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    Escape the Anten Seven

    You're on the Anten Seven's hit list and you must choose one forum member to escape to another area of space with and specify why. This is a difficult question for me, because there are plenty of members and reasons to choose from.

    Anyway, I'm going to pick BaronOfStuff. Out of all of the members I could envisage escaping a police chase, for some reason Baron's at the top of the list. Thus, I'm sure he'd make a good escapee! If we were hunted down and torn apart limb by limb by Hazanko, at least we'd be able to crack a few jokes before we're apprehended.

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    RE: Escape the Anten Seven

    I feel so special.

    I'm probably the worst person to bring along while avoiding anyone though, because I'll somehow just end up drunk somewhere unknown to anyone and everyone. That's my 'IRL special skill'.

    Who would I drag along... hmmm. I'll really have to think about this.
    "It turned out that the ghost was just Mr. Finley, who ran the amusement park. The spooky part is that, as soon as the ghost appeared, the teenagers' dog began to speak! And it spoke in a tortured parody of human speech: 'relp me, Raggy,' it would say. 'I am an abomination and rould re rilled. Rill re, Raggy.'"

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