• Describe Yourself In 3 (Anime) Characters
  • Describe Yourself In 3 (Anime) Characters

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    Describe Yourself In 3 (Anime) Characters

    So, everyone's probably been seeing "describe yourself in three characters" making the social media rounds, so I figured why not ask here? And, this being an anime forum, for those who want an additional challenge (optional), you have to pick three anime characters specifically.

    Shall I start? That makes sense, so here we go!

    Describe Yourself In 3 (Anime) Characters-yusuke-jpg

    Somewhere within, buried deep underneath mountains of creative musings and adult responsibilities (and, admittedly, a little extra weight nowadays) is a younger version of myself from yesteryear: a me that loved to play sports with friends, run around outside, and occasionally get into a bit of trouble...and then, I had to wear glasses, and all of a sudden I became a nerd with his nose buried in either books or video games. I was certainly never the brawler that Yusuke was, and I think I got him beat on upbringing, but Yusuke will always represent a "version" of myself that I feel sometimes is all but lost. A me that has a hell of a lot less baggage and cares to carry around!

    Describe Yourself In 3 (Anime) Characters-kenji-jpg

    Next up: my current avatar! Again, unlike this particular character, I'm no fighter...but Kenji Harima's gone through a lot of the same stuff I've experienced on the roller coaster of emotions that is young adulthood. He's judged superficially based on his outward appearances by almost everyone, yet unbeknownst to everyone he's a hopeless romantic who's got a big heart. I'll always empathize with Harima's self-inflicted ills, failings in the romance arena, and his flirtations with serendipity one day and inexplicable disaster the next.

    Describe Yourself In 3 (Anime) Characters-wolfwood-jpg

    Finally, I gotta' go with Reverend Nicholas D. Wolfwood. As anyone who's seen Trigun knows, Wolfwood is a good guy who's a little rusty around the edges after a lifetime of seeing a lot of sh*t and, little by little, having his ideals worn away by endless compromises in a dog-eat-dog world. Despite it all, he keeps "fighting the good fight" in his own way; and despite being an old dog, he learns a few new profound tricks. And all that time having to survive by the skin of his teeth has given him more than a few tricks up his sleeve for getting out of sticky situations.

    It was sure tough to narrow it down, and my answers may change over the years, but that's it for me! Anyone else wanna' have a go at it?
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    This is a fun idea!

    I could probably describe myself with this guy alone, since he is pretty much me to a T. Yamazaki Sagaru is known to be exceptionally plain, and as a result is often overlooked by the rest of the cast to comical effect.

    I'm just as much a bum as Kaiji is, but not nearly as quick-witted. He has been described as a 'suffering pariah' which I can certainly relate to. I am also prone to emotional outburts. ;_;

    Sloth... 'nuff said.

    That last one was more of a joke, so I'll add something a little more flattering.

    To say Guts has had it rough would be an understatement. I relate to a specific trauma of his, as well as his general feelings of a lack of belonging in the world around him. He is a man who knows nothing else than how to swing a sword, and thus seeks a deeper purpose for himself, some kind of dream or reason to live-- but to little avail. He also has a thing for fiery, short-haired girls, so there's that! Guts' best quality is his ability to keep on struggling, no matter how badly life fucks him over. I suppose this is less of a character I see in myself, and more someone I strive to be like. I actually started working out because of him.

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    I saw this recently on Twitter actually, but I couldn't decide on any and just said "all and none" because of the way my brain tends to work with characters. But...As I thought harder on it, I was able to come up with three characters with anime as a base. It was hard, and they might seem kinda random, but they fit...To me. for now.

    Daimon Kaito; Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle
    Kaito is basically my male counterpart- if I were physically active especially. His obsessive nature with puzzles coincides well with mine. He's a bit hot-headed, which I do have moments of myself, and tends to think a lot more than he should sometimes. But yeah, basically I mostly relate to him as a puzzle maniac. He's also a loyal friend, which is nice. I can't recall, but I think he's a way better liar than me half the time. And way more enthusiastic most of the time. But...I can get pretty hyper, I think.

    Kashii Airi; Ro-Kyu-Bu Fast Break!
    I just happened to watch this anime recently- and Airi and I match way too well. Airi may only be in grade school (but then again, I've been mistaken for one at my current size plenty) but she's also got a similar personality to me: often easily embarrassed and timid, and a height complex (though her's is that she's tall). She's gentle and polite, and a bit naive in general (which I'm often told I am). So...Basically I'm an elementary schooler. Oh and I did play Basketball in middle school. So there's also that.

    Sakurada Shiori; Joukamachi no Dandelion (Castle town Dandelion)
    Yes, I'm using another elementary schooler and it's from an anime I just started watching- because let's face it, sometimes those are the easiest to remember, and they can really easily fit. I just started watching this anime yesterday, and I already see myself as relating to Shiori rather well. Shiori's special ability lets her talk to animals and inanimate objects equally- something I admit to doing regularly (mostly to apologize to things I bump into. Yes, it's sad, I know). Sure, I don't usually hear a reply- except for when I'm hallucinating, which I admit happens once in a while too. Also, Shiori is rather bright for her age and fairly responsible/polite. Sure, I wasn't the /most/ responsible kid as a kid, but I've often accused of being TOO polite, and I was always a bit ahead of my peers as a child. Oh, there's also the fact she's otherwise generally quiet. She has a small voice like me.

    So...Yep. I'm basically an elementary schooler. xD

    Edit: @Hari How did you find a picture of me!? (referring to the sloth) xD
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