• High-Speed Train Routes Coming to the USA
  • High-Speed Train Routes Coming to the USA

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    High-Speed Train Routes Coming to the USA

    Several High-Speed Train Routes Are Coming to the United States

    The title of this article is a bit misleading since several of these are in the planning stage or haven't secured land rights to construct the rail as of yet. I've been seeing articles like this and hearing about it since the mid-2000's and I'm sure the older forum members can remember plenty of instances well before that. All in all, it would be really sweet if it does happen, but I think there are a plethora of reasons why we don't have high-speed rail already. First-and-foremost our country is mega huge, and laying good quality rail has been prohibitively expensive considering the land rights companies would need to purchase. Almost everyone in the States already owns a car and drives, which has probably done a lot to diminish people's enthusiasm for a fast rail system as well. Corruption and politics are another factor, but we'd be here all day if I went into that.

    Last I heard, the USA had purchased (or was about to purchase) shinkansen blueprints from Japan, but hire American workers to build these rails...I guess that all remains to be seen. It'll be interesting to check back in 2 years or so and see if a single one of these train lines has even broken ground on construction yet. What I can say is that they have been working on the road that connects me to the town where I work for the past 5 years, and they estimate another year and 7 months until it is completed.......at which point I bet they will start back at the other end and do it again. I've seen entire intersections in Tokyo torn up, repaired, and rebuilt ready to drive on for the morning commute. A lot of our road work in the US is handled by the government, so there isn't much rush or oversight as far as I understand things? In Japan they are private companies who bid on jobs, so they are usually done for the lowest price and quickly so the company can move on to the next job. On top of which, these companies are very conscious of their reputation so they can continue winning bids, so they do a great job as far as any of my Japanese friends have told me. Perhaps we should try that free-market system here for roads & rail (several of the rail projects in the article are private enterprises, so I suppose my theory will be tested!).

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    I heard about these like 10 years ago. Same with ocean trains. This kind of thing takes a long, long time to get going not to mention funding and land rights being sorted out. I am not sure how I feel about speed trains, I have only ever been on traditional ones. Are these similar to subways but not underground?

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