I already posted this in the Galactic Leyline (patron) forum, but since I've now added the episodes to the Lost Media Wiki, I may as well add them to Nexus publicly too. You can find all the episodes here. However, keep in mind that there are a few problems. Particularly, half of EP18 (The Strongest Woman in the Universe) is missing. Most are also missing the credits (and therefore the "Next Time" segment) but these aside, it's pretty much complete.

You can watch some clips on my YouTube channel.

I'll be adding more clips after I return home from Spain. Speaking of which, since I'll be abroad for about eleven days I obviously won't be working on the manga during that time. Since we're behind the manga schedule (manga work will resume on the 18th) I was hoping this'll keep you occupied in the meantime! They're worth watching for the dorky censorship alone.