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    Hilda Mini Manga

    This isn't actually a current focus, but since it's only four pages it might be worth looking into sometime. I can't say for sure where it comes in. It could be a prequel to the manga or the anime. To be honest though, this is more an excuse to try out the new scanner I got.

    Still, here's the first page: https://i.imgur.com/jR8Mrjj.jpg

    It's not translated yet (I have no idea when we'll get round to it) but three of the pages show Hilda. On this page you'll see Soiren, Roifan and Guugok, the three Kei Pirates who aren't identified in the anime. One thing I can say is that the fourth page appears to have a brief explanation of what this is.

    My money's on it just being something small Takehiko Ito did for fun one day. I know this has been discussed before, but a Hilda spin-off would have kicked major ass. There's so much that could be done with that idea. For instance, how Hilda earned her "Hot Ice" name, how she met Swanzo (this is briefly explained at Blue Heaven after Hilda's death in the anime), her scuffles with the MacDougall Brothers (inb4 "they're not in the manga", yeah, I know that) to name a few.
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    The scan looks great to me, looks like this new scanner will be a godsend going forward if that quality level carries forward from other raws. I know we have talked about this off-forum, but the next time I spend some time with one of our translators in person I intend to get these pages in front of him because 4 shouldn't take too long just so we can have this sorted.

    When you get them all scanned in, please pass them along to me on Skype or via a PM here.
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