• Did you have a fun long weekend for Labor Day?
  • Did you have a fun long weekend for Labor Day?

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    Did you have a fun long weekend for Labor Day?

    For those who celebrate Labor Day, did you do anything fun? I wanted to talk about this in advance, but I just got too busy. We had a party, so I had a lot to do. We combined our cookout with a birthday party. I was shopping, and cooking, and cleaning, and decorating. I'm tired now, but it was worth it. We all had a good time.

    My husband roasted pork on the grill, and it was delish. The kids ran and played until they were worn out. We all talked and visited for several hours, and it was relaxing and nice.

    Hubby and I collapsed on the couch after everyone left and cracked open a couple cold ones. Aaaaah.

    What did you do?

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    I just relaxed, really. Saturday I drove back up to my college to see a football game and meet some people, Sunday I just layed at home, and Monday I did the same. Now I'm just waiting for the short week to be over.
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    Well, I am happy for those of you that had fun and wished I could partake in doing so but it wasn't really going to be possible. I made a post awhile back about the death of my uncle from my maternal home. He was just buried and laid to rest, so it has been a hell of a week for me.

    His burial ceremony went well quite successful and our family was happy how everything went on just fine. So many people came to pay their respect and participate in the tradition. I worked myself to almost the point of physical breakdown but thank God that such never happened. But am looking forward to having a blast the labor day in future time.

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