• Have you ever been accused of being a shop lifter?
  • Have you ever been accused of being a shop lifter?

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    Have you ever been accused of being a shop lifter?

    I was thinking back to a few times where I was with my ex at a few different stores and also when I was a young teen shopping with my cousin who was around my age. I got indirectly accused of being a shop lifter. By this, I mean I was being followed to the point where I felt uncomfortable.

    Which my ex, the one I remember most was being at a craft store. We looked out of place I am sure as I used to wear all black, had pieces (eyebrow, lip, tongue) and he was similar. We had one of the staff people following us and then a cop that happened to be in there. I felt so uncomfortable, we just left.

    With my cousin, I was a bit younger and we would just be looking at clothes or make-up and be watched. The kicker is, I had no idea it was going on but a number of times my cousin would actually shop lift and I wouldn't even know. I remember being at the mall and buying something in Victoria's Secret. We leave and get about 50 feet from the store and she starts pulling out handfuls of make-up. So I guess them watching us there was understandable but they weren't paying enough action to her I guess.

    Have you ever been indirectly or directly accused of shoplifting?

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    No, but I was hanging around with someone when he was caught shoplifting (the stupid fat fucking cunt) back when I was 10 or so (1996/1997).

    That's about as riveting as this story gets. We both had to wait around in the (now locked) shop for his parents to arrive while fatso blubbered away crying to the owner about how sorry he was. I don't know what agreement was reached between the owner and fatty's side of things, but at least I was cleared of any wrongdoing and got to fuck off home.

    I used to know some real fucking retards.
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    Nope. But I did acquire something that I have no idea how I obtained. In my first year of college I was dating this chick and we were just arriving back at my house after dinner or something. She looks in the back seat to get her purse and flips out. There's a bra and panties on the back seat. What the hell??? I had no way to explain because they weren't her size and nobody else had been in my car. Luckily, I'm freakishly honest so she actually believed me (I was telling the truth!) and I got through the event unscathed. To this day I don't know how those wound up in my car. Whether you consider that a gift from a mysterious creeper or stealing is up to you.

    I don't think I was ever accused of it in a store because I only tended to go inside somewhere when I knew I was going to buy something and I would walk directly to it and not act skittish around staff. I also didn't hang around in big groups of teens often, so that lowered my Wanted Level a little bit.
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