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    Isabel allowed herself a blush over her goofy grin as she absorbed the young man's compliments.
    "Flattery will get you everywhere my boy."

    The Ctarl's brazen foray into the conversation gave Isabel a start.
    Her eyes narrowed at the newcomer, searching for a hidden intent that this man so well coated in confidence.
    "What's-his-face you say? The cat I'm looking for never had much interest in gambling, but that's a better lead than any I've had."
    Isabel studied the Ctarl, not quite sure what to make of him yet, but the steady stream of alcohol make it quite difficult for her to maintain a suspicious mind for long.
    She extended her hand for a proper greeting.
    "Name's Isabel. What's yours Mr... bounty hunter?"

    She turned to face the Ctarl more head on, best to meet forward-minded with a little confidence of your own.
    "So what's your story then? Are you a 'hermit in the boonies' yourself? Cause I didn't think that the Empire sanctioned privateers."
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    This was a good idea Mantis.

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    The stench of alcohol washed over the Ctarl-Ctarl's nose, clearly a product of either of the two ladies in company. It wasn't until the teal haired one opened her mouth that it became apparent who had the larger responsibility in the staggering scent. Nevertheless, the only indication of any offense at the odor was a simple blink of the eyes.

    Her gaze was quite piercing to say the least, but to any newcomer a similar treatment was to be expected; no one jumped into conversations like that without a good sizing up by the other parties afterward. Seth was used to the reaction, and his confidence showed no less.

    "Never said he gambled," he pointed out with a grin. "Just that I've seen him around the place. Maybe he's got a few friends to hang out with, if a fool like that were even capable," he chuckled mockingly.

    The cat tried to hide his dubious expression as Tealy, his mental nickname for the lady, further imbibed herself. It had to be only a matter of time before the contents of her stomach ended up on the floor. For that matter, he wondered if she had brought the subject up out of actual interest or drunk rambling madness. Either way, it was impolite to turn down an introduction.

    "Isabel, you say? What a charming name," he complemented suavely.

    There was a split second where his eyes narrowed at the extended hand, but they just as quickly relaxed as he beat down the trust-nothing attitude he held that had kept him alive when dealing with strangers of a more...untrustworthy sort. He took up the hand with his own in a casual-business manner shake, extending his other hand to the other old lady as a show of mindfulness that he had interrupted a conversation.

    "Seth is the name. Glory and fun are my games," he replied in a semi childish manner, giving a quick two-finger salute off his temple.

    There was a brief pause as he considered how best to answer Isabel's inquiry, followed by a smile that exuded a certain pride.

    "Let's just say they're a wheel that needs a lot of grease and maintenance to be okay enough with what I do to not hunt me down." He reflected on his own words, pursing his lips slightly as he realized perhaps even that was saying too much. His remedy came with a speedy follow-up, "I don't explore corn fields and lone mountains if that's what you're implying."

    To further distance himself from his minor information leak, he changed the subject.

    "Now what's your interest with mister sissy pants? You got a beef with him or something?" He asked as he turned his back to the bar, leaning back against it with folded arms.
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