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Thread: Current TV Show

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    RE: Current TV Show

    Quote Originally Posted by Kokirininja
    Current TV Show

    Just started watching the walking dead on Saturday and finished all of season 1. I thought it was pretty darn amazing. Now on to season two though I have heard pretty mixed reviews about it :\
    The 2nd season is a lagger but the ending of it is a shocker... i own season 1 as i watched all of season 1 in 1 night lol and had to work the next morning >.>... It was so awesome of a show... but yea season 2 starts off great but buy the end of it your going to be like lag...lag...lag... they stay on 1 topic so much it runs alot of people into talking bad about season 2. Ive seen all up till last weeks eps but it was good. I must say this is one of the best zombie films ive seen and it seems like its one big movie... cut into hour long parts...

    Something i have gotten into watching is The River i watched it tonight as i missed the first 2 eps but had someone tell me about eps 2 :/ and seriously i wished i didnt miss any of it if you like thrillers and shockers and supernatrual stuff like that you will like this show but i must say go watch the first 2 eps because watching eps 3 killed me because i didnt know what was going on i figured out what had happen to some of the people but i missed 2 whole eps of how they got there why they are there ect. Its got some pretty freakin cool stuff in it.
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    RE: Current TV Show

    Quote Originally Posted by lloydSSJ4
    Quote Originally Posted by OSRed1
    Samurai Champloo. And I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far.
    I don't mean to moderate, but this thread is for non-anime TV shows, I guess I should have specified. There is a thread for your current anime series, already.
    Sorry about that. I watch Top Chef for some reason, and it's always entertaining to see.

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