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    Hidden Interests

    Do you have interests that you either keep hidden from friends & family or that people just wouldn't guess you have? Growing up mine was pretty common, I didn't bring up anime to my family. I had a TV in my room and I'd stay awake until 11:30 and watch InuYasha haha. Later on I recommended a few to my younger sister and she got really into it then even my mom joined in. To this day my mom has watched more anime than I have, she watched 3-ish hours per night for about 2 years while she walked on the treadmill. She would just absolutely plow through series like no-one's business. I was mostly worried about my Dad's reaction and as expected he still thinks it's super cringe-worthy.

    These days it's probably gardening & cheesemaking. They aren't secrets per-se, they just never come up so I don't talk about them. The one I put a little effort into hiding is my taste in cars. I'm not a car guy, but there is a certain era and style that strongly calls out to me. Shitty, mid-80's boxy cars. I don't like sleek sports cars or anything like that. When I've made the mistake of bringing up the topic of cars to my peers they look at me like I said something offensive after sharing my favorites. My favorite cars are the '86 Nissan Sentra and '85 Toyota Camry, Google them! When I see unassuming square-shaped 80's cars in parking lots I take note of the model on my phone because I'm gonna buy one in the next few years for commuting. They were mass produced so parts are cheap and their gas mileage is pretty good! Lots of guys have a dream sports car or something like that, I just want a $500 Sentra off eBay.
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    Anime and video games for a long time. I was teased for both so much growing up that I hid both and now look how "trendy" it is, especially for women, to be into these things. Pisses me off! LOL

    I don't exactly hide things these days but I don't make them outwardly known. Like enjoying eletric swing music. My mother recently found out that I like this music and was just dumbfounded by it. She said "I didn't know you like swing music" and my response was "well, there is a lot you don't know about me.". She really doesn't either. Not because I hide it but because she doesn't pay attention to me enough to actually know me. Quite depressing. I can say the same for most of my family. None of them really know much about me and not because I hide things but becaue they never bother to ask.

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