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    It came from Deviant Art...

    So we have a thread dedicated to Chris-Chan and it got me thinking of the environment that spawned people like him...Deviant Art. That's right, the site that was supposed to house up and coming artist only to be taken over by edgelords, fetish artists, and other cringey shit. I say it's high time that we have a thread dedicated to it; the weird and the bizarre, the disturbing and the odd, anything goes (As long as it doesn't violate the forum guidelines of course)! I shall start off with something that isn't really gross, just bizarre. So we have a fellow who makes art...well, it's not really art, just screencaps he took from their respective sources and just slapped them together, and made up a story around it. Anyway, it's a crossover between Godzilla and High School DxD

    Godzilla Against Juggernaut Drive (Issei) by artdog22 on DeviantArt

    I get the appeal of doing crossovers from different franchises because it's fun to imagine how the characters would interact with each other but this...is just a weird combo. Of all the things to have Godzilla crossover to, why a show that revolves around getting it's female characters in various states of undress? Like, does Godzilla's fire breath somehow only burn the clothes off the female cast? Whoever made this did a few other ones like this including one where the High School DxD girls watch over his son that here is named "Godzilla Jr" (What, no reference to the american cartoon where he was called Godzooki?). Anyway, there's nothing offensive and atrocious here...it's just that I can't seem to process the appeal of such a crossover and what would possess this guy to make this.

    For the next one, I was gonna post a Sonic one only to realize that it's expected at that point. Disturbing Sonic art is as sure of a thing as the sun rising in the morning. I wanted to find art for a game you don't expect someone to debase. You love Duke Nukem 3d, right? Remember the Battlelord? You probably thought he was a bad ass looking boss alien...but did you ever get hard at the sight of his feet? Apparently, someone on Deviant Art did.

    Hail to the Battlelord! by talrex on DeviantArt

    It came from Deviant Art...-1376707700061-jpg

    Christ alive, reading the comments section for that alone is going to keep me up at night. Just...how can anyone find that attractive? Having a conversation about Duke3d with who ever this sick fuck is must suck because, instead of talking about how fun the game is, he/she/who ever the hell it is would start talking about the enemies the same way a horny teenager talks about the cast of dead or alive and then start talking about alien feet. Just...fuck, I think I'm gonna need to bleach my eyes over this.

    Now, I'm gonna leave the rest up to you guys to provide us more examples of Deviant Art terror so we can get together to laugh, cry and most certainly hurl at the lovecraftian terrors that lie within that site and use these pictures as a grim reminder that these people are the reason why we have strayed away from god's light.

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    I try to avoid the site. It has gone WAY done hill since I signed up for it back in like 2010. It wasn't that great then but now... Yikes.

    I think the worst things I have seen on there are those people who take fictional characters and sexualized the underage ones. Making them to all kinds of kinky fetish things like pooping in diapers and an adult sniffing them and basically getting off on it. You see this a lot with Sonic characters.

    The comment sections for these ones are... Horrific.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starwind55 View Post
    start talking about the enemies the same way a horny teenager talks about the cast of dead or alive and then start talking about alien feet..
    Okay, but Dead or Alive girl feet are still cool right? Just wanna make sure we're all on the same page here.
    Also, big points for you using a Kanji Tatsumi reaction image. You're falling deeper and deeper into the JRPG hole. Let me know when you start your Persona 4 playthrough and I'll check back with you 2 years later to see how you liked it because that mofo is a looooong game.

    This thread reminds me of my neighbor I've talked about a few times before. He was the first one to show me deviantart, it must have been like 2006 or so. He was really ahead of the curve. Some years later is when I saw his Coyote fursuit in the back seat of his car while walking my dog. there was a hatch in the back for easy access, let's say. I also went out on my deck to grill once and I saw him and 4 other guys all in the hot-tub together. They weren't doing anything inherently sexual, but my friends and I don't even shake hands. They were in there shoulder-to-shoulder like a bunch of vienna sausages and they all have that extremely soft soy-boy look which I couldn't precisely comprehend at the time. Looking back and realizing that was a group of dudes who were about to go dress up as animals and pound eachother into oblivion makes me feel like Hank Hill over at my grill. "That boy ain't right."

    As such, I don't have a lot of experience browsing DeviantArt myself because I shied away from it when I realized that it was some sort of gay fetish site for animals. I have used DA to source a few shocking images of Melfina to ost for the laughs in other threads, but I don't have a good backlog of DA cringe saved on my PC. That said, I'm going to go take a look right now and search a few characters I like and see what comes up. First off I'm going to search Toan from Dark Cloud. I'm writing this pre-search...and here are my results:

    Toan sat there, waiting for Xiao. He was ready to take her out for her first day as a human. He had been ready for hours. How a cat knew to take so long to get ready, he didn't know.

    When she was finally ready, they walked down to the next town over. They went to the movies, bought her some new clothes, and ate a nice dinner.

    By the time they got back, Xiao was exhausted. Toan, however, wasn't quite ready to say goodnight. He took Xiao in his arms, and kissed her, ever so gently. She panicked at first, then calmed down. Her tail swayed in pleasure. She didn't know what Toan was doing, but she liked it.

    Toan stopped. "I love you." he said, arms wrapped around her waist.
    "Love? What's that?"
    He hesitated, trying to find the best explanation. "...It's when someone likes someone else very, very much."
    "Oh. Well then, I love you too, Master." Xiao smiled, starting to all asleep.
    Toan smiled back, picking her up and taking her to her bed. "Goodnight, Xiao." He put the drowsy cat-girl on her bed, kissed her forehead, and went upstairs to dream about his new housemate.

    Pretty tame. and then I found a FFVII/FFVIII/Grand Theft Auto/Dark cloud fanfic:
    It came from Deviant Art...-zell-colt-png
    dude this shit had me cracking up so bad, I'm so glad I found this. Starting on chapter 5 - part 2 with zero context makes it amazing.
    Fantasy Theft Auto Ch. 5 Part II by queenofthegems on DeviantArt

    As for drawings/photos, I wasn't disappointed. Very mild NSFW, but that's to be expected on a DeviantArt thread.
    It came from Deviant Art...-zzzzz-jpg
    It came from Deviant Art...-zzzz-jpg
    It came from Deviant Art...-zzz-jpg

    okay I'll do one more. Let's see if I can find any spicy Glover art to get my motor running. Feet are great and all, but I need disembodied hands to really get me over the edge.
    Well, As it turns out it's hard to find actual Glover N64 art because I get tons of posts about gloves for cosplay, and some kind of chipmunk furry character named Glover that is far more popular. I still found one.
    It came from Deviant Art...-zzzzzzz-jpg

    the real find here was this semi self-aware MS Paint chipmunk series:
    It came from Deviant Art...-z1-jpg
    It came from Deviant Art...-z2-jpg
    "Out of the ground, raze all greenery with flame! Fire2!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Starwind55 View Post
    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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    I wish there was a reliable filter or set of tags that DeviantART enforced when it comes to fetishes, porn, and other things...

    that way, proper art could rise to the top of the landing page, instead of this junk that doesn't need to be removed, per se... but shoved into its own closet.

    If I owned DA, I know I would dedicate a considerable sum of time weeding out and banning the weirdest fetish artists, personally. I think there is an objective standard by which we could classify Art, and tell the garbage-mongers to go somewhere else

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