• What one "art form" can you not live without?
  • What one "art form" can you not live without?

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    What one "art form" can you not live without?

    When saying art form, I am referring to mostly film and music but I will break them down into subcategories.

    TV Series/Shows
    Independent Content Creators (YouTube/Twitch)
    Video Games

    So if you had to give all of them up other than one, which would you choose to keep and why?

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    I can live without a lot of stuff. When I was in the U.S. Navy for (14) years since 2005, I went on deployments and didn't have internet or cable for 9 months to full years on end. I did manage to save some movies and shows on hard drives and people would share shows but early to mid 2000's it wasn't very practical and most people just valued their sleep over anything else. I never got into sports. but now that I am (medically) retired, I can finally enjoy things.

    I enjoy, music, anime, serious shows, and some funny ones, video games, and my painting hobby. Honestly if these are considered art forms, but in regards to art it would have to be my love for painting miniatures in the WH40K miniature line and Battletech.

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    Hmmm. That's a tough one. It's not difficult for me to give up music because a lot of other "art forms" here come with music. You'll still hear it in anime, games, films, so forth. (I happen to love soundtracks.)

    If I could only have one I guess it would have to be video games. TV shows are a very close second. I'd say that overall I've got more out of good TV than video games. However, I have a very large supply of good video games that could last me decades. TV? It wouldn't take me that long to watch all the good ones. Now, if I could have an unlimited supply of TV shows at the kind of quality as Breaking Bad, yeah, I'd choose TV. But that's asking a bit much.

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