed as well.
    Energy Drinks-71emfxczidl-_sl1500_-jpg
    Sunshine energy tastes really good, especially the Go
    Inger Berry. It's not overly guarana tasting and isn't super suvary either. If I ever want an energy drink, it's my go to. But that's pretty rare.

    I've learned I just don't like that guarana taste. So I probably won't like most energy drinks.

    One thing I want to kinda rant about though: I hate when parents buy their young kids energy drinks. It makes me mad when I see a young teenager walking out of a store with an energy drink. No. Just...no. they're way too young to be needing energy drinks. And they can be dangerous for kids that young.

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    I liked Monster energy drinks when I was in my teens. I can't stomach them anymore. Redbull has always tasted good to me. I would get them now and then when I needed the energy boost because of lack of sleep. I haven't had one in like 8 years though because I can't tolerate high levels of caffiene anymore. I either have a panic attack or just get very sick to my stomach from it. I enjoy coffee now and then still but I can't have it more than a few times a week and it has to be weak on the caffine side. I usually go with one of those instant coffee mixes or some heavily watered down coffee drink from Starbucks.

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