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    Made Up Languages

    Was listening to some NieR and Zone of the Enders music and I really dig the weirdo fake languages they use. I particularly like ones that don't have any translation to any real language on Earth. If i'm not mistaken, both of these vocalists were given the freedom to make up whatever sounds they wanted by Square Enix and Konami, respectively. Other notable examples include that dumb dinosaur language from StarFox Adventures, Hylian from Zelda which does have a 1:1 English translation. I'll include some of the game music I like with this kind of thing.

    Btw, if any of y'all wanna hop on the NieR bandwagon, i'm your guy just hit me up. But be ready to discuss this:
    Made Up Languages-dod-nier-timeline-20190728-png

    Just gonna include this one for fun, about 2/3 through there are regular English lyrics though. Yes, this is the real shop song in the game...:
    "Out of the ground, raze all greenery with flame! Fire2!"
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    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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    Outside of made-up languages in video games and anime that are merely written and not spoken, I have never really heard someone actually speak their own language. I always thought it would be interesting if people were able to create a brand new one in this day and age and have it stick. Like a universal language.

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