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Yeah, I'm pretty convinced it's the extension I see but it's hard for me to say. But if the problem does persist even after deactivating it, until I figure this out using the "Go Advanced" button (the bottom box is just "Quick Reply") might display correctly.

By the way Zemekis, most people are using "aishajim". This is because of how the 'change background' function works. I hired somebody to code it but it's pretty simple really. (I probably could have done it if I was willing to learn a little PHP but I didn't know any.) Basically, the default background visitors see is the Melfina Galactic Leyline one. When somebody signs up a field is created for the filename of the background, but it's filled with the first alphabetically chosen background which happens to be aishajim.jpg. Wasn't my intention but it's how it works. I could probably fix it by just making a "_default.jpg" background which could be a duplicate of the Leyline background. But I'd have to figure out an SQL query to correct every existing account that has "aishajim".

Can't be arsed. And that was a bit long-winded.
As you know, I did go through them all and settled on this aishajim so that makes me special.